Friday, 29 May 2009

Data ahoy ! me mateys !

One bug-fucking polar bear of mine about this country is the shitty and expensive internet access. Having lived abroad for so many years I got used to being able to download movies and games in minutes/hours. I could easily have filled a terrabye of hard drive in around 2 months without really trying if I wanted to through torrents and streaming movies etc. You see, bandwith in all countries I've lived in has been extremely cheap running me nothing more than 250 rand a month for uncap (unlimited) access . Here for a mere 6 gigs it costs around R800 ....and I have to really ration bandwith to only go through 6 gigs.

To show the ridiculous nature of it all, it's actually cheaper to buy a new computer game from the store here than it is to download it free !! Absurd ...and annoying to any self respecting data pirate ! Fuck you telcom ! It's because of you I had to actually pay the cocksucking video store actual money to watch that cinematic bowelmovement known as "Qantum of sollace" (hint to film makers ...hold the fucking camea still !!). I suppose I could have not returned the movie and buried it in a radioactive hole , but I didn't want to suffer alone.

Anyway it seems finally my days of not stealing from hollywood are just about over. In the next 3 years they will connect South Africa to 7 new cables with the first starting operation next month. This promises to reduce the cost of bandwth by 25% this year alone and by 75 % in the next 3 years with more decreases in the years to come. This i a direct result of telkom ripping us off (yes , we pay the most for the internet on the entire planet) offering other companies an incentive to bring their cables here. Ha ha ha....up yours scum sucking greedy monopoly holding mofos !!

Anyway you can read about it here .

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AnitEishKom said...

Ja. Monopolies on anything sucks. That bunch of cocksuckers at Eskom (Eishkom) need to have their arse kicked by a little competition as well.

They tell us to save 10% and then ask for massive tarrif increases cos they didn't make enough profit.