Tuesday, 26 August 2008

More B#llshit.

If you were about as sensitive to stimuli as a comotose Helen Keller and actually needed more proof of how so many websites writing about South Africa have their heads up their arses , take a look at this.

There's an email been going around South Africa for some time , which has also been posted up on many of the silly scaremongering sites , that makes the following claims :

Can you imagine working for the following company that has a little more than 500 employees with the following statistics :

29 have been accused of spousal abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
10 have been accused of writing bad checques
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71 can not get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug related charges
8 have been arrested for shop lifting
21 are currently defendants in current lawsuits
84 have been arrested for drunken driving in the last year

373 in total (app. 70%)

Can you guess which orginisation this is ?

It's the 535 memebers of the South African parliment.

Now the smarter of my foriegn readers are already having de jevu. Feel like you've seen this before ? You very likely have . It's a very popular urban myth that was went viral on the net relating to the US congress from 1999. Read more about it here on snopes...


The difference between you and your average white South African is that your not likely an irrational mess of stupidity and you could probably differentiate between this and reality. A white South African on the other hand reads that and does not offer it even a single moment of critical thinking. Nope , he's already rushing off to the bar to tell his mates the latest "expose" like he's Derek f#cking Watts.

I don't want to randomly pull figures and numbers out my bum , as that would make me no better than the average white South African. But it's very tempting to almost write off just about everything you hear from my white country men as total insane horeshit. The frustrating thing is that everyones got themselves in such a neurotic state of mind with this type of ridiculous nonsense they've lost their f#cking collective marbles. It's like living with Asterix and the Gauls during a lightning storm where everyones convinced the sky is going to fall on their heads.

I suppose if I'm honest there is one good reason to avoid coming to South Africa , and that's the fact that you'll have to deal with white South Africans. And quite frankly if you craved the intellectual equivelent of that experience , you're better off labotomising yourself with a blunt f#cking spoon.


The Devils Advocate said...

boo-hoo your blog is sad and lonley...no comments...i'll comment on you, rooster:
For lacking originality = a Parrot;
Picking on afrikaners = a Vulture;
losing face on his blog(and crapping on everything below!) = a Hadeda; Being unique(the real "hoenderkak" of his kind, ppl!) = a Dodo; For ignorance = an Ostrich...
ps...your spew still boring

The_Rooster said...

Oh what a fucking idiot. You call me out for lack of origninality and in the same breath spew the most ridiculous rubbish on offer in the whole white racist movement (south africa is turning into zimbabwe). Give me one reason to believe south africa is in any way similar to Zimbabwe....when you compare the biggest economy in africa (and yes , we're much richer now than we have ever been) to the poorest....when you compare the most democratic to the most autocratic.....you really need a fucking kick in the balls. Get it fucking right. The two places have absolutely nothing in common other than in the minds of idiotic fucking racist muppets. Fuck off you brainless twat.

TEH DEV'S ADV said...


The Rooster said...

Didn't think you actually had anything to back up your insane bullshit ramblings about South Africa turning into zimbabwe. You whites are like the Emo bastard child of Hitler and a crackwhore. A neurotic mess of fascism , self pity , manipulation and lies.

Anonymous said...

'373' or '535' is mild, the real truth is the SA Government is riddled with corruption, the public sector is unethical and corrupt. There are more than 5 000 cases of alleged corruption in national and local government structures amounting to millions, if not billions of rands. And the rate of competent investigations is dismally low.

The_Rooster said...

A world government that is corrupt? Hardly freaking unique now is it ? I'm just grateful our corruption goes so far as a few kick backs for contracts. Do you know how small time this is compared to the united States for example ? Christ in the United states the government goes so far as creating wars and health systems based purely on financial and interests. If you knew anything about the militiary industrial comples , the oil and banking money you'd not even sleep at night. I've also lived in many other countries where the day to day government and police corruption is so ridiculous that South Africa without exagerattion is something of a utopia. If you think our government is corrupt , or that our previous apartheid government was less corrupt...well my silly little naieve friend...you've got a lot to fucking learn about how the real world works and the truly sick fucking sociopaths that are out there.

Anonymous said...

He he he Thanks for that!
Devils advocate is so right. Chicken, you are a parrot and you need to learn how to spell.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rooster

What are the true statistics for the SA Parliament?

Can you find out and publish.
I think that would be good research to counter the BS claims.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm absolutely amazed that this kind of racism is alive in South Africa. Funny thing is how I got to this blog. I received the e-mail in question, immediately disputed the statistics and googled to verify the claims. Needless to say there's no truth to it. This behaviour according to our swearing racist blogger obviously makes me a non-white, since whites can obviously not display such intelligent behaviour. Personally I hate this kind fud distributed in emails, but it's still a couple of steps above the intelligence of this racist rant.