Thursday, 4 September 2008

South Africa : Alive with possibilities

Just thought I'd post the video and some of the youtube posts I read on it.

Coment one by an insane neurotic expat (Look for the tell tale talk about baby rape as if it's common...and the use of hyperbole about worrying about crime. laughable)

Your white flag is accepted and Hello there misterkb!I absolutely LOVED South Africa and lived there all my life until 2 1/2 years ago when I had finally had enough of the non stop violence, senseless murders and uncontrolled "baby" rape that seems to be accepted by the government as the norm. I DO miss my friends and family but it is so great to be able to walk around Britain without that horrendous worry of "will I get attacked today" hanging over your head.Regards Pete,Why did you leave?

And this reponse by what is probably your typical everyday South African.

What a load of propaganda. Too bad there are so many positive things happening and growth has never been higher in terms of net worth from 1994 = 110 Billion to more than 600 Billion today. Sure we have problems which we are dealing with. Keep up the good work Boet. Get the racists on those planes to whiter pastures! Too bad when the western recession turns to depression they will come flooding back praising Mandela! Hopefully they would have given up their passports!


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