Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Afrikaaners : Intellectual anorexics

Right off the cuff there I know it seems like I'm being typically obnoxious and carrying on my current anti Afrikaans hate tirade.


I'm actually trying to point out something I consider quite seriously. So slooooow down. There's nothing up my sleeve here but good intentions. Listen and you might learn something. As I explained in my previous comments page : I'm not trying to hate...I'm trying to help.

I don't think the afrikaaner community often enough engages in a much needed process of self reflection. Ths is for one main reason : They're so drowned in self pity they don't see the wood for the trees.Show me a group of afrikaaners in casual conversation and I'll show you a group of people likely currently engaging in ether hate speech , or even worse , rugby talk. Both things should be banned in any sane country striving to regulate it's public to be dignified and civilised members of the planet, but the rugby talk is not really that dangerous is you limit the brandy intake. So the problem remains the hate speach.

So what is it that makes the Afrikaans community so hateful or everyone ? Some of them might point out it's because they've been f#cked around for a good few years by the English. True enough we did put down a mean can of super whip ass on them, and no matter how often bok van blerk sings it from your 1400 nissen bakkies there's sweet f#ck all you can do about it. But for gods sakes get over it. My great , great grandmother was in the concentration camps policed by my great great grandfather and the result is me. So overall it was a very good thing and we should all remember that. It took the death and suffering of a great many people but the result of it was Rooster and in my perspective (which by the way is always right) was worth it.

Seriously though (cause when I talk callously about peoples suffering you can be sure I'm not being serious....except kurdt Darren and Dave obviously...F#ck those guys.) isn't it time to drop the self pity ?

I know you have this feeling that everyone is out to get you and that no one likes you. But do you know why ? You're suffering a deep sense of repressed guilt. Somewhere in your dark dutchy souls (if you have any) you must know what total arrogant , thoughless, cruel dickwads you were to everyone for a good couple of decades? And part of you feels that for that everyone must hate you and wish you harm now that you lost your power.

But here's the thing : We don't. For the most part anyway. We're perfectly happy to assimulate you into the greater South African culture. We cheer when schalk burger face plants some pasty little poms head into the ground as loud as anyone. We shag your slutty women (because they drink to much) with great enthusiasm, and even embrace some of your musical talent (nude girls etc). That AB De Villiers ? Huge man crushes country 'round.

So it's not that we don't want's the just seems like you don't want us!

Especially our black brothers. That's easy to understand thought f#c all abour riding your oversized vehicles into their townships and releasing the god old shotgun and sjambok on them. And don't raise your hands and say "not me !!!!" did you F#ckers ! Your fathers and mine. We watched on the news as this happened with silent approval as if they were stray dogs. Yes our heads were full of lies and propoganda about communism etc and most of us here were young and didn't know any better than to reject it. A big part of you feels they ought to hate you and have it out to get you...easy that to understand.

...but that's not the terrible part.

This is : To act as if we have nothing to apologise about !!

And that's where you Afrikaaners take the cake and earn everyones hate. You're too sorry feeling sorry for yourself to realise you haven't even stopped for a moment to apologise. and I don't mean tokenism cheering for nelson mandela in 1995, cause in the minds of most of you that was enough. No d!ckwads , that's not enough. You've got to learn to be humble , to hold your heads down for a bit , to start treating and speaking to black people like freaking human beings with the appropriate sense of guilt and humility. But what do we get from you instead ? Constant bitching , whinging and insisiting that YOU ARE THE VICTIM .

No, no , no my friends......kindly sh#t the fuck up.

So it's up to you. Stop guarding and celebrating what makes you different to everyone else and start assimulating and celebrating what we have in common.....a wonderful country with a fantastic opportunity to do something amazingly unique in human history......or fuck off to oranje (or whatever that dutchie town is called with it's own currency).


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FUCK YES! *puts you as home page*

The Rooster said...

thank you sir.. and don't forget to link to this blog anywhere you can.

Anonymous said...

whoops, was i suppose to ask for permission first? :p your whole blog is brilliant, but especially this piece, i've sent it to everyone, now i'm just waiting for the reply emails *twiddles thumbs*

Anonymous said...

what utter and rascist rubbish

Anonymous said...

didnt u say your more likey to die in a car crah in oz than be white and murdered in za wekk i dont know anyone who has died in oz of a cra crash or even been in one but i knw tons of whites in sa who have been murdred or r victims of crime

an afrikaans family here in oz there father has jsut lost his job as a draftsman and they have 28 days for him to find a job or they have to return back to sa as part of there visa condtions sje was crying in or shop this afrikaas woman as her next door neighbour was roobed and murded she was saying she doesnt want to go bac kto sa ]cause ofthe crime

sadly no one is running back to sa with there tails betwwen there legs people dread going back

Anonymous said...


Another Maddox wannabe trying to increase his Google page rank by trying to be original or even funny with the spelling and grammatical abilities of an ox wagon. Stop trying to hard, dude.


Anonymous said...

Go watch that Rooster. Especially after half way...

martiens said...

This kind of stereotyping is almost antediluvian now adays my friend. Why don't you just hate on the Americans for a bit... seems to work for everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, you want all Afrikaners to go and wash black peoples' feet like that idiot Adrian Vlok offering to wash the feet of a complete liar and bastard like Frank Chikane.

I don't know whether you've noticed, but whites have stopped apologising. ALL whites. It's been 15 years since the ANC got into power. Your grovelling attitude towards blacks is SO yesteryear.

Your remarks about Afrikaans women as drunken sluts are unedifying. Bragging about your promiscuity is SO 80's. How old are you man, 45, and still doing the singles scene?
Still got a profile on Dating Buzz? Do you call yourself Kill Whitey there as well?

Anonymous said...

same kind of story i wrote to you bout the other day

A family facing deportation say they would rather give up their daughter for adoption than see her face an unsafe future in South Africa.

Forrest Hill man Daniel Labuschagne is desperate for his family to stay in the country despite Immigration New Zealand not renewing his work permit.

He fears for the safety of his children and the future of his family should they return to South Africa.

“I’m fearing for my kids’ lives. It was not safe for our kids over there,” he says.

“I will do anything legal to keep my daughters in this country where they have a chance to survive.”

Mr Labuschagne and wife Liza decided to move to New Zealand after suffering a string of crime in South Africa.

Liza had her car window smashed and handbag stolen after stopping to give money to a young man begging at traffic lights. Glass showered on her then nine-month-old baby Amelia, who was asleep in the backseat.

The last straw came when an elderly family member was mugged at an ATM machine by five assailants.

They moved to New Zealand and were granted a two-year work permit on June 30 2006, which allowed Mr Labuschagne to get his current job at Chubb Security.

That is at risk because Immigration New Zealand has not accepted an application to renew the permit. Its initial asessment says there is no shortage of security guards in New Zealand and Mr Labuschagne’s position can be filled by a New Zealander.

The family is devastated they may have to return to South Africa.

Mr Labuschagne’s step-daughter Ashleigh is about to sit year 13 exams at Westlake Girls High School and fears she will not be able to go to university in her home country. The family is uncertain if NCEA credits will be accepted by a South African university.

She narrowly avoided an attack when she returned there to celebrate her 18th birthday in April.

Six-year-old Amelia speaks with a Kiwi accent and knows New Zealand’s national anthem, while Liza has worked in customer service in Glenfield for 15 months.

Mr Labuschagne says the family now feel like “Kiwis” and call New Zealand home.

“We have bought everything here and built our lives here. If we’re back there I don’t know what we’ll do,” he says.

Immigration New Zealand says it has not yet made a final decision to deny Mr Labuschagne a permit.

It has given him until tomorrow to provide information showing there are no New Zealand citizens qualified for his position.

The fact that he had previously been granted a permit does not “automatically mean he will be granted a further permit”.

An endorsement of his work by Mr Labuschagne’s employer will be balanced against a Work and Income assessment of the local labour market.

Anonymous said...

It was a cold-blooded assault. They went there to kill,” he said, adding that they were shooting at everyone, white and black.

Erlank and his son, Andre jnr, had just stopped at the Mnandi Spar to buy wood and charcoal for a braai when the gang of 20 robbers attacked.

Erlank said he was watching a father and son walking into the shop when he saw a gunman run into the shop after them firing. “From then on it was war. There were gunmen running from every direction, arms outstretched, shooting,” he said.

Grabbing his two-way radio Erlank raised the alarm and called for help.

Three of the gunmen, posted at strategic positions around the centre, spotted him as he called on the community watch for help. Pulling open the door one of the men, who was smiling, shoved a gun at him and opened fire at point-blank range.

The bullet, which is believed to have been fired from a Colt .45, tore into his chest, hitting his artery before continuing through his bakkie’s window.

“When I saw the gun I knew I was going to be shot. I just shoved myself as far back into the seat and carried on calling out over the radio.

“I knew that if I did not, people were going to die,” he said, describing how he was repeatedly shot at.

Bleeding profusely, Erlank’s only thoughts were to get to his son, who was inside the shop. Unbeknown to him, his son had miraculously escaped death when one of the gunmen cocked a gun against his head.

The gunman stopped when he heard his accomplices opening fire on Erlank snr.

Collapsing as he fell from his car, Erlank desperately tried to crawl to his son, fearing the worst.

The gunman and his accomplices followed Erlank as he tried to crawl, repeatedly firing at him.

Even as Erlank collapsed against a wheel which was shot out by one of the gunmen trying to shoot him in the head, no other bullets hit him.

Convinced that he was about to die, Erlank made a last-ditch attempt to reach his son. “All that I remember as I crawled towards the shop was seeing a silver cloud around me as one of the gunmen who stood over me, his feet next to me and held a gun near the back of my head trying to shoot me. When I heard the gun go ‘click’ I knew I was safe. I knew I was not going to die,” he said.

Describing the look in the eyes of his attacker, Erlank said they had the look of the devil. “I have never seen a look like that before. It was beyond hatred. They wanted to kill,” he said.

The attack was aborted when members of the community watch reached the centre and ran to help.

“If it had not been for them I would be dead. They saved a lot of people,” he said, recalling how several members braved unrelenting gunfire to reach him and drag him to safety.

Erlank was rushed to hospital in a friend’s bakkie clutching at his artery in a desperate bid to stop himself from bleeding to death.

Erlank said he learnt that Viljoen, who was killed when he was caught in an ambush set up by the gunmen’s accomplices, was dead while he was in hospital.

He said the gunmen were everywhere. “Some were outside the centre, others were inside and even more had hidden in the parking lot,” he said. Describing how she heard over the radio that her husband was shot and then the unrelenting shooting, Erlank’s wife, Margaret, said she had gone lame.

“I could not move. My legs were like lead. I freaked out when I heard his calls for help, then his friends yelling hysterically and then the shooting. It sounded like a battle in Iraq,” she said.

Police last night confirmed that two more suspects had been arrested.

Wierdabrug police station commissioner, Senior Superintendent Neels Kleynhans, said the men were arrested in the area. The arrests bring the number held to four.

Two men were caught less than 2km from the Spar in possession of R4 000 in cash and an unlicensed handgun believed to have been used in the attack.

While Kleynhans declined to comment on where the latest suspects were arrested, it is believed they were caught near Olievenhoutbosch.

He confirmed that more arrests were imminent.

Viljoen is to be buried on Friday in Centurion.

The Rooster said...

Don't ge me wrong. I don't want any o you whingrs , neurotic and histrionic idiots back. vSome of you seem the type of people woried by spelling on a blog....for fuck sakes, of course you are worried by crime !!!

Listen and listen good....if you fit that desription and all you re going to do is come back to this maazing country and moan , ten Please , PLEASE don't come back. We don't need you , but more important;y we DON'T WANT YOU. FUCK OFF.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you should fuck off too. We don't want you either. You're a backstabbing spineless wimp who hides behind internet anonymity and goes to another country for medical treatment.

You're a rich little white boy who lives off mommy and daddy's money that they inherited from apartheid.

Filthy jerk.

Fuck off and leave us alone.