Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Comedy relief...

The wierd thing is that some people in youtube thought the above was satire. While I'm all for animal welfare, moaning about the mistreatment of afrikaaners is a taking it a bit far isn't it ? It's not like they're sentient biengs.

Seriously though, anyone notice the freedom of speech ?

And now Khaya...


Anonymous said...


Many a truth in jest!

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate Khaya’s sentiments, he really does reflect the level at which our hopes have been inexorably restrained by a system of government that has be touted for too long around the world as progressive. What are our realistic prospects for government in SA now; the “clean get away” or the “phantom menace”?

Today’s democracy is a farce; a veritable slop fest that has encroached on a well laid dinner table. Throughout the world the lingering scent of tribalism draws us inexorably to the same pair of half-baked or over cooked gingerbread men without even considering that all important aperitif, the manifesto.

If, like me, you are hungry for merit and value to be served before loyalty then we have to make some changes to the menu. I don’t know exactly how this change could be brought about but I guess I could waffle on about a few ideas I have been stewing over while watching your clip, which might bring the pot to the boil.

How about, for starters, each party must present their manifesto to an independent electoral board and be given the opportunity to prove that it is pragmatic and that the party is credible and members accounted for. These manifestos would, in turn, would be formatted into a full digital version and summarized paper version and then together publicised by the board to the nation at a predetermined veracity, each headed by an emblematic symbol that anonymously represents the parties.

Then we move onto the ballot list. Come Election Day, voters would be presented with a choice of these emblematic symbols in place of traditional party names, unaware of their associated representation to the party. Anybody that has taken the time to understand even the basics of the given manifestos could then proceed to make their more informed choice (or indiscriminate scrawl while stupidly scratching there head).

Once parties have claimed their just deserts through the vote, they would then adopt the emblematic symbol assigned to their manifesto in place of their party name and assume their proportional responsibilities in government. Elections would take place every seven years or until it has been proven that the party has failed to deliver on their manifesto.

This may seem like a recipe for disaster but by removing the labels that we like to associate ourselves with we free ourselves from tribalism and the dumbed-down mentality that is inherent to this system. In essence - remove the name and find the meaning.

Anyway..... I suppose I could refine this thought a little more but, like you, I like to ramble on about a topic for a while and then move on to the next. I heard there is a new spear fishing record off the south coast – I wonder if it’s on YouTube yet.

Anonymous said...

this Khaya character is definately on drugs. Just look at his eyes. He is so far spaced out it is unbelievable.