Friday, 19 September 2008


If ever you needed proof that what was spewing from the mouths of the folks at S.A.S and the likes, you can find it right here. A week now I’ve had my challenge up asking for someone to show me something ….anything that could justify their ludicrous idea that South Africa has gotten worse since 1994.

Of course all sane South Africans , or South Africans still in the country would tell you that there has never been a better time to live in South Africa. A booming economy , a crime rate that has decreased 28.8% since 1994, an emerging middle class of educated black people, a youth fully racially integrated and not filled with the stupid rhetoric of their previous generations. There is more cause for optimism now that ever in this nations history. What possible case could there be to moan ?

Now if you’re a perpetual cry baby you could point out that South Africa still has the 6th highest crime rate of countries that keep reliable statistics, but that’s not the point of the challenge is it ? The point was in every single important way South Africa has and is improving everyday. It is a widespread utter piece of bullsh!t mythology to state that South Africa was better before the A.N.C took over.

And not just for black people (for whom millions now have housing , education , opportunity, water and electricity or have joined the middle classes) but for white and asian people too, who have benefitted the most from new south African business opportunities and are thriving more than ever before. And I don’t begrudge these White/Asian people. They are being rewarded for their skills and investment in the future of our country. They stood around and allowed their children to be integrated into a truly African South Africa and I am glad they are now seeing the fruits of their efforts. They create jobs and provide much needed training and skills to the emerging black middle classes who were oppressed, and who are now quickly assimilating an adopting the values/principles of free market/hard work and education equals success capitalism.

With that I make the tricky claim about “oppression”. So today’s question goes out to the Afrikaaners amongst you.

Why are you so quick to dismiss the impact of your oppression on black people, and at the same time to quick to point out their oppression against you ? Do you wish to propose that in fact the so called “oppression” you face in South Africa is anything close to what you did for 70 years to the black people ? When you’re all begging on the streets from black people in their german sedans, will you still be making claims about race and intelligence based on socio economic conditions ?

Please let me know.

For now I’d like to make a toast to the death of the myth of a declining South Africa, and at the same time to my awesomeness. I called you muppets out and left you gawking. Be man enough to admit you simply were flat out wrong/lying about the state of South Africa being in decline and find something honest to moan about.

Once more for luck...

Join the forum here----> It only takes a few seconds.


the_weasel said...

he he he great pick! I'm saving it for my desktop. Ninja cat, nice one.

the_weasel said...

I tried registering for your forum but I suffer from narcolepsy and thus fell asleep several times before I could complete my details, then the page expired... Also, I can't pass the security check. It's very difficult to decipher the code. And to make things worse, I forgotten my email address and password! So I cannot join and I sooooo wanted to join!

I think these problems are experienced by all your readers and therefore thus hence you only have a few that could join.

The Rooster said...

Weasel , it's really easy. Why spend your times coming on a website to read through my drivel when instead we could have a community where everyone from both sides of the "South Africa debate
"could easily share their own ideas and comment on those of others without a biast middle man ? It only makes sense. More and more as people join the forum I forsee myself posting original stuff over there rather than here. Also as it starts to get active I'll start to make nice little updates to it. I really suggest you join even if it's out of pure spite to me. These things start out small and then the domino/snowball effect takes place and before you know it we have our own little buzzing hateful community.

Anonymous said...

Give it a break, Rooster. Seriously. For someone who claims to have hundreds of readers per day, your blog and "forum" indicate otherwise.

Stop sucking your own cock.

The Rooster said...

You're more than welcome to check out my readership for yourself. It's pretty easily done. Actually the comments this site attracts would suggest more readers than I actually get (100-300 average). The forum would suggest less. But then again most of my readers are hateful expats (95% of my readers don't live in South Africa) who would have little interest in doing anything I it's not really suprising. But I think it's a good idea and for everyones to express their views on a uncensored platform. So use it or don't use's costs me or earns me nothing either way.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is in no way constructive, because it comes across equally as extreme as the SA Sucks nationalists. The way you write slaps of immaturity, and you'd probably find that you'd be taken more seriously if you stopped firing insults all the time.

Use it, don't use it.

The Rooster said...

It's not extreme. In what way is this blog extreme ?

You have to be so far down a rabbit hole to look at this blog and see something extreme. I'm sitting here day after day and saying the same thing : south Africa is not perfect , but it's not nearly as bad as these other sites make out ...and certainly it's better than it was before.

Assimulate , accomodate and adapt.

And yes , I do think my site is constructive. If it takes a few well deserved insults to jangle some sense into people's nervous systems , then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Of course you would say all of that...

the_royal_weaselness said...

Naah, I'm a playa not a hata. Besides, I don't like sharing. And I only care about my own comments and opinions. I'm not going to argue about shit I don't care for on some forum. All I know is what I think and feel and that is all that matters to me. Let's face it, no one can change another person. They must change themselves, if they want to. Would Doosthuizen be able to change you into a clone of himself? Similarly, you will not be able to get him to think or be like you. Really, you people have a lot in common when it comes to narrow-mindedness, generalizations and your views on women as well. Yoll must cure yourselves of your issues.

So why have the forum then? To provoke or change people's beliefs? Good luck on doing either with stupid comments like "Am I a demi-god". Pleeeeeezzzzzeeee how am I supposed to take that serious?

Snow ball effect? More like a snow ball's hope in hell. Yeah, dominos always fall down. The forum is more likely to have a "watching paint dry" effect or if you had your way it would escalate into a "shit-hitting-fan effect".

So in summary, the forum is not interesting.

The Rooster said...

Interesting enough to attract all this attention. Look...nobody is forcing you to join the damn forum. If people want to then please feel free...if don't there is no pressure to click the link. Get over it.

The Rooster said...

why have a forum ?

Why not...? I searched and looked for one that discusses these issues and came up bare. I started a blog and there clearly is an active community discussing these things. The negative creeps censor the rational people and vica versa....why not a place where they can come together and let the shit fly ?

Will it help change views ? Yes....views change with exposure and attrition. The more exposure , tension and vile thrown around the more likely a view is to change. They will never admit it , but one day in a pub somewhere I know even this blog has made someone say " You know what , actually it's not true that out economy is doing badly"

So why ?

why not ?

Anonymous said...

It is really great the way you just manufacture all sorts of information about the new South Africa! How stats are simply pulled out of the air; how you praise the ANC when no first world country's politicians even deign to take them seriously! I thought Aesop's fables were great, but you, you're even better than the Grimm brothers! I especially love the way you keep insulting whites and referring to us as if you are black, when we all clearly know that you are a fucked up white, sexist, fucking woman hating, raging homosexual from Cape Town with a special affinity for black tril. You are very fortunate that up until now you have been able to hide your identity; something that just reaffirms our convictions as to what a cowardly moffie you are. You like to take on UG and the rest personally, but you don't even show your profile.

To debunk your whole theory about the youth being racially integrated; I'm 18, also from Cape Town and yes, I am an AWB member. If you took time out of your busy schedule of fairy tale writing and anal-fucking to actually glean some factual information from the present, you would see that the white youth of today, especially us in South Africa, are the most racially aware of any people ever. The AWB's main supporters are teens and young adults. Don't even bother responding to this because, as a pathetic, middle-aged, disillusioned, fat and balding homo, you really and truly have no perspective on what the youth are like.

The Rooster said...

Manufacture ?

I'm using official statistics available for everyone. You're the idiots always manufactring statistics. Which statistic do you have a problem with ?

You're welcome to your theories as to who and what I am. When people lose the battle based on information they will always resort to strawman attacks. In this case you're attacking the wrong strawman in the wrong field....but fire away buddy.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're white, Rooster. Everyone can see it.

the_weasel-hausen said...

Hey liederhausen, is your wedgy from your khaki shorts making you cranky?

"The AWB's main supporters are teens and young adults...."
i.e. they lack life experience required to make informed choices, are easily influenced and are hopped-up on hormones and witblits.

The Rooster said...

yeah...probably about 80% of awb supporters ? How many is that then ? ...8 ?

Anonymous said...

I not your buddy, you fucking pederast! I insult you because I enjoy it! Don't tell me you don't like it, I bet you're really getting off about all the attention you are receiving - negative or not, it still feeds your damned soul. I'm not even going to attempt to justify or backup what I said about your creative illusions. In case you have not already realised poetic license is only applicable in movies and plays - not in real life or in the relaying of facts. It is just amusing to see what a total fucking loser you are, and this little bit of insight is from your ridiculous opinions and intellectually challenged ramblings. Notice how you don't respond to any of my accusations - on your race or sexual deviance. Answer me this question - if the statistics are so great and South Africa is a better place, why have 1 million white South Africans left since 1994? Not only do I have first hand experience of these facts, I have family that live in "white South African communities" overseas, in places like London and Perth and even Spain. Europeans used to all want to move here pre-1994. Many English people I came across had one or more family members living here at some or other stage, now they won't dare to come here, MAYBE only on holiday. This is impossible to refute because it is personal experience, something you need to obtain before making more bullshit statements. I can understand if you love South Africa, because I have a passion for my country, as do most SAS and others that you label racists, the only difference is that they are pissed off at how our country has regressed. And whose fault is that? Your nigger boyfriend and his people.

The Rooster said...

Hahahahahahahahha...what a load of horse shit !!!

1 million South Africans have left since 1994 ? What a manipulative and flimsy statistic. Originally in 1994 itself there was a big exodus , but since it's moderated to the extent that more europeans are applying to emmigrate here than vica versa. Are you in South Africa ? You not noticed how all these developments are going up to meet foriegn demands for houses in South Africa ? You can't be in the country , because it's so big it would be impossible to ignore.

ps : 200 000 thousand english people emmigrate every year by the way.

Once again you make that flawed bullshit statement : the country has regressed. Read my lips : IT HAS NOT. IN EVERY IMPORTANT WAY THE COUNTRY HAS IMPROVED AMAZINGLY SINCE 1994. THAT IS A VERIFIABLE FACT. I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT , IT'S THE TRUTH SO GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said...

Don't argue with The_Rooster.

He's a libertarian!

He's cool like that.

The Rooster said...

Now don't cry about me censoring you if I stop you from posting the same silly comment over and over.

Anonymous said...

Eish - first Eishkom not wekking and now no watta!
Yesiree - It's all dandy in the [B]"New & Improved SA"[/B]

The Rooster said...

Another person seriously out of touch ..the so called "power crisis" is a thing long in the past. It last a month or two and was brilliantly sorted out in record time. The fact that you fools still go on about a non issue is proof of how great south Africa is doing and how much you have to nitpick to find flaws.

"A few power cuts a few months ago ! Armegeddon is nigh !!"

*rolls eyes

The Rooster said...

South Africa builds more houses thanb anywhere else in the world and provides more clean water to people than anywhere else in the world. How could this be a "water problem?" people are impossible to please. Of course there will be hickups allong the way...we're booming ! Johanessburg is developing new houses (and we're talking commercial projects here) at such a high rate (because there's so much money and demand) that the sewage system is failing. You guys see "oooh , sewage failing ! End of the world" ..i see a very easily sorted out problem and the amazing fact that there is such demand for upmarket housing....because...well...i'm sane !!!1 about ridiculous negativity . Slap yourself sober !

Anonymous said...

Rooster, the reason why your blog is struggling with decent debate is because your arrogance is off-putting. Anybody who says anything critical of SA gets slammed by you.

You say you don't, but your comments come across as watering down of anything that's negative or bad.

It doesn't matter how wonderful you think SA is, 18000 murders a year is not good enough. 90000 hijackings a year is not good enough. 40000 rapes per year is unacceptable. And that's only reported crimes.

You can't compare to other countries either. Comparisons don't help when you are dealing with lives. We're not talking about anywhere else. We're talking about here, right now.

At the same time, extremists like at the SA Sucks blog shouldn't be taken seriously. So they're not worth the discussion.

Be a bit more balanced in your defence of SA. And by that I don't mean "Yes, SA has problems" or "SA isn't perfect". and then carry on with how fantastic our elephants and sunsets are.

The reason why millions of locals emigrate is because of two things: safety and affirmative action. Studies have shown this.

My friend's car was stolen. My other friend's car was also stolen. My family members have been hijacked at gun-point. A number of my extended family and friends have been raped and murdered. My car's been broken into more times than I care to count. I've helped neighbours chase criminals who broke into their home at 2 in the morning. More than one friend of mine has been shot at but survived.

And that's just in my circle.

The problem is that most South Africans can relate to that, to some degree.

With only 30% of all crimes being stopped in its tracks, crime is therefore not under control.

Crime is out of control.

Is SA falling apart? No, not at all.

But let's be balanced about our debating.

The Rooster said...

That's an excellent comment , and despite your accususation I assure you I not scared to face up to reality. In fact that's exatly what my site is trying to elicit : good , middle grounded rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rooster, you dirty little liar!!! QUOTE YOUR SOURCES faggot!!! Australia has a record of over 100000 white South Africans in Perth alone! Phone the fucking Australian embassy. I went to the Expo in CTICC recently, there are 450 000 white South Africans in Australia. In London, the Metro newspaper did a small article on us when I was there last year - over 300 000 white South Africans that they know of! Not even counting those South Africans already citizens in the UK. My host family that I au-paired for emigrated, BUT NOT TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! To Spain, like most modern British! You are a filthy little gay liar. I love SA, but you only love the nignogs and the ANC that is why you continue to propagate this BULLSHIT! Your beloved coons stuffed up, and are continuing to, this country. More houses than anywhere else????? YOU BIG FAT FAGGY LIAR!!! China builds the most houses! Second to them is India! Take a look at the Social Science Research Network, fuck-tit. YOU ARE SO STUPID.

None of this has anything to do with positivity, optimism or pessimism. It has to do with a lunatic white man posing as a coon to curry favour with his bantu boy-friend! It has to do with our beautiful country being fuck up by coons! It has to do with downright LIES and DECEIT and insane support of a government WORSE BY FAR than Mussolini's fascist regime or even Hitlers Nationalist socialists.

You Rooster, Richard Catto, whatever name you go by, are a deranged madman and you require immediate euthanasia!
Fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yo, rooster my bra, checkout the link about the watta not wekking (which was the point of the post - not the 'lectric) I know that it was a bit screwed seeing the blog does not UNDERSTAND basic html but would have thought that you, of such superior genetic heritage, would have been able to extract it.,,2-7-1442_2396244,00.html

Crappy goggle html interpreter - must have a previously disadvantaged expat in charge!

The Rooster said...

I never said 1 million white South Africa haven't emmigrated. I said that it has drastically slowed down since the initial running away since 1994. Less people emmigrate now than ever before and it;s nothing to do with money. White Saffers are doing better than ever. Suck on it.

China and India have over a billion people...divide what they build by 20 (at least) and then compare you muppet ! We build the most houses per capita than any place in the world. And we'rwe booming so much economically you could take away government houses and we'd still be top 10.

Wooo hoooo baby ! S.a kicks ass !

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl, but, fuck, if I ever met you, I would take your stupid ass out! Someone who is such a BULLSHITTER is just sickening and not worthy of stealing our oxygen! Don't change your story. You trying to re validate your deceit is justmore prove of how utterly dishonest you are.

The Rooster said...


I think someone watched too much Tomb Raider. A woman tryin to act like she could kick ass. How cute.

Shut up princess. The minute men wanted to we could take away all your rights in the bink of and eye. Just appreciate the fact we don't despite the fact we invesnted every damn advancement humanity has ever known. From the democracy , to the rennaisance to the enlightenment , science , medicine , dspace name it...every brick ever laid upon this planet and thing ever made.....all men.

So shut up and cook me a steak...this thinking stuff is mans work.

The Rooster said...

I'm ashamed I even took your first comment seriously. Now that I know you are a girl , I feel like I've been the victim of a prank. Come on...who put you up to it ?

Anonymous said...

Small correction - The crime rate has not dropped 28.8% since 1994.
The murder rate has.

The crime rate is up by 2.6%

The Rooster said...

Right you are... Murder is down 28.8 %

Perrty crime is slighly up. Not really surprising given our economy is has grown 5 times over in 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Man? You're not a man. You are a sick excuse for a male. A homo. No lower form of human being, especially a coon loving one. Not only are you an outrageous liar and deceiver, but if you will have us believe that you are black, then, pray tell, exactly what elements of contemporary civilisation can you and you ilk take credit for? None, fat fuck! Stupid sexist moffie. You have no power to do anything! You just waffle crap. Who said anything about beating you up? I would say that I would shove my foot up your fat flabby ass, but your hol is so uitgerek from all the black aids tril you take that that would be more pleasurable than painful. Im thinking more along the lines of kicking you in your little raisin balls. So very sad. Delusions of grandeur, sexist extraordinare, interracial homosexual, denialist, deceiver....the list is seemingly endless. With all these fundamental character flaws, without even having met you, who is it that should not be taken seriously? Horrible little insect.

The Rooster said...

You said it all said it all.

We all now know everthing we need to about you. I really don't need to respond. You're self satirical.

Anonymous said...

Such a witty, well thought-out response, as per usual. No acknowledgement or denial, so I assume we may take that as an affirmative on all counts?

the_weasel(with-too-much-time-on-my-hands) said...

Liederhausen-girl, you'll be a woman soon
Soon you'll need a brain
You never get tired of being a fool and I'll never know when I come around
What I'm gonna find
Don't let the hate blind your mind.
Don't you know...
Girl, you'll be a woman soon,
Please, open your eyes
You've been misunderstood for all of your life, but what Rooster says, well it cuts like a knife... The AWB and hating is no good
Well you've finally found the truth you've been looking for
But if they get their chance they'll end it for sure
Surely would
I've done all I could
Now it's up to you...
Stooopid girl, cos you'll be a woman soon, soon you'll need a brain

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Durban and from around 2000 I really started to see a huge increase in crime around my area. Our house was broken into twice, my brother was mugged and stabbed, my sister was hi-jacked in our driveway and assaulted, a family friend murdered while fishing on the beach, my friends girlfriend shot in her car near Amanzimtoti, I have been mugged at an ATM, had a car and m/bike stolen from me in town, been involved in a police car chase into Claremont township after goods stolen from my vehicle , two friends had cars stolen, girlfriend brother held at gunpoint four times at his tyre fitment centre, friend’s mother shot at and mugged in pavilion parking lot, 7 of 16 houses in my road in Durban North burgled, stepfathers business burgled twice in one year... etc.
Strangely enough I was willing to accept all this and get passed it in the most optimistic way I could. What really got to my though was the really shoddy service I received from the police in the incidents that related to me. Even after the car chase ended successfully they advised me not to press charges as there was no point in doing the paperwork. For the m/bike I had to resubmit my details three times as the kept telling me they had no records of it. They really don’t give a shit, but with the wages they get who can really blame them?
I thought I would give England a try but so far, while living outside London I have been burgled once, car stolen and last week some kid was murders right outside my front door. What the fuck is wrong with people?
I will be back in SA in December. At least I can enjoy the weather while my stuff is being pillaged.

The Rooster said...

Anon , as you rightly put , all the problems that exist in South Africa exists everywhere esle. The grass is certainly not always greener. It's a life choice you make to accept the slightly elevated calculated risks involved with living in the country. You're odds of soemthing horrible happening as a middle classed South Africa are about the same as they would be in the Unites States, but the opportunties on offer here are far better than the so called "land of opportunity".