Wednesday, 21 September 2011

On why do black people vote for the A.N.C...

I saw this response on Mybroadband by a poster called R13. I thought it was a nice summary of some white people must be blind not to see.

For the average voter, the ANC is not a failing party. You have a house thanks to the ANC. You have electricity, thanks to the ANC. You have running water, thanks to the ANC. Or you don't have all those things but your neighbouring village or settlement has them and the same is promised you next time 'round. In this person's mind, without the ANC all those things would not have happened to them. (Rooster : And probably wouldn't have if Apartheid still existed with those NP morons at the helm.)And then you look around your neighbourhood and you see young ANC bucks driving around in the latest & greatest SUV and you think, hey my kids can aspire to that one day, this stuff didn't happen in the bad old days! All that didn't happen when the white man were in charge. So in the average person's mind the ANC is still the best & greatest. - R13

(Rooster : And the white parties still the shittiest and worst in the minds of blacks with their white centered ,snide critique and mean spirited uncontructive jibes about black ethics and competence. No attempt to reconcile by many whites in the general public too, no wonder blacks don't want to vote us in.)

And from the same thread: Why do blacks need help ? Whites in this country didn't get hand ups. We all worked hard to get where we are - some twat.

A chap named Ozzicapie puts this muppet in his place.

Yeah poor innocent whites, never voted for the Nats, who never implemented Apartheid, never came up with such gems such as creating nationalised companies using the "civilised labour policy, never provided houses for these so called 'civilised' sorry white workers, never felt it necessary to have blacks carry passports and working permits in their own country, never gave these people inferior education, never had businesses in the 'coloured/black' areas whilst denying business zoning to residents etc etc etc.

No it was all hard work by the poor underprivileged whites that got them to where they are, and the bloody ANC is wasting all of that.

Mind you shhhhh dont tell anyone, it is still great here we can still afford US college fees for our kids...oh and then we will bugger off.


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Anonymous said...

Talking about comments to articles read this one: Oh, you have already? Why don't you deal with real issues on your blog? Sorry, I forgot, you are not into reality...

Dachshund said...

That cunt Bert Oosthuizen phoned me five times on my landline and nine times on my cellphone between midnight and 1 am last night. He just hangs up, probably too drunk to even shlurrr. He's sitting there in Euxton, pissed out of his mind when he does this shit. Nice life he must have, with his wife and kids. Dedicated family man, that. I suppose it beats watching porn.

Dachshund said...

This is really going back to way back when, but who else remembers that motivational poster in the Cape Town passenger trains, directed at white railway employees, with an illustration of a white guy with a white boy proudly holding a bicycle, with the caption, "Nuwe fiets? As pa presteer, kry boet ook meer." It was so blatantly, over the top, racist, as if black people did not even exist.

angry importer said...

Hey Mr Knows-it-all (yes you rooster but even your buddy dachshund seems to be pretty clued up in financial matters...)

I'm sorry it is a bit off topic but
would you care to explain why the rand is free-falling? (over one rand against the $ in the last two weeks)

Since you always boast about SA's economy... blah, blah, blah.

Was the rand alleged stability a cunning monetary artifice?

Or is the SA economy starting to show its true colors?

Awesomeness my hairy ass, dude! I import a lot of stuff from the USA and this is not good!

Do something for Christ's sake! it is hurting my business!

The Rooster said...

Well if you understranding of economics is that an economies strength and growth is (these days) represented by currency strength than I don't know where to begin. There are so many variables. Currently the rand is not "falling" (as it did X number of times in the past only to recover in the end).

Roughly here is what has happened.

1)People panic bought up dollars due due to worries of the debt crisis in Europe. The rand sl;id against the dollars.

2)People held off buying rand because they know how volatile it is (emotively traded...south africans are neurotic and the world laughs at it and makes a killing when we sell off our rands because we're such inherant pessimist. Why do you think the Rand is one of the top 6 traded currencies in the world?).

3)Rand slid further.

There are some bad aspects to a weak rand but the good outweighs it IMO. 8 rand to the dollar is actually to me a good rate. S.A fiscal policy has always aimed to see the Rand trading at around 8-9 to the dollar to stimulate manufacturing growth and exports. 6-7 is far too strong and makes us extremely uncompetative. After all we are a resource rich country and need to import very little to produce.

There no ways we should rely on imports etc for electronics and cars etc. A waker rand will encourage people to set up factories here to produce these goods. For one I am very happy with a weaker rand. Read back and this has always been my position.

The Rooster said...

And this cheap chinese trinklets and crap needs to GTFO too. I mean when you start importing something as easy and cheap to produce with the slighest bit of industrialisation as plasticware you're just being lazy and uncreative. And one thing the chinese should never beat anyone at is creativity.

Dachshund said...

Dear angry importer: the rand tracks the euro, because the Eurozone is SA's main trading partner. As the euro tanks, so will the rand. I expect the euro, as it stands, to be phased out. It was an exercise in stupidity from the start, expecting lazy and corrupt Greeks and Italians to work as hard and efficiently as northern European countries such as Germany and Holland.

Dachshund said...

Rooster: in order for import substitution to work, you need to be able to import capital (manufacturing) goods and enter into licence agreements regarding know how. When your currency is weak, you can't afford to buy from overseas suppliers with stronger currencies.

However, there is one aspect of the so-called commodity curse in South Africa's favour, which is that commodity booms cause overvaluation of commodity currencies (known as Dutch disease). So perhaps we shouldn't flip too much about the euro's weakness with that particular hedge in place.

Dachshund said...

PS: Dutch disease explained:

In economics, the Dutch disease is a concept that purportedly explains the apparent relationship between the increase in exploitation of natural resources and a decline in the manufacturing sector.

The claimed mechanism is that an increase in revenues from natural resources (or inflows of foreign aid) will make a given nation's currency stronger compared to that of other nations (manifest in an exchange rate), resulting in the nation's other exports becoming more expensive for other countries to buy, making the manufacturing sector less competitive. While it most often refers to natural resource discovery, it can also refer to any development that results in a large inflow of foreign currency, including a sharp surge in natural resource prices, foreign assistance, and foreign direct investment.

The term was coined in 1977 by The Economist to describe the decline of the manufacturing sector in the Netherlands after the discovery of a large natural gas field in 1959.

The Rooster said...

Dachs I'm not sure it would be ethical of me to post that information on Bert and his deceased bro without evidence at least. Let me think about it first.

Dachshund said...

You have a point. Most legal firms prefer to keep this kind of thing confidential and quietly claim on their fidelity insurance.

Dachshund said...

This is the kind of piffle that stalker Bert Oosthuizen tells the UK media. From the Chorley Guardian, January 20 2011:

South African national Bert Oosthuizen, 45, fled his home in northern Johannesburg last year after he was attacked by gangs of up to 30 armed robbers three times in 18 months.

"It is normal in South Africa to go through these things," the father-of-three explains. "It is an extremely violent place. My house was attacked three times in 18 months. We had four guard dogs - two rottweilers and two German shepherds - a six foot high concrete wall around the property, an electric security fence, safety agtes and barbed wire but they still got in."

Mr Oosthuizen ended up getting into a gun fight with the robbers and they fled empty handed. He claims it is not unusual for the gangs to use hand grenades, limpet mines and rocket launchers in their bloody raids.


Now I have a good source who says Bert Oosthuizen absolutely hates dogs and would never own even a chihuahua. The only time his house was raided was when 28 police arrived and kicked the door in and confiscated computers and an unlicensed hand gun after former AWB spokesman Fred Rundle laid charges against Oosthuizen for hacking into Rundle's Facebook profile and putting up porn on Rundle's profile with Rundle's face superimposed. Rundle told me this himself. I asked him why Oosthuizen would do this to him. He told me it was because he wouldn't introduce Oosthuizen to Eugene Terreblanche because he was afraid Oosthuizen would do something embarrassing.

I must be careful how I walk around in my rose garden here in Ladysmith. I might get blown up by a land mine. Or the neighbour's gardener might just lob a hand grenade at me. And those rocket launchers everywhere, eish ...

The Rooster said...

Bwahahahahahahaha !

Not unusual for gangs to use limpet mines, rocket launchers and hand granades ?

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

Great journalism folks. What a fucking tool.

The Rooster said...

Attacked by gangs of up to 30 robbers ? Is this guy actually sane ? He seems to me to be so far off his rocker it's actually scary.

The Rooster said...

I hope you gave this loony tabloid a healthy dose of perspective into what a muppet Bert and his claims are.

Dachshund said...

He was distorting the true story about the 28-force police raid to make it look like it was a robbery in case it should leak out in the UK. "Oh that raid where they took my computers and wrested my loaded gun out of my hand? That's nothing. Typical Joburg gangsters."

I told those chumps at Chorley Guardian they were being taken for a ride, but got no reply. They write absolute garbage all the time.

Anonymous said...

Someone has not been reading the headlines...
That's what the head honcho of the ANC says...
And do you think they are going to fix it?
So keep voting for the ANC dumb asses, you get what you vote for!!!

The Rooster said...

Who are you talking to ? The way you sound it seems you think I am pro A.N.C. I voted D.A in every single election. Keep up dude.

The Rooster said...

here's what I wrote about the rand last time it "wobbled"