Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rooster reports on the elections

As the local elections come close I intend to start offering my little opinions and observations once again.

The first sign that elections are close was when strolling into my local Spar in Jozi I was accosted by a group of D.A volunteers who inquired whether I was registered to vote. Now seeing as I had recently moved cities this was a good question. While I was chatting the friendly folks and awaiting my hangover avenging boerie roll I asked them why it was that I had never received my D.A membership card despite signing up and paying my fees over a month ago. They feigned, or so it seemed, disbelief and assured me something would be done to ensure I received it. I being someone never expecting much good to come from humanity didn't think twice about ever really receiving the card in the first place, hardly expected it now. Service delivery my ass.

A week later I received a phone call and to my pleasant surprise I was speaking to my local D.a council  woman who inquired as to whether I had finally received my card.  I answered honestly that I had no idea but was really impressed that this tiny trivial matter had been attempted to be rectified. When I got home I checked my post box and nothing had in fact been delivered...but you know what ? Still a better effort that expected. Well done the D.A.


Anonymous said...

where's your elections reports?

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems you never reported on the elections...