Saturday, 4 October 2008

Nice bbc documentary about racism.

Part 1

Part 2

Little bit about social darwism in there which is something I plan on educating you all on come Monday.


Dark Raven said...

What the fuck do you know about racism and Darwinism you little rabbit.

Come and visit me on the SAS real man blog for a chat if you have got the balls.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Training Camps

Read the link. At least the SAS blog contains true facts.

Bet that makes you kak in your broek.

It's also why SAS gets lots of readers and you get fokall!

He he.

The Rooster said...

Maybe just the fact that I have a psychology masters degree in which I studied anthropology for 3 years, sociology for 2, politics, history etc etc etc etc

And what do you know about social darwinism ?



The Rooster said...

Jesus Christ ..did you just link em to some bullshit idiotic article about uhuru ? Do you expect a response ? Sorry , I don't offer total neurotic tin hat wearing retards the privelege of my time.

The Rooster said...

I get a loads of it's gone up to 200 a day. this is my 100th post and my 4th month and my little blog is quickly made itself one of the most read South African blogs. I'm going to now go and jerk off in front of the mirror....i'm that fucking cool !

Anonymous said...

Facts are inherently true for the simple reason that they are facts! (English 101 as opposed to "Engels" 101)
You must be one of these "ouks" that frequently use the phrases: "Me, myself personally..." & " Ja, nee boet..."
Equally fucked up!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. the paranoia pooch has bitten the poor SA whites with this uhuru bullshit. Methinks just a lame call to get whites off their fat, lazy asses and "rise up"
BTW There's more chance of Jesus coming back for a second visit!
If Philemon down the road bought a pit bull you guys would see it as a threat to all whites.

Yawn, I for one won't be holding my breath or waiting up!

Anonymous said...

i love racism i am and will always know that kaffirs are inferior to any other living species

Anonymous said...

.......and he did.


Anonymous said...

Food for thought: --

If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.

Albert Einstein