Thursday, 11 September 2008

Suggested reading....and more stats..

I always try and support South African authors when I can so where better to start than right here. Two dogs are a gutsy little publisher than can. I was taking this look at their webites of "books that men read" and came across a book called " Why I will never live in OZ again."

A book written by South Africans that moved abroad and realised the pastures were not greener.

Here one of the contributers is interviewed and he talks about whinging expats and their motivations and the need to counter balance this stupidity. Although in fairness he's a lot more tolerant of them than me. Interesting enough for the context of this site.

While I'm at it let me link to my fellow bloggers little observational humour book about modern South Africa.

Also someone was kind enough to publish some official stats of South African crime which I've linked to below. Note the 7000 drop in murders since 1994 and the 8000 drop in attempted murder. That's 15 000 less since we had a white government in this country. It truly does make the myth about crime increasing seem really stupid. I hope you will be honest enough in future to stop spreading such lies and absird nonsense. If your case can't be made by using the truth, then it's a weak case. And certainly the case for "increased crime" is a very, very weak one. It's decreased by 28.8 %. Fact.


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