Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oh yeah ! Oooooooh Yeah !!!

I swear I don't give a damn about soccer ! Not a damn !

But my god it is sweet with all the negative schadenfreude aimed into the bulls eye of bafana bafana by the idiot, moron, unloved, useless , mother fucking dumb ranks of the extreme right ...that the boys just massacred Angola in the Afcon cup !

I hate the vuvuzela...but the thought of how sulken and sad some people are just because by the site that black South Africans are feeling pretty good about themselves right now...well I just want to go out on the street and blow the hell out of one into the ears of my racist neigh-BORES ear !

Viva Bafana !! Viva !!! *

* Fuck you dumb bigots ! Fuck you !

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