Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ho hum : Just like I told you.

It's honestly boring being right all the time. But I bet it's a carnival in comparisson to always being wrong like the extreme right. Anyone feeling silly about taking Julius Malema seriously ? I know you should be, as it's always the cronically dumb who gets easily winded by the extremists. N.C-study-rejects-mines-grab-report-20120202

In summary : Nationalisation of mines NOT A.N.C policy.

Oh it's a terrible, woeful day for all the Afro pessimists. Another crushing blow to the hopes of the kooky few who wish the worst on this country because the government is 90% black. Silly twats.

What's the correlation between the extreme right making predictions and them coming true ? A factor of 0 % ? 0.01% if I am being generous.


Anonymous said...

Damn browser got the convulsion for a 2nd time. Last try to get my comment through:

malema again?

on the topic: approx 10 years ago mbeki condemned the chanting of the "Kill the boer, kill the farmer" slogan at peter mokabas funeral.

today the anc defends "shoot the boer"

comments please?

The Rooster said...

The A.N.C (well A few individuals) defends that the song is song in a different context and not meant literally. When kids sing "ring a ring of rosies" do you think they are even thinking of the black plague ? The song is now banned. Why are you dringing up this deadwood and baggage ?

Anonymous said...

ring a ring of rosies is a STUPID comparison to make. reason being it is pretty euphemistic. "ring a ring of rosies" sounds at first glance like "roses". if you dont know the black plague history of this song, you wont know what it really means.

"shoot the boer" is pretty self-explanatory, REGARDLESS of the point in history it is sung. shoot the boer would make a lovely childrens song.

the song is banned. YAY!

and the anc (well, a few individuals) are in favour of the song TODAY.

deadwood and baggage? Just like you say the extremists must be feeling silly over malemans nationalisation TODAY, the anc (well, a few individuals) is in defence of the song TODAY.

And besides, you touched on the deadwood and baggage of malemas rhetoric.

I'll continue this conversation another day. The internet connection here is completely up to sh!t

Anonymous said...

Rooster, I know how you feel about Genocide Watch, but take a look at their latest statement about SA. I think you'll be intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, I know how you feel about Genocide Watch, but take a look at their latest statement of SA. I think you'll be intrigued.

The Rooster said...

Well I take ful credit, Stanton is actually alright and well intentioned has seen the light about Adrianna as I posted saying he agrees she is a racist. But without my intervention much hacok and hate mongering could have ensued. I feel good that I've probably saved some lives through this. Hate bounces.