Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another one for the idiot list.

I love my country , but I hate my government (because I envy the black man's penis).

Rolls you eyes and wave folks. Roll your eyes and wave.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I envy the AIDS-spreading penis of a black South African.

Animal-farm said...

What black penis ? ooooh did you find it ? shame ! You must really be a brainless baboon!! It is usually people of a utterly low intellect that have such naive expressions !

bovinerebel said...

Welcome to the cool , calm rational mind of the white south african. I don't need to even write this blog anymore. You guys prove all my points for me.

Anonymous said...

Black penis envy...hmmmm interesting?

Why on earth would I want a black aids infected, lifeboy flavoured dick attached to my body?

You black fucks do not have pretty she boons to use the fucking thing on.

You are the most ignorant black idiot I have seen in my whole life of blogging, open your eyes kaffir and smell the roses, it's not apartheid that made you into what you are today, it's genetic, you cannot help being a destructive good for nothing creature.

A challenge then, if you black dudes are so smart, please name ten worthwhile inventions made by black people to better the human race, and that excludes the AK 47.
oops! soory that was invented by the russians.....

Me waits to read your fat lippped ramblings

Proudly White

Anonymous said...

Kurt Darren for president! he he he

tearsofthefuture said...

Once apon a time South Africa was a first world country... a country that was so great and it hadnt even reached its full potential and never did... does anyone know why?

Thats correct my friends... it was given to a bunch of barbaric, greedy, uneducated beings who have savagely raped this land. And dont get me wrong, im not refering to ALL blacks.

Is this what you wanted, our "rainbow nation" ridden with crime, racism & corruption?

Is this your idea of unity... of equality...?

You blacks were given the opportunity to do great things with SA, hand in hand, together as one with the whites, instead the majority of you have left the country to the likes of greedy, corrupt, racist CUNTS like the ANC for fsr too long because you are all too fucking scared to stand up for yourselves, you would rather get fucked by your own kind than make a stand and work together with the whites. The minority of you who have taken the opportunity given to you 14 years ago and got an education and made an effort to make SA a "happy place" are too scared of another apartheid too move forward. You know who you are, you know that what the government stands for is wrong, they are immoral and corrupt, but you would rather hang on to "the sruggle" stories/excuses than really make a difference. Hang on to the past, fuck up the future... that should be your moto.

Ive become bitter, mostly because Iv eaten the fruits of a first world country, countries that have corrupt governments too, BUT serve their people before they serve themselves. I feel cheated... and if the new generation of South Africans have any sense of self, they too will realise... this shit is not good enough... dispose of the ANC, dispose of Mbeki (that dictatorship supporting excuse of a leader)and lets rise above the rest once again, together....

Who the hell am i kidding... Excuse me, i think i just let out my last bit of hope, the last of Mandela's vision (you know, the vision, Mbeki and the gang managed to FUCK)... but thankfully i realised how silly i am being... theres no hope left for SA... i never thought id give up on this beautiful country, but after reading these blogs, i am despondent...what a sad sad day.

bovinerebel said...

Someone pass tears of the future a tissue.....ooooh boo hooo ..our country has problems....it's so tough he can't hack it...poor little baby running away somwhere where the government can powder his precious little bottom.

Well f#ck off then. I certainly won't miss some whiney little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ja Flappie. Die BAAS.

Anonymous said...

Hey flappie kaffir, im still waiting to hear of the ten inventions made by blacks?

When Jan van Riebeeck entered the Cape you coons did not even have a written language or did not even invent something basic as the wheel...

While us white folk already explored half of the world in seagoing vessels, we had gunpowder thanks to the chinese, we had muskets we had a written language and you had what?

A mud hut, 5 cattle each, you hid under a rock when there was lightning and you had the tokkelos!!! ha ha ha

What a advanced culture you are, you still believe in the tokkeloseven today, you rape virgins cause that will cure aids, only spreading the disease even further, you have a minister who believes beetroot and mustard is the cure for aids, you dress funny in goat skins and generally smell bad.

A cunt like zuma does not even have matric, but he wants to rule a country.

A culture who still believe in Muti and other barbaric practices, yeah you black fucks are totaly cool.

Look at prisons, crammed full of black fuckers, not only here but in countries like america and europe too, where you folks are the minority, the prisoner percentage heavily leans over to the blacks.
Wonder why is it because your problems are genetic?

You talk about us needing a government to powder our arses, what the fuck is your ANC gobburment doing asshole, what about affirmative action and \Bee you ignorant swine.

14 years ago apartheid was scrapped, but I guess you will always be the victim won't you?

Hey I got an idea let us make a new law that would protect and benefit you guys even more!!

P.S. go check out your history, this country was largely uninhabited before we came here, you pricks came down from nigeria spreading like a disease down towards the south, as a fact i can tell you we were here before you, only the bushmen and koi san people were here before the black horde arrived plundering the land. So if you are not white, bushman or |koi san then i Guess this is actually not your country heh?

Now please fuckoff and get me those ten worthwhile inventions I asked about, and remember that excludes muti,and the ak47, you can use AIDS as one of your inventions though so I only need 9 more......stupid fuck...

oh yeah an check out this blog


Anonymous said...

Mooo mooo mooo!

Can you smell that? Bring your nose closer to the screen... a little closer... smell that, huh? That bovine/bullshit