Thursday, 28 August 2008

South Africa, Zimbabwe and yes , more bullsh!t.

What's wrong with you whiteys? I swear sometimes I get the feeling you're the Emo- bastard child of Hitler and a crack whore: A neurotic , paranoid mess of fascism , self pity , manipulation and lies.

I don't know what makes me think this. Maybe it's some of the ridiculously stupid things you say. For example you keep making the ridiculous claim that South Africa is turning in Zimbabwe. Now excuse me for saying so , but how exactly are the two similar ? As a rational person when I look at the two I make the following observations:

A) One is the richest country in Africa in the midst of an economic boom unlike it's ever known. The other is the poorest country in Africa in the midst of crumbling economic meltdown the likes of which the world has never known.

B) One is the most democratic country in Africa, the other is the most Autocratic.

Even the most superficial glance at the facts would demonstrate to any sane person that you could not in fact find two countries LESS similar than South Africa and Zimbabwe. To compare South Africa to Zimbabwe is the equivalent of human brain diarrhea. A symptom of the sloppy rubbish you keep feeding your mind. Truly folks, if there is any hope for you to ever earn some form of dignity as a people you need to stop making such gigantic arses out of yourselves by perpetuating such laughable pig slop.

Here’s my theory as I previously wrote on another blog :

I think you people that do nothing but sit on your computers all day and moan about a country you don't know or understand (because you don't partake in it)’re all just lonely. You sit there in your silly little fort-houses all day staring outside your windows. And you know what? Lonely people suck. They’re unsociable and they have no friends.

Besides , lonely people are useless. They are always sitting looking out stupid windows, sighing. It's enough that they waste oxygen with their pathetic existence as it is, but must they also waste more through sighing deeply the whole time? Greedy, oxygen hogging, lonely jerks.

When they aren't looking through windows, they are writing dumb poems. Lonely people take themselves way too seriously. I always find it ironic that the people in the world who care most about their problems are the same assholes who's problems no-one else cares about.

More so, lonely people are lazy. Never going out and doing anything, just sitting around. They always want love and affection, but they are never willing to go out there and work for it. Sorry folks, but if you want love, get out there and emotionally abuse people with a manipulative web of lies and self serving deceit like the rest of us.

What I really don't understand about lonely people is that they seem to be complaining about being alone. This infuriates me. What I'd give to just be left the f#ck alone by all the other @ssholes that inhabit this earth. Sh!t, even the most forgiving guy of all time, Mr J.C needed 40 days alone in a desert. Sure he told Simon and the boys he had some reason, but really he just wanted to be the f#ck alone and away from all the ass kissers.

Come on folks, we all get lonely sometimes ....that's why God made prostitutes and alcohol.

Ungrateful jerks .


Anonymous said...

'sup Rooster

You could argue the differences until you are blue in the face, the problem is that they are all too similar in matters that count. The specifics may differ in each scenario, but history has a tendency to repeat itself and there is every indication to suggest a possible patterning between the slide of Zim and a slide of SA. However, lets look at what you've decided to focus on

A) SA's remarkable 'boom' is actually a recovery from 2005 to its previous position of GDP as at 1995, riding on the high of a strong commodities market of late, but there is every indication to say its economy is a house of cards and likely to come tumbling down unless some seriously strong glue is applied. Zim went from a strong position to the position they are in now. Not so long ago they too had a strong economy, so please, look at previous years balance sheets and not just the current snap shot in time if you're going to make comparisons on this basis.
B) SA's democracy is a sham. Sure, theoretically everything is there, but the political reality is that at the end of the day its a one party state and until the dumbed down masses (actually, thats incorrect because it implies they were smart to begin with, its genetic you see ;-)) realise that a large proportion of the problems can be attributed purely to the adventures of the ANC, this position is unlikely to change and makes the slide towards Zim's autocratic and economic style a very real possibility. I agree that we shouldn't blow everything out of proportion, but despite your rantings, the peoples fear is warranted and completely justifiable.


ps: i'm keen to hear you comments to my last post in 'White men can't jump', are you still getting there or have you moved on? I subsequently came across a link that makes for very interesting reading on the subject matter we're on about,

The_Rooster said...

once again thank you for offering a calm thought out argument , rather than spitting the dummy and throwing insults (as much fun as they are). That's not to say i don't entirely disagree.

1) South Africa has enjoyed several years now of serious economic growth. You'd have to be blind and frankly stupid to not acknowledge that. Will growth slow as the market turns ? Of fucking course it will , that's how economies work.....and then it will recover again. Only silly people see the slowing down of an economy (by the way , that's a good thing , you don't want an over-heating economy) as the coming of economic armeggedon. Oh how i laughed when all the stupid negative people went back shit crazy and bought up foriegn currency a few years back(perpatuating the sliding of the rand) only to see the rand recover and get a well deserved kick in the ass for being so emotive when it comes to these issues. Nope , the south african economy is in a very healthy state , especially considering and relative to the situation in the rest of the world.

b) I do admit there I'd like to see the anc's majority watered down a bit. I'm a libetarian and not a fan of big government. To me a good government is one that leaves the people the hell alone in all aspects other than providing the very poor with health care , open education and food/shelter (although I'm even against them being involved in those apsects idealistically , but pragmatically in africa in this time and place we must compromise)

however i do not think we are anywhere near the point where anyone could claim our democratic process is in jeopardy. Such talk is again the nerutic ramblings of the paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Chicken shit, as a LibeRtarian, you place the sanctity of the individual's right (esp. property rights) as paramount...Is this correct or do you not know the meaning of LibeRtarian? If this is true, how do you respond to the recent Expropriation bill and Patrick Craven's (COSATU's spokesman) saying that everything needs to be nationalised and all land given to those that work on it? That would mean that your fat black meid has the right to your home there in Cape Town (we all know you are white) as that is what the bill proposes. How does that make you feel? Still love the ANC with all your liberal, polluted, meid-naaiende self?

The Rooster said...

Excuse me ? Did i not just clearly state that the bets government would be one that did not interfere in peoples lives ? That however is an ideal very easy to formulate for the middle classes in the first world. But in africa we don't have the luxury to put such ideas into place without it being at the expense of people lives. So many south Africans are dependant on government handouts , health care , schools etc , that frankly it's unthinkable at this point in it. However it is something to strive for and despite the socialistic overtones South Africa still runs within a very free market economy. This is why white people should just shut the fuck don't need a government to wipe your soggy bottom....

The Rooster said...

Any talk of the government taking anybodies land without fair compensation is the talk of paranoid mad men. I won't waste my time entertaining such neurotic drivel.

Anonymous said...

SA so far runs as a private economy. However, look at Patrick Craven's comments just the other day at Wits University, available at It sounds like he is talking about forcible expropriation, and I did not see him mention anything about compensation. Craven sounds dangerously close to advocating communism. Perhaps I am misinterpreting his comments, I actually hope so, but am just expressing my opinion based on what I have read just now from Craven's comments at Wits.

The Rooster said...
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Anonymous said...

You son of a bitch. Saying that alcohol and prostitutes are God's inventions for loneliness is beyond blasphemy!!

You will fry in Hell you black demon!!

The Rooster said...

So who invented alcohol and prostitutes ? Satan ? Satan can invent stuff and god is powerless to stop it ? Jeees...check this satanist worshipping guy out!!! Someone fetch my crucifix and hide my goat !!!

Anonymous said...

Did you just say God invented alcohol and prostitutes? WTF? Are you like 3 years old?

The_Rooster said...

Why not ? I credit god with all good things.

The_Rooster said... people don't even determine between satire and reality...what's intended as truth and what's intended as a joke. No wonder you have your heads up your butts.

Anonymous said...

No we get it. It is a joke. Albeit lame and humourless. You are a joke. Your sense of humour is so pathetic you always need to tell people when you are joking. No wit, no brains, typical rooster primordial bird-brain.

The_Rooster said...

You can't account for bad taste (or the anal retentive). Run along then , there are plenty of other blogs out there for you to read. Talentless lout.

Anonymous said...

jesus was black.........?