Thursday, 2 October 2008

Let's play "spot the bullshit."

Just a few daily exerpts of bullshit from the S.A.S website.

I'm talking about these cunts.

These people visited by Zuma are only some of the 430,000 whites who can no longer afford to live in traditional 'white' neighbourhoods in South Africa because they are too poor, the ANC president heard during his visit. It's important to note that all these 430,000 whites had jobs before 1994 - and that they also employed many black people. Moreover, Solidarity trade union warns, some 1-m of the 3m SA whites can no longer afford a daily meal - also because they are refused access to the job-market by the ANC regime's racist laws.

My eyes are rolling so fast my head looks like a slot machine.

1-m of the 3m SA whites can no longer afford a daily meal ???????

Firstly there are 5 million white in South Africa. Secondly the idea that there are 1 million who can't afford a daily meal is so preposterous I don't even know how I'm expected to respond. How can you douchbags are so out of touch that you write something like this and expect any South African to take you seriously ? Are you trying to alienate yourself from sane people ?

430 000 people can't afford to live in traditional white neighborhoods ?

Firstly I don't know where you got that number. Secondly you're trying to pass that off to imply they've moved to squatters. Moving from "traditional" white neighbourhoods could mean moving from extreme luxury to just damn high luxury. It could also mean moving to the hundreds of thousands of new town house complexes going up like mushrooms anywhere. Again if you're trying to imply that 1 in 10 white south Africans live in a township......should I bring out the BWAHAHAHA's again ?

Here is some info one white demographics in South Africa.

Demographics of South African people.

The percentage of White housing units having a telephone and/or mobile phone in the dwelling is 95.4%. The percentage having access to a nearby phone is 4.4%, and 0.2% do not have nearby access or any access. The percentage of White households that have a flush or chemical toilet is 98.7%. Refuse is removed from 90.8% of White households by the municipality at least once a week, and 0.5% have no rubbish disposal. Some 87.2% of White have running water inside their dwelling, 95.6% have running water on their property, and 99.4% have access to running water. The percentage of White households using electricity for cooking is 96.6%, for heating, 93.2%, and for lighting, 99.2%. Radios are owned by 94.7% of White households while 92.6% have a television, 46.0% own a computer, 97.6% have a refrigerator, and 74.6% have a mobile phone.

The unemployment rate of the White population aged 15-65 is 4.1%.

Keep it up twatmuffins. I couldn't do a better job of making fun of you than you already do yourself with crap like this.

Next S.A.S propose that 75% of South African live on 14 rand a day.

Strange considering we have 75% employment in the country and even minimum wage in the country is is 4 times that much.

Statistics South Africa's (Stats SA's) latest Labour Force Survey, conducted in September 2007, finds that the country's unemployment rate decreased to 23% in the third quarter of 2007, down from 25.5% in the previous year - a record low since the inception of the survey in 2001.

And here's the legislation for the lowest paid South Africans (domestic workers who make up 1.5 million workers).

Those working in designated non-urban areas for 27 hours or less a week should receive R614.25 per month or an hourly rate of R4.51. Those in listed urban areas working more than 27 hours a week should receive R800 per month or R4.10 per hour.

That aside even those on government unemployment benefits , pensions , child benefits , medical benefits and the like get much more than 14 rand a day.

So given that absolutely every single person in the country would have to go out of their way to not recieve 4 times as much, I'd like to know how they arrived at ...again...what is a ridiculous figure : 75% of South Africans living on less than 2$ a day. P-fucking-lease.

Actually I found an article written in 2002 (before the economic boom really set off and the increased government "all pay" benefits which stimulated the micro economy which stated that 25% of South Africans lived (in that time) on 2$ a day. So I guess he read it and just thought he'd swop the 25% and the 75% and call it even. Honest mistake?

Yeah fucking right. Bullshitters.


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And one million of them are so poor they can't afford a daily meal ?

Shut the fuck up.

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