Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More on Uhuru

So now that the funeral has passed and still no "nag van die lang messe" (Night of the long knives) it's time to reflect on something.

What's not a unique or rare thing for the fear mongering vekramptes, rooi gevaar and swaart gevaar loony brigade to do is for them to speak a lot of shit. What is however quite rare is for them to ever claim something that provable. Almost everything is wild speculation and based on perceptions, hyperbole, cherry picked "facts" (often pure lies) , fears or speaks of a time in the future when horrific"inevitable" events will be carried out.

The great humiliation about the uhuru predictions were the extent to which they were very specific about their conspiracy. Who, when, where, how but never specifically why. If why was ever asked it became absurd anyway. But the point is they made a strong claim for once. And they even went around making videos and claimed they had evidence.

Of course the evidence was all selective quote farming and taking things out of context and "experts" who were in the know and had a special knowledge. Having seen some of this "evidence" any person with a slightly critical mind and not actively "wet" from years of propaganda foreplay would easily dismiss it as not holding up to any scrutiny. But as they will the far right or those that they rope in have never been interested in calm, rational thinking and the more it was claimed to be silly by the likes of me...the STRONGER they insisted and stood their ground.

And of course they were wrong. Since Nelson Mandela has died and been buried nothing has happened and nobody sane ever expected it to. They were attempting to deceive us and often times even themselves with the agenda of spreading fear and racial tensions. And if you are one of the people who got whipped up by these muppets I hope you will in future take seriously my plea to also examine the rest of twaddle they are pedaling around. Because just like this story of uhuru there's not a lot they're aren't willing to spin and wield in the name of keeping fear and hatred alive.

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Dachshund said...

Wat Kyk Jy dit a lovely spoof on the Night of the Long Knives last year. Still very funny.