Friday, 5 June 2009

Hey douchebags !!

Anyone notice the "honest mistake" made by S.A.S statement here in their latest article about south Africa ranking 21st most dangerous country in the world ? (At least it's better than their bullshit about us being the most dangerous , and more dangerous than Iraq etc). Anyway at one part they state :

The CPI ranked South Africa 21 out of 31 countries in Africa, behind Botswana, Malawi and Gabon, ranked top three, and ahead of countries including Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia

Hands up if you spot the bullshit ?

That's riiiiight !!!

Psssst Sasucks ....there are 47 countries in africa.

ha ha ha ha



Uhuru Guru said...


If you care to read more closely, you'll note the researchers only included 31 Africoon countries, not ALL of them, you dufus.

Grasping at straws now, are we?

The Rooster said...


You'll admit then that in no way can the statement be made "South Africa is the 23rd most dangerous country in the world with any validity ?

Fucking someone send me a lifebuoy...I'm drowning in idiot !

The Rooster said...

Let's aree upon something people. The smart people are generally better at deciding what is true and what is not. So it goes to say logically that I...clearly the smartest person writing about South Africa right right. So shut up.

Uhuru Guru said...

Lifebuoy hmm Rooster? Was that a Freudian slip? Now why would you yearn for the brand of soap so many millions of shit skins use, on the rare occasion that they actually take a bath?

As for the study, it seems to have escaped you that it was done by an unbiased, accredited & respected authority, and published with full bona fides by the mainstream media. As with the baby rape epidemic, EVERYONE (except you of course) is taking it quite seriously.

Tell me, are you perhaps a member of the Flat Earth Society? They're always looking for people like you to recruit...

Anonymous said...

well done rooster if u spttoed
the mistake

but here is the real test
please tell me u dont think
matt gitau for the wallabies is
the worlds greatest rugby player

or you lose my respect

cheers rooster may africa
always be a great home for u

Anonymous said...

Listen kiddo. Don't for a moment think I don't 100% know that you're trying to pawn misinformation onto my site under the pretense of being "curious". In future drop the fucking halo act and and just post it. I don't wthhold publishing anything unless it's blatantly manipulative and distorted. Anyway here is your first question (implication).

seems a bit unfair to say since u dont know me
and iam a very proud south african and am very curious about
the country i come from and am always wanting to know the truth
as i want to be someone who
makes a positive differnce
but the diff between your site
and anywhere else is there is
not violent pornograhpic images of
black murdered babies just straight out news

so i think you were harsh on me
i will post what i find on here
as i think discussion is always important as you often find thing i dont

Anonymous said...

the free state did well today agaisnt the lions the boks should do even better i hope the bulls winning the supper 14 should
give the boks alot of confidence
and i hear john plumtree will be working with the boks also
the more skills with the boks have the better

sorry but i dont want to write
bout crime politics australia
aids or any such kak
its a weekend i want ot relax

and wow charlise theron is super hot

The Rooster said...

Good comment load for a change. No rants from me tonight. Watching windies slaugher aussie (dumb fucking bunch aren't they ?) in cricket. Might have some rants to offer later when my J&B kicks in.

Idiot spotter said...

Uhuru Guru and The Rooster: two idiots made for each other.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people argue like you do, including Rooster. Dicks.

Arguing on the internet is like running the a paraplegic race. Whoever wins is still retarded.