Thursday, 18 June 2009

Soccer world cup preview.

I was at the opening of the new P.E stadium for the rugby the other day. I have travelled the world and taken in my fair share of sports matches, and this was objectively speaking the best stadium I have ever sat in.

The rugby was a laugh. I sat behind what I thought were some rather subdued lions supporters who had the cheek to be more sober than me. I took the opportunity to loudly give my opinion of what I thought about the Lions and the Inferior genetic nature of the British in general. After a few minutes of this I eventually got the desired attention and the one guy sparked up a conversation. I thought I'd better simmer things down given I have corporate seats and am on my last warning by the sponsor (Let's just say sport and beer brings out the worst in me...heck I'm South African after all). Anyway so I offered him one of my beer from my cache as a peace truce and as is the code of man all was well. Turned out he was the Lions chef to which point we discussed how the All blacks were food poisened back in 1995 as well as what big burly rugby players are fed. (Low carb , high protien even for the poor props.)

Other than the rugby S.A.B ...those noble breed of brewers and sport sponsors , are trying out the fan park idea. The area in which the stadium is in is one of P.E less .........not shit....areas. To explain I drove past a place called Karen's escorts on the way there. But to make up for this there was a huge police presence which made me confident the authorities are taking supporter safety very seriously.

All in all the stadium and facilities and concept they're dreamed up for P.E far exceeded my expectations. They've done a wonderful job and I can't wait for the world cup. If even crap hole P.E can pull it off I'm sure Cape Town , JHB etc are going to be brilliant.

Bring on 2010 !!

See? I didn't say fuck once .......ah shit.

There I said it.


Anonymous said...

With regards to the stadium being in a less than salubrious area and your having 'travelled the world' have you seen the stadium in Rio De Janeiro and the area in which it is situated?

The North End area of Port Elizabeth is a light industrial and commerce section of PE, easily accessible from all major routes. And if Karen's Escorts is your major example of a less salubrious area then you missed out on the Old Age Home right next door, Coca Cola acros sthe road, Cadbury's around the corner, major vehicle dealerships, schools, North End Law Courts and the many solid businesses in the area - I am sure that these will strike fear into the hearts of any person deciding if the area was less than acceptable.

Anonymous said...

as for rugby sa to see andre Pretorius going to perth

i wish him luck with his new team

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:44 PM
The area is a ugly, smelly shit hole pure & simple! I lived in PE for a while and saw the rank sewage spewing into the North End lake causing what was left of the fish life to bloat and float around belly don't get high & mighty about profit driven Cadburys & Coke douches! And for your info... the law courts are are no freakin' endorsement of an area! This is where the low of lowlifes spend most of their misfit existence!(and an old age home? Tell are you on? Prozac?)
Yes, the stadium is fantastic but I would have built somewhere round about Bluewater bay area. WTF were they thinking building a sports stadium in a shitty industrial area?

The Rooster said...

Yeah North End is a real dump. Why expose foriegn tourists to an area of P.E even locals would never go to ? Seriously..I can't think of a single reason to ever go to North end other than if you're looking to score some cocaine or something. Despite everything the area is old and ugly and industrial and polluted. One small pity and I hope before the time the beautification projects make some difference.

Anonymous said...

When you actually sober up, grow up and gain a little of the "world experience" to which you claim you are well-acquainted, you'll realise that you have written sh!te, my boy. The stadium was purposely built in this area to uplift it - sorry that you'll have to go further afield in future to score drugs or get laid. Like the Natalians used to say: Welcome to P.E. - now Fu$kOff!!!

The Rooster said...

Why you taking it so personally ? Are you involved in the project or something ?

P.E isn't my favourite place in the world and I'm seldom shy to admit that , but I don't think it's a total hole. In fact I think if all the plans at the inner city rejuvination they are planning come into fruition it'll go a long way to being a half decent place. I am just suggesting when you're trying to present your city to the world , why would you choose north end to represent P.E ?