Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Idiots !!

All around the South African blogsphere people are throwing panic fits.

Recession !! Recession !!! They shout from the peanut gallery.

Where have you idiots been ?

Yes we've just shown two quarters of negative economic growth LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD except later (beause of our sound banking and fiscal policy). Recessions are a freaking natural part of the economic cycle. Let's put things into perspective by taking a look at the worlds largest economy an its cycle of recessions.


Now first note that those listed are only the ones thought to have effected the American economy. There were plenty more. Secondly you'll notice the states has unergone 3 more "bad" , not less recessions than we have in the past 17 years (this being our first in 17 years). You might also want to take a look at the latest one. The states has been in technical recession for more than twice as long as we have. Also the causes are stated as :

The collapse of the housing market led to bank collapses in the US and Europe, causing the amount of available credit to be sharply curtailed, resulting in massive liquidity and solvency crises. In addition, high oil prices, stock markets crashed worldwide, and a banking collapse took place in the United States.

So any of you getting excited thinking this recession reflects the poor health of our own economy rather than corporate and banking greed in the States....well.....shut up.

No , the world is not ending you idiots ! Get out there an spend your money on all the bargains the big chain retailers are being forced to throw at us and stop being such neurotic twats.

Actually the irony here is that when, as predicted by almost al economist , the economy recovers there is going to be a pretty good case for the A.N.C to act as if they solved the "crisis". So it's in their benefit for you to all panic. It only makes them look better when the soon to come recovery happens.

Bullshit comments

Now I've been getting a lot of ridiculous and obviously false an misleading comments lately I'm refusing to publish. But this beauty I couldn't resist :

According to this expat gentlemen he's shocked at the level of violence on durban beaches. Without providing link he starts to rattle off some numbers.

3 murders a day
1722 Armed assaults in December alone
111 gun shots
493 stabbings
282 rapes

This is blatantly absurd to anyone who has even been to Durban. I happened to be in Durban in december and I can assure you with over 40 people supposively being assaulted with weapons on the beach alone every day I think I might have noticed. Not to mention the 111 gun shot victims. You'd think someone I know of the many many people who I know who live in Durban might have just one got a glimpse of this sort of thing going on...but nope. They find these numbers laughable and went so far to call the guy a "whacko".

I concur. You sir are either a liar or I propose certifiably insane. No such ridiulous lies, insane ramblings and distortions will be posted on my site.


Anonymous said...

I concur. You sir are either a liar or I propose certifiably insane

i say iam neither i thought you r
right i should have some link or something so i looked it up

and this is what i found and it is terrible that this happened in the first 18 days

A total of 1722 people were assaulted in KwaZulu-Natal and 111 people sustained gunshot wounds over the first 18 days of December, the provincial health department said.

Another 493 people had been stabbed, and 282 raped (49 being child victims).

Provincial health MEC Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni said she was extremely concerned about these figures, which had been incurred over the festive season.

"These statistics indicate a violent society that continues to violate women and girls. The department also notes with concern the role of alcohol and drugs in promoting these unsocial behaviours."

She said violence could not only lead to death but had effects on health - including brain injuries, bruises and scalds, chronic pain syndromes, and irritable bowel syndrome.
Continues Below ↓

"Injuries and violence are threats to health in every country of the world. While violence and road traffic injuries account for the greatest proportion, other injuries such as drowning, burns, rape and suicides make up nearly 50 percent of all fatal injuries."

The figures for December showed 118 suicide cases, 1008 vehicle accidents, 17 drownings and 139 burn victims.

"Although the greatest cost of injury is in human suffering and loss, the financial costs are far from trivial. The burden of injuries is greatest amongst the poor," said Nkonyeni.

She urged holidaymakers and residents to be safe and vigilant and not to indulge in drugs. - Sapa

Anonymous said...

No such ridiulous lies, insane ramblings and distortions will be posted on my site.

well u have to post it now as it is true