Monday, 30 March 2009

Ann Coulter might be right.

If Psychology wasn't such a crock of horse shit , I'd be on the couch right now . I can't help it , I'm sick in the head . I want to fuck Ann Coulter .

In fairness I'd probably shag her in the bum , so that it would at least hurt (I'm sick.,...not evil !).And I'd certainly spank her a bit harder that was appropriate(with a hammer) and I'd definitely gag her of course ...with my penis .

The way I see it .Having sex with Ann would be incredibly exciting . She's hot in a “horse like” kind of way . At the same time , sex with Ann would be like ass-raping my own soul . In that way sex with Ann is like Heroine use . Yes . Ann is my heroine . No , wait !

Whatever . Screw that attention seeking bitch . Let's talk about something much more pleasant than Ann : Herpes.

Herpes is a crappy little disease that , like Ann , nobody likes , or wants.

Like Ann it only exists and spreads because it “transmits” sexually.

Although it's a shitty , shitty thing (like Ann) , It has the decency to only occasionally show up and express itself (unlike Ann).

Herpes is usually associated with Dicks, Assholes and Cunts. Just like Ann .

If you are a fan of the lovely Ann , you are excess to human requirement. Your very being alive serves to only significantly lower the collective intelligence of our species. Everyone hates and laughs at you. Please follow the following instructions .

Fill a tub of water with hot and cold wate . Add yourself and mix till warm. Take a sharp knife and carve firmly down the fleshy side of your wrists. Stir the mixture till crimson red, add a pinch of Hairdryer and allow to boil.

It's the right thing to do .

But don't listen to me...listen to Henry.

Now with all of that said....and what's relevant to my blog is this : Anne recently has been quite outspoken on the issue of single mothers as can be witnessed here.

Now if you don't want to waste the bandwith , I'll sum up. Basically Anne states the obvious and wel documented fact that up to 80% of criminals are raised by single mothers. Ann also points out that the rate of children being brought up by single mothers has increased by 300% in the last 2 decades. But why ? Well here is my take.

The world has become way to liberal and accepting, almost glorifying of single motherhood. One can't pass a day without oprah or someone telling us about these "brave" women who get by without a man. Society crawls on it's knees to provide special benefits (one might even say rewards) to women who are single mothers , including South Africa. I know a great deal of you are already claiming "blame the men who left them , not the women !". I call bulshit.

Surely as a society we are to encourage people to take responsibility for their lives and not to play the perpetual victim. If the man is clearly not providing material then fucking make him use a johnny or take the damn pill. One of the greatest problems facing this country in my opinion is the single mother grant. Not only are women not actively discouraged from have children without a father figure , they're actively encouraged. My maid ensures me that almost everyone she knows of breeding age in the poverty bracket actively is seeking to get pregnant for the few hundred rands. What enevitably will ensue are hundreds of poor fatherless children (the demographic that makes up 80% of criminals to the extent that if you take fatherless hildren out the equation in the united states there would be no differnce in the crimes per capita ammongst the races). That's not to mention the hiv/aids that's being spread through women not wanting to use protection in attempts to get pregnant. We need to stop dangling this damn carrot and treat pregnancy and children exactly as theyreally are : the worlds woste std (yes , I hate children....selfish little self centred assholes...feed me , love me , look at me me me....!!!!)

Anyway I'd be interested in hearing people civilised views on this issue. Drop the single mother child grant and put the fear of god into any woman thinking of not using protection ?


Anonymous said...

welcome back rooster

your right this single motheres are being prasied and considerd to be free and woth out the shackles of a man yet with out the man the kids are freeto do crime and grime without someone putting there foot down which men do

Anonymous said...

You probably don't know about the fraud surrounding these child grants. Several birth certificates are created for the same child, courtesy of a bribe or bribes to the relevant contact at the Dept of Home Affairs.

Baby making has been turned into a huge racket. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these children are sold off for muti once the reality of actually looking after a baby sets in. You don't actually have to bring the baby in on a regular basis to get the child grant. So you sell off the one, get knocked up again, and get another couple of grants.

I've had the situation of a maid turning up to work with a newborn baby on a Monday morning. I hadn't noticed she was pregnant, but I told her to go take maternity leave and get the hell off my property. Big consternation. Finally admitted it wasn't her child, it was her daughter's and that the daughter got pregnant for the baby grant.

I kicked the maid and her husband off the property by way of retrenchment. That's what happens when you tell lies: no more whitey to turn to.

These baby grants are a big, big lie in that they are unsustainable.

But why do you care? You hate whites, don't you? You think we should feel sorry for people who wish to inflict their own stupidity onto others, don't you? You hate Ann Coulter for telling the truth. I bet you wouldn't have the nerve to tell Rev. Manning to suck your cock.