Friday, 13 February 2009

Buthelezi slams 'ill-bred brat' Malema

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi on Tuesday blasted Africa National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema, calling him an "ill-bred brat".

"Julius Malema is no more than an ill-bred brat whose behaviour is not only un-African, but crude by the standards of any culture in the world.
"What worries one is that the ruling party uses him to denigrate those they have targeted for denigration and insults," Buthelezi said in a lengthy statement.

He said Malema was allowed to insult former president Thabo Mbeki in the presence of current ANC president Jacob Zuma and other leaders of the ruling party.

"They did not even give him a slap on the wrist for such unacceptable behaviour. In fact, the ANC used him as their instrument ... [against Mbeki], because it was Julius Malema who announced to the whole of South Africa that Mr Mbeki must go.

"So Mr Malema is the ANC's spoilt brat, and he thinks he can take on me because he did what he did to [former] president Mbeki."

Buthelezi also expressed his resentment at being compared with Zimbabwean Zanu-PF leader Robert Mugabe and being called a dictator, adding that it was not up to Malema to call on him to retire.

"I was elected by the conferences of the IFP, not that of the ANC Youth League of which he is president. I would assume that being leader of the youth wing of the ANC, he should know that I announced my retirement in 2004 and the conference, without one dissent, urged me tocontinue," he said, asserting that Malema had no say over the leadership of the IFP. -- Sapa


Anonymous said...

ithink Buthelezi is a tough oke

a good leader

Anonymous said...

bout time some one stood up to the anc

Anonymous said...

What is it with these South African political youth leagues? What is their purpose?

Anonymous said...

iam thinking bout coming back to sa for thelions tests 1140 rand a ticket

pretty pricey

Anonymous said...

The Afrikaans newspaper Beeld reports on this incident. As usual no mention of race of attackers or victim is made. So far I could not find a single word about it in the English media so here are the main points in English.

Seven Kaffirs who pretended to be policemen and dressed in police uniforms attacked a white Afrikaans pensioner at about 07h00 in the morning. The 64 year old single man went to open his garden gate for the Black maid and black garderner who would arrive later.

He was frightened out of his mind when these seven, half Ape, simian bipeds, jumped at him from the bushes and said, “Why do you want to catch me, I did nothing”.

They stuck a gun under his chin and another in his ear and forced him into the house where they started beating him up. The cowardly baboons tied his hands with wire and ties and repeatedly kicked and punched him wanting to know where the safe was, but he could not speak because they stuck a rag in his mouth.

They then proceeded to cut him with a knife on his right leg and kicked him in his privates and on his right knee. They then told him, “We hope you bleed to death you Fucking BOER!”

The Black gardener arrived later and was hit on the head. A while later his mother, the maid arrived and found the bloodstained floor and the victim. She walked one and a half blocks to find help.

The Kaffir bastards stole his car, revolver, jewelry and other stuff estimated at 1,5 million Rand.

Allow me to comment…

When I read this report, questions started popping up. How did this Black scum know about him opening the gate at 07h00? How did they know about the safe and the revolver? The pattern is often repeated in these attacks on Whites and almost every time the information was given to the attackers by the maid and/or gardener. Whites should stop employing Blacks. Nobody needs them anyway. Technology has advanced to the point where we do not need Blacks at all. Dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers and weedeaters have replaced the functions cheap Black labour used to perform. There is absolutely no more need for Blacks on our properties. Besides you cannot trust the bastards. They will turn on you like a rabid dog.

About the attack. How fucking brave you seven arseholes are…attacking an unarmed elderly man, tying him up and kicking and punching him, cutting him with a knife. Is that what Blacks do? Is that how brave Blacks are? I am sure your mothers are extremely proud of you. You are such brave Black warriors.

Wish I could have five minutes with each of you fuckers.

‘Ons wens jy bloei dood, f***** Boer!’

Anonymous said...

"Seven Kaffirs" "these seven, half Ape, simian bipeds" ...

and he wonders why they're so angry and hateful...

Anonymous said...

sorry rooster i dont agree with the term kaffer i just want to publish the story bout the farm attacks

Anonymous said...

Yet another entire South African Airways crew has been arested at London’s busy Heathrow airport today. In a virtually identical incident to that of 20 January, British authorities on Monday ordered the arrest of the pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and the entire cabin staff of flight SA 234. As with the previous arrest of the entire flight crew of 15, the disgraced South Africans were caught in possession of contraband class A drugs.

This comes hot on the heels of the British government’s announcement that it is to revoke the visa waiver for South African travellers. As from March 2009, all South African passport holders will be forced to apply for British visas. Previously, SA passport holders were able to travel freely to the UK, enjoy a six month stay and even a two year working holiday visa for the under 30’s.

Left: Arsezanian Home Effez Minista Mapisa-Kgacula admits the new British visa requirement for SA travellers is an “indictment” of her incompetence & crookedness.

As South Africa slides into a criminal rogue state, with former terrorist murderers now running the government, international criminals along with Muslim terrorists have increasingly sidled up to their erstwhile ANC buddies and are entering Europe in droves, all armed with authentic SA passports.

So bad has the situation become, that the British government has for the past year specially red-flagged all flights from South Africa for intensive inspection. British customs have even designated special “rogue” entry gates for South African flights where their most experienced customs & national security officers scrutinise each passenger and piece of luggage in minute detail.

Approximately one year ago the British government warned the South African regime to clean up its act, with specific regard to the granting of SA passports, and its shockingly breezy international security processes at Johannesburg & Cape Town airports. As was expected, the chattering monkey regime paid no heed to these excruciatingly embarrassing warnings and plodded along regardless.

The net result is that South Africans abroad are yet again (just like in the 80’s) treated as a persona non grata underclass. Massively compounding the problem are the drug-smuggling flight crews of SAA, and if rumours are to be believed, equally large amounts of drugs are being smuggled into Europe by flat-nosed Azanian diplomats whose luggage are safe from scrutiny thanks only to diplomatic protocol.

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any worse, let me bust your bubble by telling you it can - late last year, similar warnings were issued to SA Airways by the American FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) dealing with the questionable safety standards of SAA aircraft and bumbing, incompetent technical staff. SAA has in recent years seen a massive exodus of skilled White pilots and ground crew, and it is a God-given miracle that the airline hasn’t yet suffered from any serious mishaps.

Just last week, the slope-headed SAA CEO Khaya Ngacula (who is in typical Arsezanian nepotist fashion, probably related to the ANC minister & communist party head honco hof the same name) was suspended on grounds of incompetence, mismanagement & corruption, and a White Man hurriedly brought in to do some damage control. The SA regime has (thanks to tax payer funds) propped up the teetering national carrier to the tune of R 2.6 Billion rand in the past year alone, with another R1.6 billion being pissed down this black hole in the next few months.

Its now simply a matter of time before Western governments divest themselves of their endless tolerance of coon stupidity and incompetence, and ban this turd world airline from landing in Europe & the US altogether. Or perhaps, they’re waiting for the inevitable major passenger crash to occur first. Whatever the case, anyone flying the increasingly jiggaboo-piloted SAA can be certified as suicidal lunatics - if you actually survive the flight unscathed, brace yourself for the humiliation of alighting from a dirty, rat-infested rust bucket to be treated like a Nigerian crack dealer.

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Your Amatomu rank is 672. With some work, we can push it to 1000.

We just have to get the other 3 visitors to stop visiting for a few days.

The Rooster said...

Your Amatomu rank is 672. With some work, we can push it to 1000.

We just have to get the other 3 visitors to stop visiting for a few days.


Wow...that's of great concern to me. You'd think I'd have better things to worry about than my "rank". But no...brain surgery/living or dying... is a petty thing in comparrison to mt ranking. Thank you for reminding me of my priorities.

*rolls eyes

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's of great concern to me. You'd think I'd have better things to worry about than my "rank".


Oh, you're right. I shouldn't have made that assumption after seeing the bold amatomu tag located at the top right of your screen coupled with the hit-and-revenue-generating attempt by inserting advertising down the side.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

it's the only battle boers can win ;)

The Rooster said...

Oh, you're right. I shouldn't have made that assumption after seeing the bold amatomu tag located at the top right of your screen coupled with the hit-and-revenue-generating attempt by inserting advertising down the side.

My bad.

All done months ago. If I wrote daily again this site would be top 100 again easily. We both know it's true.

The Rooster said...

Someday I will update again daily , but life is a little compliated now. I can only write if I'm enjoying it and I'm not enjoying much right now.

Anonymous said...

partheid was a terrible crime against humanity. It left people with deep scars, but I can assure you poverty is worse than that,” Rev. Faleni Mzukisi of the Presbyterian Church of Africa said last October.

“Mzukisi said that whilst apartheid denied rights and privileges, poverty meant people could neither meet their human needs nor attain proper dignity …,” said Fredrick Nzwili writing for Ecumenical News International. What good are human rights if people can’t live like humans? Mzukisi asked the participants of the 2008 World Association of Christian Communication Congress. “People do not eat human rights,” he said. “They want food on the table.”

Fourteen years after the end of apartheid, some people are longing to return to its relative prosperity. For millions of South Africans, the Mandela “rainbow” revolution has become a gloomy cloud. Segregation laws are no more, but conditions are much worse.

An astounding 40 percent of South Africans now live beneath the poverty line. And according to the Southern African Regional Poverty Network, since the official end of apartheid, “households living in poverty have sunk deeper into poverty and the gap between rich and poor has widened.”

The exact unemployment rate is contentious. Unions place it at around 40 percent, while official government statistics say it is “only” around 23 percent. Either way, it is horrendous. Unemployment in the U.S. during the Great Depression peaked at around 25 percent.

And, although government ministers claim that South Africa is still growing and will avoid “recession,” conditions on the ground indicate that “official” recession has already arrived. Investment bank Barclays warns that the economy is currently contracting. Over 200,000 jobs were lost during the last quarter of 2008—a very large number for a country with a population of only 44 million. The U.S. equivalent would be akin to losing 1.4 million jobs over that time frame.

“The growth picture has soured radically,” warns absa Capital economist Ian Marsberg, “we are in for a rough ride next year.”

For example, house prices fell by 4 percent last year. That may not sound like much, but since government statistics indicate inflation is running at approximately 11 percent, homes actually lost 15 percent of their value. And the real depreciation may have been even greater since governments characteristically underreport inflation numbers. That said, home prices may have much further to fall after the massive run-up experienced over the past few years.

Another clear indicator that the economy is in turmoil is the auto industry. New vehicle sales were down a massive 27 percent in December. That meant that for 2008, new vehicle sales fell 20.3 percent across all categories compared to the year before.

The metals and mining industry is also getting pummeled. Although gold prices have remained firm and even risen over the past year, the prices of virtually every other metal—including platinum, palladium, manganese and chrome—have plummeted. Platinum, for example, has plunged from over $2,000 per ounce to around $960 per ounce. Platinum makes up more than 14 percent of all South African exports.

Mining is the single most important employment sector for the South African economy. It is also the most important source of foreign revenue. But with commodity prices plummeting, revenues have fallen, and more job losses could be coming.

South Africa’s energy infrastructure is also old and decaying. Due to government corruption and lack of new investment, much of the country now suffers the same kind of widespread power outages that the rest of the continent has grown used to in the post-colonial era. Last year, the state introduced electricity rationing, with much of the mining industry and other heavy electricity users only receiving 90 to 95 percent of their power needs, after the national electrical grid almost collapsed. Eskom, the state power company, is attempting to borrow money to upgrade the grid, but with the global credit crunch in full swing, it is having difficulty finding lenders willing to take the risk.

And as things are getting darker, the cost of eating is skyrocketing. National food price inflation hit 17.1 percent in December. Coffee, tea and cocoa products registered an increase of more than 20 percent. Grain products were up 34.3 percent. Fats and cooking oils jumped 27.3 percent, while vegetables and dairy products were up between 13.4 and 16.2 percent. Meat prices climbed 8.4 percent.

No jobs, and higher-priced food: It is no wonder that social breakdown continues.

hiv infection rates remain high. About 29 percent of pregnant women visiting hospitals are infected, according to 2006 statistics.

Violence runs unchecked throughout much of the country. It was estimated, according to 2006 figures, that a woman is raped in South Africa once every 26 seconds. During that year, less than 1 percent of rapes led to a conviction.

Murderers run free too. About 19,000 people were murdered last year—more than 50 per day.

Rule of law has become the rule of organized crime. Just yesterday, 500 police in South Africa’s crime-ridden commercial capital, Johannesburg, went on strike, accusing authorities of failing to bring senior officers to task over corruption.

Last Friday, the government disbanded the country’s elite anti-crime investigating unit, known as the Scorpions. Why, especially when the Scorpions had a much better track record than the police at solving crime? According to Agence France Presse, it was because they fell afoul of the ruling African National Congress party for their corruption investigation of anc leader Jacob Zuma. Zuma is expected to become the country’s next president when elections are held, probably in April.

But as bad as conditions are in South Africa, they may be about to get dramatically worse.

South Africa’s government has shifted radically to the left, according to the Sunday Times. In a move to placate angry voters and cement power, the ruling anc party’s Jacob Zuma is pushing a manifesto largely dictated by the country’s Communist party. Zuma’s election promises, if adopted, could easily bankrupt the country.

The anc already promises a free allowance of water and electricity to all people and has introduced “the largest welfare state ever seen in a developing country,” according to the Times. More than 40 percent of the population currently receive state handouts.

But the state handouts are only beginning.

The possibly soon-to-be-published new state manifesto is said to call for universal health insurance, free education, increased child allowances, new maternity grants, wage subsidies, an old age savings scheme, subsidized housing for farm workers and military veterans, and free food handouts to all poor families.

But perhaps the bigger shock is the manifesto’s proposal to transform “the private sector through the development of cooperative financial institutions.” In other words, nationalize and communize the economy.

Zuma’s program also calls for the state to take over the South African central bank.

Economists are astounded.

Greta Steyn, a leading South African financial analyst, says that the markets are being set up for a massive crash and are “in denial.” Servaas van der Berg, professor of economics at Stellenbosch University, said that just the proposal for a basic income grant of R100 (us$10) would force up marginal income tax rates from 40 percent to 66 percent.

So where will South Africa get the money to finance all these reforms?

Jacob Zuma, whom the Times describes as knowing relatively little about economics, seems unconcerned.

But here is a hint: Zuma will get the money he needs the same way his pal Robert Mugabe gets the money he needs.

Lest we forget, Zimbabwe used to be even more prosperous than South Africa was at its peak. But then Robert Mugabe set off on his post-colonial reforms, his social programs, his government handouts, and the land grabs. And how did Mugabe pay for it all? First, he redistributed the land in order to fill his coffers and buy favors. When that wasn’t enough, he started nationalizing other sectors of the economy, including some of the world’s richest mines. But that wasn’t enough either. So eventually, he was forced to nationalize and assert complete control over the nation’s reserve bank—that way he could print whatever money he wanted to pay the bills. Unfortunately, that destroyed the value of Zimbabwe’s currency—completely wiping out what little savings his people had left. But Mugabe and his cronies got filthy rich in the process, moving assets offshore, or converting their devaluing dollars into gold or other currencies.

The anc’s supposed desire to nationalize South Africa’s central bank should be a clear indicator of what is headed in South Africa’s direction: Zimbabwe economics. And that means a Zimbabwe standard of living for the vast majority.

Things are about to get much tougher in South Africa.

Africa’s modern history is a continent filled with nation-states in various stages of post-colonial collapse. South Africa was a notable exception to this rule for several decades after becoming an independent republic. But now, that is changing—and rapidly. The true cause for South Africa’s wealth, and the reason it is now disappearing, is rooted in the nation’s historical connection to the British Empire. Biblical prophecy outlines the curses South Africa increasingly finds itself under, curses that are destined to grow worse in the time ahead. A vital warning to the peoples of South Africa is contained in our booklet South Africa in Prophecy. Though written over a decade ago, its forecasts are all the more relevant today.

However, there is great hope for all people living in South Africa. Read the booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like, by Herbert W. Armstrong. Prosperity will eventually include all people around the world. South Africa will blossom like a rose, and poverty and corruption will be a thing of the past—and best yet, it will happen during this generation.

In the trying times ahead, remember the message contained within these booklets. •

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"All done months ago. If I wrote daily again this site would be top 100 again easily."


Wow, you really do rate yourself highly. Probably insecurities, though.

Also, your blog has never reached the top 100 on Amatomu, let alone "again". FAIL.

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take your time boet :) it's not like SAS is gonna get any smarter while you're gone. i hope things are good with you

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sas is more right than this site