Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'm baaaaaaaccccck !

Just goes to show you could trust a drunken priest who fell out of a brothel with lipstick all over his face more than S.A.S. The recent blunder of S.A.S to knowingly post faked baby murder pictures and what it says about them and their agenda is far too good a story for me to stay away for long.

A reader posted this in the comments section.

SAS: The Uhuru Guru said...
Anon 2:28PM wanted to know "What happend to the Butchered Muti Baby Pics?"

They were removed. Those images were circulated by an officer in the SAPS to protest the closure of the Child Protection Unit. It is the real thing - i.e. NOT photoshopped or altered in any way.

The reason we pulled it is 1) we've published them on SAS before and 2) its pretty nauseating stuff. Apologies
to sensitive readers.

October 21, 2008 2:43 PM

The real story: and it's a really old one, creaking at the hinges:

Hoax e-mail targets police child-protection unit


The police warned the public on Tuesday not to heed a hoax e-mail about the closing of the child-protection unit.

"This e-mail that has been doing the rounds is full of malicious intent and is completely false," said police spokesperson Captain Percy Morokane.

Morokane said the unit, known since 1995 as the family violence, child-protection and sexual offences unit, is not going to be closed as long as the offences it deals with are present in the country.

The e-mail states in one sentence that police intend to close the unit and offers no explanation of this or where the information originates. It goes on to talk about the emotive subject of infant rapes and urges the reader to "do something".

Recipients are told to add their names to the bottom of the e-mail and pass it on to others and then e-mail the petition to police each time the list increases by 120 names.

The police e-mail address supplied is not a valid one.

"Anyone who receives this e-mail is urged to delete it and not to forward it on to others," Morokane said.

He said the unit has dedicated members who are committed to their work and known the world over for their outstanding efforts.

"We advise people not to fall [for] this scam.

"It is a complete hoax and if the originators of the e-mail are traced, they are liable to be prosecuted as their efforts are jeopardising police work by creating unnecessary panic."

Morokane said police time is being diverted from important work such as that done by the unit by having to answer queries about the non-existent closure. -- Sapa

There's nothing to see here really. S.A.S OFTEN post the most ridiculous bullshit as factual. Take a look at this example ..here and here.

The first was posted by a reader and the second was some satire I wrote and was published all over the internet as a "factual report". The absurdity of both articles should be obvious to well grounded...shall we say...sane people. But readers of S.A.S have their heads so far up their metophorical arses they can't even differentiate those from reality. It would be hilarious if it wasn't just so damn sad and tragic. To us South Africans their lies and distortions are so absurd and we can laugh it off, but their targets are unwitting foriegners who could read something like that and now know the context of it being written by the scum of the earth : first grade shit eaters S.A.S. Therein bouncing away potential tourism and investment to the country. And please don't buy into this stuff about their best interest being about their fellow white South Africans...as a reader put it..

It's depressing when people come up with bullshit horror stories like this.

What does an ex South African in Germany need to put up these posts for? She can't be making money out of it. With her constant sneering at white South Africans who choose to still live here, she has no sympathy for whites or blacks.

Yup. These people ae not on some altriustic mission folks.Their agenda is the most self serving and selfish kind. Fueled by their crap lives in their countries where they went effectively from kings to c#nts their silly site is nothing but a place for them to purge their irrational racism, misery and bitterness. Well you know what....if that helps them get through their day and stay away from south Africa for a few more years, then it can only be a good thing. Everyone of these people should be found and if they ever try to step foot back in the country be shown exactly where and how to f#ck off back to where they just came from. The last thing South Africa needs is scum like these...so let them keep their sh!tty countries and sh!tty websites.

Besides....when you can't reason with stupid people, you may as well mock them.

Hey S.a.S !!!

By the way...the actual burst of actaul empathy many people have shown with your ourcry against S.A.S today is a refreshing move from tranquilied apathy and much appreciated. Maybe there's hope for some of you yet.


Anonymous said...

If you check that thread on SAS, you may find that I tried to post a comment saying that the photos are fake. UG deleted my original comment, than allowed another one where I said that people who understand internet photos better than me insist that the pictures are false. Moreover, the important point, I think, is that muti murders are a terrible thing, but as I understand it is something the majority of sangomas do not go along with it and are against the use of body parts. I have seen several videos in internet, I think on the Sunday Times' website, where sangomas say they are only supposed to use plants for herbal medicines and no human body parts. Of course, there are always bad apples in any profession.

Anonymous said...

Dark Raven posted that pic with the babies head cut off. Not me so fuck off cock a doodle doo-poop.

I immediately shat her out and she withdrew it.

The Rooster said...

G-Man...google until your heart is content and serach for actual cases of Muti murder. I don't man someone making wild speculations, or someone expressing shock and then making wild speculations. I think you will find they are extremely rare and in no freaking way do even 0.0001% of sangomas (in South Africa) approve of this. It's another myth like baby rape...where a freak case happens and suddenly it's made out to be a trend.

Remember S.A.S also posted a while back how it was a "trend" for children to go around suburbs drugging pets to rape them. It's silly and we shouldn't be wasting time to have to point that out to anyone.

The Rooster said...

S.A.S never allow my comments through either. So from now on if i'm presented with an inconvenient truth should I just block it ? Should we make this site as dishonest and selective with what type of comments we find "desirable" as S.A.S ?

Bullshit detector said...
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Anonymous said...

hey greg. type in Muti or Muti murders in the IOL search box and see how common they are.