Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Att : Muppet.

It seems some posters feel I should be putting up more than one article a day on the blog. Well sometimes I will and sometimes I won't. Unlike SOME people with blogs I don't live in crappy cold countries like England and New Zealand where the lifestyle and climate don't afford any decent quality of life. So I don't spend all my time shivering indoors next to my computer trying to validate my decision to leave beautiful South Africa all day.

Nope , unlike these people I don't spend all my time wallowing in some imaginary past , masturbating my gall bladder all day. I realise that not everyone is so lucky to live in South Africa like me , but you built your crappy tiny inner-city flat , so you better live in it. I know it must be hard to have left South Africa and to live a life of regret . How it forces you to spend your every waking hour searching for the tiniest little bit of exaggerated , ridiculous , sensationalised morsel of bad news , so that you can make it through another day in the decaying new crap hole country you live in. Trying to find anything to justify your terrible decision to leave this paradise and bolster your racist world view.

It's really quite sad. And here's the sad thing : Racism is based on nothing more than fear of the unknown. That in itself is good and fine , but the sad part is when this fear is based on nothing more than ignorance and is the result of misinformation and scaremongering. In effect you're all spending all your time filling your heads with sensationalistic nonsense and reinforcing your own fears. It's self defeating and intellectually bankrupt behaviour. It's the type of thinking that categorizes all forms of losers in the world. Certainly the country is better off without you.


Anonymous said...

Rooster... it's ok, you don't have to apologise for the lack of your kak posts. Less is more, in your case. neh he he he whah hah hah... hee haah oink oink cockedoodle dooh!

The Rooster said...

No , on the other hand it is my duty to educate you lot.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh, lighten up. What's got you so worked up this morning? All I suggested is that you post something more interesting. FYI... I'm still in SA. Haven't left yet. Waiting to finish my studies first.

Thanks for educating me and opening my eyes

The Rooster said...

Trust me , I'd need to take the negative moaners seriously for me to have some form of emotional reaction. I find their ramblings comic at best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Rooster Sir,

It was brought to my attention that your blog is inciting hate-speech against muppets. I urge you please to stop. You are hurting our feelings. And we don't like the references to our small/non-exsistent "winkies". If you continue with this I will have to report you to the Muppet Rights Commission.

Have a great day! Ribbit ribbit
Kermit the frog

Anonymous said...

You need the bitter oozing gall just like the rest of them... admit it... what else would you be commenting on then? The gall has infected you as well

The Rooster said...

Apologies Kermit. I just do find there is so much in common between a brainless puppet with something shoved up it's arse and the nazi's that frequent this site.

Animal argh! said...

aarrhhhhhgg!!! uhhhhh arrgghhhh annimmaall killlll rooossster!!! aaaahhhhhrrrrrgghhhh!

Angry Animal Muppet

Anonymous said...
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