Friday, 19 June 2009

Nice objective article about emmigating..

It takes six months to settle into a new country’s system, finding a house, opening bank accounts, getting a tax file number, connecting telephone lines, setting up broadband, buying a car and getting to know your way around town, the shops and getting brand wise(knowing what brand of grocery item compares to what back in South Africa)

Once you’ve reached this point it doesn’t necessarily means that you are now a new citizen of your new adopted country, no, it just means that the honeymoon is over.
We have gone through the process 3 times.

The first time was in February 2006 when we boarded Air Singapore for our new home in New Zealand. The first 3 months was utter hell and I have never seen my wife so unhappy. We bought a house in a small town 30mins drive from my office. It was the only affordable place we could buy. My wife ended up hiding from fellow South Africans trying to abuse the fact that my wife was at home looking after the children and their wifes were chasing money. We sold the house and moved to the town where my office were and rented a nice new home. Things started to go better but the health of my youngest son deteriorated alarmingly as he developed a life threatening asthma. The grass were greener on the other side because of 1800mm rain a year.

Next stop Perth, Australia and the same thing all over again, this was July 2007. We made the jump across the Tasman successfully and again it was 6 months before we settled in. As time progressed we made brilliant friends, South Africans as well as Aussies. We found the Aussies much more open and friendly towards us than the Kiwis. I changed jobs and subsequently I had to change my sponsor. This is where my troubles in Oz started, a combination of an unscrupulous employer and the credit crunch had me out on the street and we were at decision time again less than 3 years after we left South Africa.

We knew that crime was worse than when we left, the electricity grid is under immense pressure especially in winter time, people are scared and uncertain about Zuma becoming president and yet we still decided to come back. It was more difficult to settle in back in South Africa than what it was in both New Zealand and South Africa, remember this time we moved without me securing a job first. (rooster note : Actually you're wrong about the crime. It's not's much better than 3 years ago)

Opening bank accounts, buying a car, FINDING A JOB is much more of a challenge but we went through all the pain and heartache (my wife hated every minute being back in SA).
But as time goes on and we are now 9 months down the line things are starting to look better by the day, children have settled in at school and our social calendar is looking better. There is a spirit of optimism where there was a spirit of doubt a few months ago, everyone knows that Zuma has to produce otherwise the DA will take another province in 5 years time. We had an excellent Super14 with the whole country united behind the Bulls, in many ways it was bigger than 2007 World Cup final. We hosted an extremely successful IPL20-20, we have the Confederations Cup ahead of us and the big price of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. To quote the organizers of the IPL 20-20, South Africa should be the hub for world sporting events. We still experience the best weather in the world, you will be surprised to see how much development has taken place and if you drive from Pretoria to Cape Town you are bound to see more wildlife at privately owned game ranches next to the N1 than what you would see in a weekend at Kruger Park. (Rooster note : Same allong the n2 from P.E going east)

Like all the other expats I was negative about South Africa and thrived on all the bad publicity because that was what defined and justified my decision to take my children away from their family, their friends and their country. I wanted to see South Africa fail in all aspects so that I can rub those that has crucified me for leaving noses in it.

I now know that by coming back I didn’t admit failure but I stood up and said that I am not going to forsake my country , I am here to make a difference. I pray to God to protect my family and friends from the criminal element in my country, yes, I am not blind to what is happening but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Africa is in my blood.


Anonymous said...

can this really be true

can rape in sa be that high amongst south africans black and white ?

One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half of them admitted more than one attack.

cant wait for the rugby tonight

The Rooster said...

Don't be ridiculous ! You know the official feminst definition of rape is havaing sex with someone who is drunk .Just think you believe for a second men who have raped would admit it ? 1 in 4 ? That's just stupid and the jurnalist who published it without clarifying how they define "rape" should be fired. Laughable bollocks.

Apparentlu 1 in 3 canadians rape by the way....fucking feminsts are full f shit and you're a fucking idiot to allow them to exploit us with their greedy agenda. I mean really.....!!!!! pathetic !

Anonymous said...

Health officials have apologised after a Sydney hospital told a man to go home and take painkillers for a broken neck.

Thirty-one-year-old Paul Curtis says he went to Ryde Hospital late on a Friday night in late May with a painful neck injury.

The Carlingford man says he was was forced to wait several hours and then told by the doctor that the X-ray unit was closed and he should go home and take some Panadol.

Mr Curtis returned to the hospital on Monday and a CT-scan showed his neck was broken.

Anonymous said...

hey rooster

za sucks are up to there old filth again showing pictures of a poor man who had a circumsion sorry i cant spell and it is a tribal one
and so it wasnt looked after by a proper docotr and so this black okes penis is screwed and rotten and they r like laughing bout it
tis so wrong that website

go and look at it or dont if it maked u ill cause it makes me pissed off

they also have right to report
news as you do but really the smut
shoulf be removed

they seem to thin kthat ifthe whole world was white there would b
no problems but wrong.

white people also rape and murder

The Rooster said...

The more stuff they post like that the more obvious it is to people what their real agenda is. If they ever have a message in the first place then they've made it a joke with all the latant disgustng ugly racism. I mean there's racism and then they're malicious dsgusting bloodlust inspired racism....and they employ the second type. Shame. They must really miss South Africa to need to go that far to validate leaving here.

Anonymous said...

They must really miss South Africa to need to go that far to validate leaving here.

hey rooster

its impossible to not miss south africa the hot afrikaans cherrys the boerewors the biltong
durban beach front the biltong the steers burgers the durban rain and thunder storms the zulu people
and there amazing dancing and singing the natal sharks the durban sweaty heat
the huslle and bussle of busy joburg i will always miss africa

WNW said...

Never easy leaving your country and friends behind, but neither is staying. Hard choice, and Zimbabwe may seem like and extreme example, but is it? Zimbabweans (Shona) may assault and throw farmers off their land, but in South Africa farmers are tortured and murdered.
The Government seems complacent or complicit even, it hard to say when the SA society is a violent as it is. Are these just random crimes? Some have hate messages to accompany the gruesome finds. The Government supresses these stories, yet a recent incedent involving a white farmer defending his property has drawn media attention driven by the government to inflame racial tension.

The Xenophobic attacks give a little view of how fast and wide spread, things can get out of hand.
The Zulu and Xhosa conflict has simmered long enough - will this flare?
Not an environment for any sane person to prosper.

Anon said...

Emmigating? Wifes? ... where my office were? The grass were greener? .. rub those that has crucified me?

Inglis as it are spoke these days?