Monday, 4 August 2008

Will you just F#ck off then ?

The whiteys are still whining about Zuma, Selebi and Eskom. Here’s a writer who thinks they should just piss off.

Andrew Miller
31 July 2008 17:51

People are talking (again) about leaving the country. Others are actually planning to leave, putting houses on the market etc. I can't speak for the Boere (who occupy a different country altogether), but down here on the leafy lawns of Parkhurst, Parkmore and Melville, we have reverted powerfully to type.

Some of the racist horse shit being released from English mouths at the moment is beyond belief, and it is being reinforced by the terrible global gossip power of communications technology.

First off, we have a hysterical media. As does the rest of the world. Why? Because bad news sells. Period. It sells particularly well to the paranoid and fearful. Then add the viral terror of email. There are hundreds of thousands of ex pat South African whiteys living all over the world who are naturally eager for news of home. News that makes sense of one's decision to leave the country is particularly welcome, of course. So, regardless of the intent of the original sender of an email (which is generally benign - emails start of as personal communication and end off as author-less propaganda), South African news is cut and pasted and shot around the world. It morphs and blends en route with well worn urban legends (they are coming for your house soon) and so the emails eventually land up back here in Jozi, in my in-box, twisted and knotted with fear and loathing.

We are a diaspora all of our own, us Seffricans. A global network. We are also apartheid's children, and when we revert to type we revert to hysteria, fear and panic. I remember well the days in the 1980s when the headmaster would lock the front door of the hostel because 'these were dangerous times'.

The blacks were coming.

Despite everything we were told by our teachers (who were in turn told by their teachers), we knew why the blacks were coming. They were coming because we took this land with our finger on the trigger and we had our boot on their necks and the muzzle shoved down the black South African throat. The blacks were coming to get it back. The land, and some retribution.

Of course they never came, did they? Instead they handed us the biggest gift anyone ever got, forgiveness. But still, wherever we are in the world, we carry the fear and paranoia with us. In challenging times we revert to the poles, the extremes of our personalities, and the fear and panic set in. We were specifically bred into this state over hundreds of years. Much like the Pit Bull has been bred to rip the throat out of any other living creature, the English South African cannot help but feel the world will end, tomorrow.

In South Africa in general we also have a strong history of reverting to our crazy corners and losing our collective fucking marbles. At the radical fringes of our society we have experienced it all. From Eugene Terblanche falling off his horse to the St. James Massacre to lone Afrikaner teenagers firing away randomly in remote townships, the poles of our society are always manic, to say the least.

So, in 2008 your average English South African is in a fearful state because:

1. We are turning into Zimbabwe
2. Eskom
3. Zuma
4. Crime
5. Selebi

These cover-all issues are all encompassing and underpin the hysteria (on good days its hysteria... on bad days it's flat out paranoid raving) with the simple fact of their existence. You don't need to articulate anything about Zuma. You just say his name and raise your eyebrow.

Relatively recently a fictional, satirical character called Loose Cannon wrote in a piece in Botswana's Sunday Standard entitled President Zuma Will Sort Out White People, which included lines like:

"I think whites are spoilt. For all the bad things they did to black people they ought to be a bit more grateful. In fact they should count themselves lucky they were not shot on the day of liberation. Perhaps it's not too late to hang a few whites at the local stadium just to remind them who is charge."


"Whites never stop complaining. They whinge about crime. They say the country is the most violent in the world. Well they can afford to say that. For their information the violence has always been there. It's just that when they were in power all the crime and violence was taking place in black communities."


"I want Zuma to embark on a redistribution exercise. I want him to distribute white women among the long suffering black chaps in South Africa. He must first choose which white woman he wants. He can even have two. That done he must then distribute to his loyal supporters. And if there is a surplus he should distribute to his supporters in tiny neighbouring states."

The Sunday Standard received hundreds of complaints from white Seffricans, who were, perversely, unable to identify the piece as satire. Sure, it wasn't brilliantly written - but any fool could have realised the piece was satirical, that it highlighted the bizarre nature of South Africa's polar society. Or could they? Due to the thunderously negative response this Botswanan piece received from white South Africans, the editor of the Sunday Standard actually had to write another article explaining what satire was.

Not only are my people generally paranoid, they're none too fucking bright either.

Amongst many others, there are two major things pissing me off about the current wave of whining. Firstly, I would far rather talk with relatives and general associates about rugby (or cricket, or football) - topics we all know a lot about - than swop bad history and urban legends over raised eyebrows. Secondly, the whole thing throws me back to the 1990s. A long stretch of time where what you really wanted to say to the tormented, angstful emigrators was, 'will you please just fuck off already?'

South Africa has been violent place for centuries. We all know this. We all know that nothing has truly changed. We all also know that re-gearing our society to cater to all citizens and not just a few million whiteys will be a lifetime's work. There will be ups, fucks ups and downs, in no consecutive order.

If, in times of crisis, we look to the poles of society for signals as to our collective health, and if we do so whilst in a slightly weird and (bi) polar state ourselves, we will end up viewing a skewed picture.

Ultimately, only history will set the record straight. And history will show that in 2008, although our country remained resolutely violent, slight crazy, electricity challenged and very turbulent, at its core was a majority of people of all races with a common agenda. A core where transformation had been agreed upon, legislated and carried out willingly by most citizens, for their collective good. A core where the business, political and media sectors were all so robustly active as to be a little overwhelming.

In South Africa we are, in fact, governed by the will of a majority of business people and housewives and maids and teachers. No Zuma, or power shortage will alter that. Once the next batch of weepy English and enraged Afrikaners and indignant blacks have left, we will still be who were two years ago. A people who have a miraculous ability to act collectively and positively - over vast hurdles of violent history - instead of reverting to conflict. That is not about to change. We will collectively resolve our power problems, even if it takes six years. Zuma will likely lead the country to the left, unless he gets stuck in court. Regardless, we will continue to stick to basic democratic principles - even if that means, unlike Egypt, accepting politicians who claim to represent the working man. We'll probably remain as violent as we've always been, at least for the next decade or two. We will continue to do good business, because gold is still very valuable stuff, as is platinum and coal, and because Africa is wide open for business and this country is one of the best launching pads you can find.

We will not turn into Zimbabwe, because we are South Africa.

And life is different here.

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Conrad said...

if all the previous violence in arsezania took place in black communities what does that tell you about the blecks?

Devil's Advocate said...

@ rooster

your spew isn't amusing anymore,
there is NO difference between your site and the other redneck/nazi/wtf-ever racist sites

♫Have a nice day now♫

The_Rooster said...

I think you will find there is huge difference.

Anonymous said...

@devils's advocate

One clear differences is that comments are are not moderated here.

You try to go to the sucks site for example and express a controversial view, as politely as you wish it will end up in virtual ether.

Are they scared or a battle of ideas???

Anonymous said...

@ anon, your comments are moderated because people are "keel vol" of arguing with left-wing commies.

Auntie Seifert said...

@ 04 August 2008 08:59

I can understand that. The South Africa Sucks site is full of real red neck white nazi kaffirs who could not argue their way out of a wet paper bag - the poor doos's.

(Ja Ja Non PC freedom of speech as long it is my definition of non PC free speech - no balls / ovaries whatever).

Anonymous said...

Hey Rooster - what is your bullshit opinion on Malema calling Mpeki a coward?? Don't you feel ashamed by your beloved ANC brothers? If they can't find unity in their own backyard how the fuck do you expect them to unite a country - if indeed that is their intention? Super-Heros of governing my white arse!!

Anonymous said...

@ auntie siefart

Just to state ..."white nazi kaffirs who could not argue their way out of a wet paper bag - the poor doos's", does not make it so, you should at least try and back up what you say with some sort of constructive comment or critique...otherwise you are just as thick as the "white nazi kaffirs...." that you denigrate. But, perhaps you are a "white nazi kaffir" or a black troll miskein????

Anonymous said...

Hey where is Greg? Did he see the light or did those Nazi's get him?

Anonymous said...

Rooster you are pathetic. You have run out of bullshit already and now you are "poaching" another assehole's bullshit. You are just recycling old bullshit with no original thoughts whatsoever. It's pathetic and redundant and SAS had this story before you did... They served the bullshit fresh... your bulshit is old, stolen and nasty. he he he

Anonymous said...

Bovine you need to eat more roughage and stay regular 'cos you're running out of shit here... 1 posting per day/every other day? That's pathetic. And now you resort to "poaching" shit.

Anonymous said...

ANON-04 August 2008 06:20

You have that right, the stupid boers dont like it when the truth is spoken so they dont let you have a say on there if they dont like what you say. It is all one sided and only what they want people to hear. I would love to tell them a few things but I cant because they wont post mt letters.


The_Rooster said...

I'm sorry if I'm too busy enjoying my life to post more than 1 article a day on here. I don't live in cold crappy new zealand or England where there's nothing to do but sit on the net and moan because your life is so crap now that you moved away from beautiful South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Rooster... it's ok, you don't have to apologise for the lack of your kak posts. Less is more, in your case. neh he he he whah hah hah... hee haah oink oink cockedoodle dooh!

Anonymous said...

Where is my friend Greg? Is no one worried about Greg?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, life here in Arsetralia is so quiet, peaceful and boring. I miss the crime and excitement of not knowing when I'll be the next victim. I really miss the terror and uncertainty... It's so kak here without any fences and burglar bars. I also miss the corrupt government and the genocide of the farm dwellers (Farmer "Boer" nation). Oh, and how I wished I could be there when they had the xenophobic attacks! It was so exciting with all the murder and mayhem. And I soooo miss the kak on SABC TV! You are so right, Rooster... I think I have to pack my bags and come right back!!!

Anonymous said...

ANON-05 August 2008 01:32
Wait for me, I also miss all of the KAK in SA. I will start packing my bags and buy a ticket in the morning.

The Rooster said...

Koos , if you've got something you'd like to say ,email me and I'll post it up if I deem it worth reading. Same goes for anyone.

Anonymous said...
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The Rooster said...
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jassiester said...

Greg, take comfort in the fact that wankers are, in essence, self flagellatory. Their reach extends their grasp, as it were.

I don't think it possible for someone, who is at pains to disguise their identity, to make any impact whatsoever. You are safe, any threats to you or yours are both idle and empty (please excuse my english, it is not my first language).

These pariahs will like you to think of the world as one conglomeration of Aryans v the rest. With a secret army of skin/bone-heads to do their bidding. How easy would it be to precipitate a revolution in their own turf, as opposed to a "foreign hit"?

These e-mails are the musings of a complete wanker or an imposter. Besides which, the Afrikaner/boer has no friends outside of the perochial realms it has created for itself.

To these, and others, I say, on your behalf:

Put your money where your mouth (or Keyboard) is. Stop pretending.

NorthlandTrekker said...
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Anonymous said...

NorthlandTrekker - you are not to post here. Rooster -please delete.

northlandtrekker said...

Donʼt fall victim to Greg Berchenko! Tell Gregʼs parents Sergey and Galina Berchenko that their overgrown baby spends far too much time trolling WSAS and other SA message boards instead of pursuing his PHD at Howard University.

You can write to them at:

Sergey and Galina Berchenko
9096 Millcliff Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45231-3811

You can get directions at:,+Cincinnati,+OH+45231

Or call them at 513-521-2085

Anonymous said...

Any IP or ISP information on NorthlandTrekker?

icepick said...

You forget about all the townships out there. Where murdering gangsters reign supreme, people living in fear are plagued with violence from people of same ethnic background. Crime is in fact, bad! they know it, I know it.

Crime is bad here, its clearly fucking evident. And people moan. Especially in a democracy.

Put 2 and 2 together.

I hope you educate yourself, and come to terms with what you doing here.

There are sheep, and there are thinkers.