Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Wrong again Whitey !

It’s always great , although not often unexpected, to be proven right.

Violent crime in South Africa is down to the lowest level in 14 years. That’s right. Violent crime is now as low as it was in 1994 when whitey was still in control of the police force. I would hope that this would finally shut some of the negative people up , but of course that would be hoping too much.

Of course the people that will still be moaning the most will still be white people who violent crime affects less than anyone else. But that’s alright. I don’t mind people having a valid concern about crime. I just hope they can stop making claims that crime is worse now because of a black government who are doing nothing about it , when the pure objective fact of the matter is that all the hype about violent crime that has increased since apartheid ? It’s just been debunked and shown up for the bollocks that it was. Let me explain.

These statistics imply one or two things.

1) The police have done an amazing job to decrease crime from the high levels white people are always going on about….or
2) Crime was never that much higher in the first place and it’s just normalized.

If you asked me , and you always should consult me before you let your silly mind run amok with your own idiotic ideas , I'd say it's a bit of both.

Of course instead what is really going to happen is Whitey is going to carry on insisting the crime has increased and that the police have gotten worse. Two blatant distortions of the truth and facts , but whitey has never placed much importance on letting the truth get in the way of a good story.

Man I hate white people.


Vanessa said...

I think you have left out a 3rd option:

People have stopped reporting crime, because there is simply no point?

But then again, you will just say I am a whiny whitey.

I do not, however, believe that violent crime affects us whiteys more than anyone else. We just whine more.

I just have to ask... When we get a non-denialist government, and the correct stats are reported, will you post a public apology?

Bovinerebel said...

Nonsense Vanessa. The idea of white people not letting every last person in the known universe know there a crime happened is absurd. If Frikkie lost his car radio , life forms in the extreme other end of the universe will hear about it.

What reasons do you have to dispute the facts ? These things are overseen by international watch dogs. Prove to me the stats are flawed , until then I've got no reason to even consider an apology.

strangler said...

man i hate floppies!

John said...

what do expect thesecrime statistics are k4s statistics where 1 actually means 10
Dom fokken k4s

Anonymous said...

You don't hate white people - you hate white men. Which means you are not a true racist but actually a quasi-Marxist and feminist.

Anonymous said...

LOL, oh man it wont be long now and your blog will die faster than a black man in his 20's.

Flagged!! Hate speech!

bovinerebel said...

Actually I have webshots of all the people trying to conspire to flag my blog. I'll let blogger decide who the real haters are. I can sleep easy knowing you've all come here and proved everything I've said about white people right today.

Native said...

you have to have BEE to protect you even though you are the majority - go figure.......

Anonymous said...

Now hold on here, the SAPS statistics you refer to DO sow a decrease in the murder rate and that is good news, as soon as I saw that I emailed it to my friends (black by the way) back in South Africa. But if you look at those same statistics closer they show an increase in house robbery - and that has to be the scariest crime of all short of murder, when there are armed intruders in your house. So South Africa probably does not FEEL any safer, and this is going by the same SAPS statistics which show the reduction in murders, which, again, is good news. Of course the racist blogs like southafricasucks and other racist, like some of the ones who post on your site, will and do use this as an excuse to spread racism, talk about how much whites are in danger, blah, blah. That said, the rate of house robberies is too high, and the Institute of Security studies is on record as saying basically what I said, only in fancier language of course. Blogs like southafricasucks, africacrisis.org, etc. are racist and are unreliable as barometers of crime or anything else, but the Institute of Security Studies is reliable, look at some of things they say about South Africa. I myself had a very pleasant stay in South Africa for six months, mostly in Johannesburg, other than getting mugged once in Joubert Park. But I am aware that I was shielded from house robberies that many experience because I stayed on the campus of Wits University.

SuSa said...

What the fuck are you smoking? Your mind is somewhere else darkie. Wake up and smell the mieliepap, this country is a going down the drain, just like Zim. And guess what if I ever decide to leave this shit hole, and I sit overseas and someone says poor darkies in SA are dying in droves we must collect food for them, I say LET THE FUCKERS DIE!And I will promote no handout to Africa !
Truth of the matter is you darkies cannot live without the white man's
hand out, you just cannot, your incapable of doing so, look at Africa all over, white man leaves you die, country does not produce
food no more. Do yourself a favor and seek the blogs where the white man is beginning to realise this and the tide is changing, no more hand outs, your all gonna die.

bovinerebel said...

Greg. The rate of house robbery in South Africa is lower than Australia. Of all murders in South Africa , houserobbery , hijackings and armed robbery only make up 500 murders. I'm sorry for each and every one of the families , but this goes in the face of the perception these people will feed you that it's common place. I'm just giving you facts , if they fly in the face of what you consider to be true then it's your prerogative to re consider your perspective.

Anonymous said...

I love to have a positive perspective of South Africa, in fact I do already after my trip, so much that I can't wait to go back. That said - I do not know about your assertion that SA has lower house robbery rate than Australia, but then again I have not been to Australia nor compared their crime rates. I can tell you this - I know that statistically the majority of house robberies do not result in murder in South Africa, but that those that do get highlighted by the media like News24, etc. But the house robbery alone is scary because the one place people should be safe is their own home. The rate of house robberies in SA is much higher than in US. One thing I immediately noticed, same as most other foreigners who come to SA, is that all of the neighborhoods that are better than Hillbrow have high, electric fences around the houses. That is something you just don't see in US, except in very rich areas. House invasions occur here also, but difference is that police here almost always catch the perps, they take this type of crime very seriously here. We do not need to condone racism, in fact we must condemn it, even continue to fight against it as in the days of apartheid. But we should not sweep South Africa's deep problems under the rug either - and these include crime, poverty, unequal education. I used to catch a lot of hell from the people on southafricasucks when I would point out to them that the crime SA experiences is directly tied to legacy of apartheid which left a lot of blacks deeply poor, with low education and brutalized. Crime does often get blown out of proportion, but we shouldn't sweep it under the rug either.

bovinerebel said...

Wise words Greg. That certainly is not my intention to deny we have issues. These issues should be seen under the blanket of socio-economics and not "race" however. South Africa has huge wealth disparity. When you put a group of highly wealthy people right next door to ones who are struggling to survive the inevitable result is a certain amount of crime. Indeed theft and pretty crime are rampant in South Africa , but not unique. We can deal with that and have for many years. But the issue of violent crime of course is a much more serious affair. I don't say we sweep it under the blanket. I sat we deal with it in a proactive and positive manner by dealing with the root of it : improving socio economic conditions.

It goes greatly unnoticed by the South African media how many black families are pulling themselves out of poverty through hard work , education and cummunity support. Let's see some of these stories balanced with the crime/eskom nonsense. Let's just see crime reported in a balanced and rational way , instead of a sensationalistuc and hysteric way. Let's not unecessarily scare away tourists and investment and shoot ourselves in the foot.

If the reality was that tourist were in any real danger I swear I'd join the ranks of warning them to not come. If that was true I'd leave South Africa myself. It's not true. The gross majority of the people screaming in fits about crime in South Africa have left the country to their credit. They have investment in the future of South Africa or interest in anything other than seeing it crumble. They rush around daily looking for any bad news to affirmate their views about black people and south africa and the result is they present a distorted , bizare picture of South Africa . If you look for the bad in something hard enough you will always find it. I won't backpeddle that a backlash against these negative people is ripe for the coming and necessary if South Africa is to move forward.

bovinerebel said...

edit : * they have no investment

ZeroTolerance said...

A breakdown in the crime statistics recorded between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2008 as reported by the SA Police Service:

NOTE: They hide the actual murders by splitting them into two different categories - they show total murders, plus... way down the list they show the culpible homicides
When taken together, the official number is huge - more than 31,500 murders per annum.

The figures are arranged in the number of incidents per 100 000 people.

- Murder: 18 487 cases reported, 38,6 incidents.

- Attempted murder: 18 795 cases reported, 39,3 incidents.

- Assault GBH: 210 104 cases reported, 439,1 incidents.

- Common assault: 198 049 cases reported, 413,9 incidents.

- Common robbery 64 985 cases reported, 135,8 incidents.

- Arson: 7 396 cases reported, 15,5 incidents.

- Malicious damage to property: 136 968 cases reported, 286,2 incidents.

- Burglary at residential premises: 237 853 cases reported, 497,1 incidents.

- Burglary at non-residential premises: 62 995 cases reported, 131,7 incidents.

- Motor vehicle and motorcycle theft: 8 8226 cases reported, 167,7 incidents.

- Theft out of motor vehicles: 111 661 cases reported, 233,4 incidents.

- Stock theft; 28 778 cases reported, 60,1 incidents.

- Illegal possession of firearms or ammunition: 13 476 cases reported, 28,2 incidents.

- Drug related crime: 109 134 cases reported, 228,1 incidents.

- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: 48 405 cases reported, 101,2 incidents.

- Theft not mentioned elsewhere: 395 296 cases reported, 826,1 incidents.

- Commercial crime: 65 286 cases reported, 136,4 incidents.

- Shoplifting; 66 992 cases reported, 140 incidents.

- Culpable homicide: 13 184 cases reported, 27,6 incidents.

- Kidnapping: 2 323 cases reported, 4,9 incidents.

- Abduction: 2 728 cases reported, 5,7 incidents.

- Neglect or ill treatment of children: 4 106 cases reported, 8,6 incidents.

- Public Violence: 895 cases reported, 1,9 incidents.

- Crimen injuria: 33 064 cases reported or 69,1 incidents.

* The law regarding rape cases has changed to include male rape, and as such the crime statistics only reflect rape and indecent assault statistics between April and December 2007;

- Rape: 36 190 cases reported, 75,6 incidents.

- Indecent assault: 6 763 case reported, 14,1 incidents.

- Aggravated robbery: 118 312 cases reported, 247,3 incidents.

* This included 14, 201 carjacking incidents or 29,7 incidents and 1 245 truck hijacking incidents.

It also included 14 481 incidents of robbery at residential properties or 30,3 cases per 100 000 people, and 9 852 incidents of robbery at non-residential properties or 20,6 incidents per 100 000 people.

There were 395 cases of cash-in-transit robberies or 0,8 incidents per 100 000 people, and 144 bank robberies or 0,3 incidents per 100 000 people. - Sapa

Anonymous said...

As usual, caucasoids are always lying about stats,figures,war and all other maiming and killing of people. White males commit more crime in the u.s. than any other group! They commit crimes of massacre and pedophile rapes than Blacks, Hispanics, and other races. Over 25,000 lives are taken a year by white male drunk drivers. Do The Math! Blacks are being portrayed as murderers and robbers because the media controls the airways.