Thursday, 11 June 2009

Message from World Health Orginisation

Hey people of the earth. I just wanted to tell you guys in case you didn't know there's totally a swine flu virus going around and this is the main thing : You shouldn't panic about it.

Whatever you do don't panic ! (But there's totally a killer virus going around).

Anyway I was like talking to my friend the other day and he mentioned the god awful swine flue that is spreading the world and ravaging mankind. Oh did I mention it to you ? Yeah , there's like this virus that is spreading the world, but don't worry about it (ps : It like totally killed like a hundred people so far). Anyway I was talking to my friend.....wait before I continue did I mention there's this terrible disease that might kill you right now ?

What do you mean ? How dare you imply such a thing ? Of course I'm not trying to make you panic !!!

Man is anyone else tired of these assholes ? Every few years they come up with some new "killer flu" and perpetuate it into our minds. The flu is exactly like normal flu except kills some old people and babies....oh wait......the normal flu does that too. Holy shit !

It's also these same assholes who have been telling us for years how 1 in 4 south africans have aids. For over 20 years now they've preached these number. 20 years !!! Yet the death rate in South Africa remains perfectly nominal at 600 000 people a year. So unless the people who are dying are dying more than 7 times each and only from aids , there are serious problems with their number ....and even that is assuming that South Africans live longer than anyone else with the disease (viva our medical system?).

If there's any orginisation worthy of skeptisim it's the World health orginsation. They've abused our social taboos and feelings of over protection regarding our loved ones health for decades. They've raised billions for their charities and promoted bullshit flue medicines and anti retrovirals to poor people (to whom they kill faster than cure). It sounds so "noble" doesn't it ? "World health orginisation". And god knows a few decent naieve people actually carry out their dirty work and agenda thinking they're working for good. Most people are dumb shit assholes and so easily manipulated by fear.

It's the theme of this site.....manoevering people to be more rational in their lives so that they're not so easily bullsitted by the sociopaths of the world. So that they start to take back control of their lives and stop being shoved into a corner by the powers that be to tranquilise theselves with vapid fashion trends, porn and sport. Stop being such hapless guileless victims. Man the fuck up.

Here ends this mornings lesson.

Interesting things to consider ....

- 20 years ago less than 1% of the country had had an Aids test. How did they come up with the 1 in 4 number ?

Here's something I wrote 3 years ago about the last "pandemic". Some views have changed but I think it's useful to compare it with what is going on now.

Whilst living in the country of Thailand , I would often pop over to my home countries online newspapers , mostly for a good laugh.

In between the uplifting tales of anal buggery and sports headlines starring Crushing/Humiliating Defeat , I read about all sorts of interesting things .

For example I learned that Armageddon had struck Thailand , a veritable plague of "bird flue" was wiping out the masses . Along with pictures of women gasping for air through their face masks , metaphorically reaching out for the helping hands of the White Knights of the West .

Chicken Genocide was taking place at a level that would have made Colonel Saunders cum in his pants ! And here I was in Thailand , the centre of it all , and I'd heard nothing about it .

Now , given that , the Thai people aren't possibly the most responsible people in the world .That not EVERY SINGLE Thai airways jets crashes and burns horrible into the ground , is to me one of God's great unexplainable mysteries (like Australia).

so of course , being that kind of person who doesn't want to die (you know the type: not counting those times during Christina Aguilera album releases/phonic genocidal massacres) , I obviously decided to do a bit of research into , as I like to call it " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?"

Soon it all blew over , and it was back to murdering chickens at a more sane level (turn in your grave colonel!) , but not before the world had gone into wide spread panic over the death of about 18 people (about 1/100th of the amount of people who had died of other types of flue those few weeks).

It wasn't long and then everyone was shitting their pants over Sars . Now if they meant the "South African Revenue Service" , sure , I'd agree , the worse thing to happen since Cancer ! But they were talking about a flue that had the strange and inexplicable way of killing the OLD AND THE ALREADY SICK . Exactly like all flue has been doing for thousands of years . Cunning .

Anyway , Sars panic came and passed , but not before George W Bush had used tax payers money to fund pharmaceutical companies with billions of dollars to provide vaccines (for a disease that killed 180 old or already sick people) in about a year .

Would you like to speculate on what kind of cut backs the politicians got from these billions of dollars investments into the glutenous pockets of the pharmaceutical companies ? What next ? Helmets ? Never know when that sky's gonna fall on your heads !

(Also worth considering is Malaria kills 1 million people in Africa every year , far more than AIDS, and this would be easily avoided with relatively tiny bit of investment.)

Now this all brings me to my point (god help us) . With this type of bullshit scaremongering going on in the world , and huge profits being made out of it . Isn't it perhaps a little likely it might have some part to play in the over exaggeration of H.I.V/Aids in some African countries ? All these "charity organizations" on the level ? All pharmaceutical companies receiving government "grants" to produce "free" anti retrovirals , have no interest in exaggerating the demand ?

Every time I see some sensationalist fucking “1 out of 5” people are dying from Aids in South Africa claim I want to murder somebody . Obviously a scourge of Crack has infiltrated the Media , cause they sure are speaking a bunch of Smug fucking shit !

Now I'm not suggesting hiv/Aids isn't a big problem . You don't need the philosophical prowess of Emmanuel Kant , or a degree in bio-chemistry to see how a killer sexually transmitted disease might be a problem in a promiscuous , non condom wearing society . WE UNDERSTAND !

But ...!

I don't know when this “1 in 5” nonsense started . It's been longer than 10 years now anyway . You would think it that time I might ..... just might , have known one SINGLE FUCKING PERSON who died of Aids .

I could bore you with studies done to show in South African jails only 1.4 % of the inmates had Aids .How statistically the chances of getting Hiv from heterosexual intercourse is seriously minuscule (but increases if you both have an wear a damn Condom you idiots !!!).

What does piss me off , is they loaded all this “hyperbole” into my nervous system .Made me sure that sex would surely lead to my rapid painful death ( oral sex would probably just leave me paralyzed ) . Ensured that every sexual encounter was akin to Russian roulette and that sleeping around akin to Mass murder .

Condoms , it was implied , were only slightly effective , and sleeping around with a condom would was like heroine use. It wont kill you right away, but the reaper was already lifting his scythe and time my time.

So at that more innocent time, the only people sleeping around ,(in my mind ) were death wish heroine junkies , mass murderers , suicidal gamblers , the French , and Bill Clinton.

Anyone else who was sleeping around had given up on condoms (because they were sure they would die anyway), and “sex” was all a bit shit really.

So what's wrong with the media's sensationalistic claims and paranoia feeding bullshit?

............warning the following contains scenes of , narcicism ,pussiness and whinging like a little bitch ....those with a sensitive stomach should not read on...............

I don't know about anyone else , but after a drunken reckless stint of “playing” around Asia , I spent 2 years of hell , total fucking hell ! The stress of which actually made me often sick (helping to further perpetuate my fears) , thinking I obviously had picked it up .I'd even had unprotected sex after all .I was doomed , surely ? Nights of drinking to ease my fears, leading to more “mishaps” , and a whole vicious cycle started. Pushing poople who loved me away and descending into a pit of debauchery that made me the dark fucker I am today.

So eventually I did the right thing (so I could get it over with) , went for tests and I was 100% fine. I was so shocked I even went for a second opinion . Again : 100% fine . Not even a boring std to boast about. .

Assholes .

Disclaimer : Use a freaking condom kids ! There are plenty of highly unpleasant things you can contract, including children, if you don't.

As a warning you might want to read this on my other site : Children : The world's worst Std.


Anonymous said...

ja rooster

iam tired of hearing bout the swine
flu its nothing but a cold
and iam sure a retail gimick as
people rush off to chemists
to buy kak like st johns wart
and what ever rubbish they can sell you to boost your immune system

its all bollocks

Anonymous said...

Hi Rooster.

Cool site man. i saw that funny link you posted on SA Rocks. i hate those punaniz, lame, limp dicks.

eff sa rocks and eff the DA forum. i am so sick of all these libbies...

Anonymous said...

getting an std would suck for sure
tis on off my worst fears

iam in oz at the moment and they have an ad here saying 1 in 5 is the average for herpes here
which is huge

The Rooster said... fact one in 3 average americans adults have genital herpes or something as high as that. It just doesn't always "flare up". Getting an std is one factor to increase your risk of getting aids (which is almost impossible to get through heterosexual sex). An interesting stat is that herpes is very easy to get...yet according to WHO aids is more prevelent here than herpes....ridiculous !

If you're having heterosexual sex with someone with'd need to sleep with them 2000 times to stand a 50% chance of getting aids. Herpes is almost always going to pass on to the other person. Who else calls bullshit ?

The Rooster said...

To anon...thanks for the props...but if you're a big fan of S.A.S and the likes you haven't read by site closely enough. Yes I hate the stupid liberals but I also hate the right wing extremist.

I'm like stan in south park. I get annoyed at both ends of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Roosterboy,I see you are deleting my comments now. A few days ago you belched, "And where te fuck did I lose an argument ? I have never ost an argument to your braindead ilk." (sic)

Well you just did. You really are pathetic and you are a coward.

Anonymous said...

hey rooster tis dumb the way
people go on bout swine flu
i mean how many people get food poisoning everyday and that can also kill

Anonymous said...

Hey, Roosterboy,I see you are deleting my comments now. A few days ago you belched, "And where te fuck did I lose an argument ? I have never ost an argument to your braindead ilk." (sic)

Well you just did. You really are pathetic and you are a coward.

what was the argument about ?
was it bout stuff from the za sucks site?

Anonymous said...

Click that and read Amber's comments below. She is owning those racists.

Thought you might like to back her up, Rooster.

Anonymous said...

hey rooster

lekker news puke watson has signed a contract with bath and is leaving at the end of the currie bekker

but for all the sa bashing that za sucks do here is some scary stuff

1 in 6 aussie kids now carrys a weapon and last year britan had i think something like 250 people
stabbed to death in knife fights
just watched australias version
of carte blanche

u see i think diesnt matter where
u live life is getting ugly these days

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Rooster said...

Hey, Roosterboy,I see you are deleting my comments now. A few days ago you belched, "And where te fuck did I lose an argument ? I have never ost an argument to your braindead ilk." (sic)

Well you just did. You really are pathetic and you are a coward.

what was the argument about ?
was it bout stuff from the za sucks site?


Tat guy was repeating false informationan and boring me. I posted his comment but haven't bothered to respond to it. I shouldn't have to respond to every half baked idiot out there.

The Rooster said...

Fail of the day goes to the guy trying to post his disgusting smut south africa hate site on here under the pretense of it being about aids. Hahahahahahahahahaha What a fucking wanker.

Anonymous said...

Fail of the day goes to the guy trying to post his disgusting smut south africa hate site on here under the pretense of it being about aids. Hahahahahahahahahaha What a fucking wanker.

100 pwecent false rooster
the news story was and is about aids
and i only sent the other site
cause i thought u would like to check them out diff people have diff things to say bout sa they arny my sites i dont knpw who owns them

the aids story is from the times

there is the link

that is about aids

With a million people on Antiretroviral medication to stave off full-blown AIDS, South Africans should be helping each other – people should do the honourable thing by getting themselves tested, so they don’t keep infecting others… writes Pholokgolo Ramothwala -- reprinted from the Sunday Times of Johannesburg, Jun 14, 2009


The most important people in the fight against HIV are those carrying the virus

by Pholokgolo Ramothwala

and those sites r not mine just some i found it wasnt a fail
the article is about aids u should read it

i am not trying to post anti south africa just thought u would
find the other interesting