Thursday, 13 November 2008

You brave , brave men.

Firsly despite what they may say I have never ...NEVER made any threats to any person of any nature on S.A.S or elsewhere. So let's put that rumour to rest.

Oh you must all be so proud. In the past 24 hours I've had comments and emails in the range of superficial comments on my tan, to the far serious :

I've had threats to both my family and profession. With this in mind I've saved all the comments, emails and all the traffic details from my site. I will be handing it over to necessary parties for investigation.

I know you heroes feel you're anonimous. But I'll tell you this much : you're not the brightest group of people I've encountered and I assure you that you're ignorance on how the internet works is very misguided. When threats have made you're privacy becomes trivial and very quickly an entire history of your online activities can be investigated. I would like people to know I'm considering even the lightest hint at a threat as extremely serious. I don't F#ck around when it comes to dealing with extremists. You often have far too little to lose to be expected to act rationally and responsibly. I also consider those involved in feeding the information to known neo nazi's and extremist to be partly responsible for any threats and compromises to my peace of mind. Just rememeber people that you are accountable for anything you've said over the internet just as you would be in real life. And conspiring to do harm is a very serious crime.

So while I take the necessary steps to re-group I'm taking down my last post. Those of you who feel you spoke in jest (however tasteless) or in haste can email me at and issue the necessary apology/context to what you posted. Some of you were clearly drunk/insane but that's no excuse for the things you've written. And those who felt you just wrote abstract threats ...I don't see it that way and nor will the're guilty in association.

Regarding exposing S.A.S members, that will very much depend on their next moves. For now I'm suggesting someone there dropped the ball and is getting a verbal bollocking by the rest, because i truly don't feel they'd be stupid enough to force me into such a situation.

Applaud yourselves. You are indeed gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

I have done so and will do so each day until it is closed.

Anonymous said...

I will be handing it over to necessary parties for investigation. You make me laugh.

Then father Xmas can come and visit them.


The Rooster said...

They'll never close this blog. There's nothing offensive about it.

Anonymous said...

You're still a dumbass. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Oh you chicken....come on, make good on your threats.
The boertjies are not too happy, old chappy.

Da Rooster Slayer said...

Keith you were asked nicely by our forever peacemaker to desist.

You carried on regardless and even published names which you thought were accurate on your shitty little blog. What would have happened if these names were genuine? Innocent people being dragged in to your little sport?
We will see how you feel about your family being dragged in.

So fuck you its too late now so deal with the consequences big mouth.
And btw, please continue talking such shit about ignorance of the web and the law and so on. It proves how ignorant you are.

The Rooster said...

Suck my dick you fucking anonimous blowhards.

I never published any names...and yes...I have real names and shit pile of other real infotmation..emails...places of work...agenda' but forgive me fuck face if I'm going to shoot myself in the foot and post them when that could be exactly what you want.

Fucking cocksucking piece of fermented asshole. Threaten my fucking family ?????

Go crawl back in the fucking hole you came from you sick piece of shit....go try play your pathetic toothless head games with someone else you no life parasitical puss infested son of a whore.

ignorance of the web ? you've posted 9 comments in the past two long do you think it would take me to find your ip ? And after that how long until I have your email ? How long until i've search that and come up with a pile of other information about you ? Then how long until I take that infor and correlate it with your carious threats ....and then how long until you fuck up the ass in a way even you wouldn't enjoy ?

Not very long.

Threaten my family ?

Fuck off. Cunt!

The Rooster said...

If there is so much as the tiniest of inconvenieneces relayed upon anyone I know rest assured I will not stop until I have you all bleeding out your asses in a jail somewhere. I'm not your fucking timid little woman who you can scare off with some computer virus and death threats nyou sick fucks.

you people really really need a long look at yourselves and what you've're fucking monsters....except remove all the connotations of "scary" and replace it all the vileness, inhumanity and retardation you can muster.

The Rooster said...

and here's another won't last too long exposed as a neo nazi in South you're all balsy because you're an expat and anonimous and tink you're going to sleep a few winks of sleep from me ? You're toothless and nobody and you know it as well as I do.

you know what toothless people are good at ? Sucking dick.

here...have a go on mine.

KFC Lover said...

Well now Keithie
why would they want you to publish that?
You silly little tit I did not send you 9 emails, shows how stupid you are.
You got nada, freak.
Why did u remove your piccie?
I thought you were going to publish your details?
Because you are so fugly?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your blog really has turned into a political force to content with.

Swearing, insulting, threats, name calling, it just goes on. You really do cover a broad spectrum, Rooster.

You should rename this blog to "Rooster's personal war with SASucks".

Da Rooster ? said...

Game over.

The Rooster said...

I got nothing ? On you ? Unless you've made a threat to me or someone i know I haven't even bothered to have anything on you. You're suffering delusions of insane grandeur if you feel I'm going to spend any amount of my time even thinking about a nothing anonimous blowhard twat.

So run allong and find someone else to have your imaginary tough guy fight with and to make your imaginery threats with. I took the picture down because it happens to be one of me giving the finger. Not I thought on reflection the one I want representing me ammongst normal decent folk. I'm neither ugly nor insecure enough to possibly care what some probably beer bellied khaki wearing doos on the other side of the world thinks of me.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, your blog has collapsed into nothing more than a pile of mud.

You had something good going. Oh well.

Maybe shut it down and start a new one where you ignore SAS. You give them far too much airtime.

Anyway, I'm outa here. Good luck with your little war of insults.

The Rooster said...

Yeah I agree. As an intelligent person who could fart more talented thoughts that S.A.S I should not give them the attention they crave. But don't worry I came to this realisation ages ago. Let them carry on with their little silly threats and games. I'm not going to pander to them anymore.

Check back tomorrow when I'll carry on writing about the hell that is living in europe.

Anonymous said...

"Check back tomorrow when I'll carry on writing about the hell that is living in europe."

Before you hurtle insults at me, I don't agree with that statement. Europe is an incredible place, with scenery, technology, quality of life, etc. To say that living there is "hell" is sensational and sweeping.

Da Rooster Slayer said...

The Rooster crowed I'm not going to pander to them anymore.
Bwaha Bwahaha Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!
Good you saw the light little fugly Keith, but too late.

Anonymous said...

Now I see they have you pasted up on sas - not a pretty picture - should be titled "whitey's most wanted"
All now makes sense now looking at the body language. I can now put a fitting face to one that spews personal insults and belittles all and sundry that comment and dare oppose or challenge your self serving points of view!
Looking at it now I wouldn't give you a second glance in the street never mind engage you in any type of meaningful dialogue.
Anyway, I'm wasting your time and mine - adiĆ³s amigo...for good this time.
Oh, and seeing you're tracking IP's - Welcome to Woodstock! My best was Canned Heat with "Going up the Country"
Poignant don't you think?

G-man said...

Did you send any of them from SAS - their current or former bloggers a threat or not? Let me know, drop me a line in email, they are adamant that you did.

G-man said...

What information do you have about those bloggers, esp Doodler and Uhuru Guru? I may need it. I apologize for not having kept up with this blog, I have been and am extremely busy finishing my dissertation. But when you get chance go to and see what they are saying about me and you. We need to nip this in the bud now.

The Rooster said...

I made zero threats to anyone. And unless someone did a hoax on my behalf I am 99% sure they know I didn't too. But fuck them ...let them do their worst. I have nothing to hide. As I said before I'm 100% proud of and stand by everything I've said in this blog.

The last thing in the world that is going to bother me is the blowhard threats of some anonimous white exremists. If anything I love the attention and notoriety. Being their number 1 enemy is something I consider a wonderful achievement and honour. For every death threat I get , I get an email of support and approval.

The Rooster said...

If I were you G, I'd just do as I will do. Laugh them off as the sad, bitter asswipes they are. Don't pander to their empty threats ..rise above their idiocy. A person who makes a threat over the internet under an anonimous pseudonym from half way across the world is not someone you need to take seriously.

The Rooster said...

Ha ha ha...and now they put a photo up of me giving the finger and I'm supposed to feel bad about it ?

Thanks for doing my work for me chaps...I'd been wishing I could have done it myself !

(*shakes head) None too fucking bright ....none too fucking bright.

G-man said...

That may be good advice Rooster, but they seem to be squeamish for whatever reason about having their names floated in public. Do not do so just yet, I will email you if they start to get worse. What do you or anyone else know about Snowy Smith? You can see he posted a comment on SArocks recently. Is he a real lawyer? And Snowy - if you are reading this I want to know where do you get all your numbers from about the number of farmers murdered, rapes in South Africa, etc.? What is your statistical source?

The Rooster said...

G-man ..I have an email written between S.A.S bloggers (many emails in fact) on this and various other topic matter. They delibately fabricated, misrepresrnt and inflate the farm murders. know as well as me who these people are. My confidant is willing to tell me anything you need to know...but you know what ? It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. They push me..i push back..they push back further...I push back further...where does it end ? What does it take to make everyone realise what hateful idiots they are being ?

Now I have nothing to lose for being publicaly exposed. That's maybe why i'm not sensitive to it...unlike them who not only have a lot to answer for ...but will be shunned from their communities , suffer professionally etc know how long I've been wanting to spring the joke on them ? So I'm provoked by anonimous people giving me threats and it's temping..very tempting to come out and say "enough...this is so and so and he lives in so and so and works as so and so" ..but that means lowerig myself to a level where i'm fucking with peoples lives ...for what reason ? Because we disagree about certain things ?

And that's just something I'm not comfortable with. I'm not down that path of hate and spite. I'm not about that. I'll call a cunt a cunt when I see one...but I'm not into the idea of screwing with people's lives. So I'll turn the other cheek and be the bigger and better man.

This has been my position all along. I could have released and exposed these muppets ages ago if I wanted to. That I didn't do so was not out of fear that they'd expose as what anyway ? Someone who hates neo nazi's and digusting racists ? Wow.....if that's being exposed then I'll hapilly drown in exposure !

The whole thing is so absurd. I'm trying to see it from their perspective...where their little club puts up my picture and they all point and say "oh that's the bad guy !" ..... for a group of people anti a so called all powerful fascist goverment they sure use doublethink.... it's bizare....and kind of sad. Sad in the sense that they're lost and helpless if they can't see the irony in any of this. It's like they have a mental illness and can't break free of the illusions ...and the illusion is self defeating and destroying anything that was good about them. they're "gollumesque" in that way.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, please post the address of Uhuru Guru so that we can send him Xmas cards. Oh, and maybe another treat for his dog!

Anonymous said...

Rooster, are you a fucking fudge packer, all you talk about is----
Suck my dick you fucking anonimous blowhards.
Go find some black and suck his dick you fucking moron. I hope you get aids and die very slowly.


Ron. said...

The usual pissing contest.