Monday, 29 August 2011

Greg (Owner of Genocide watch) responds to me...

Here is his response ....I will post my original email later.


We are very grateful for your critique of our possible naivete in passing on the statistics on farm murders in South Africa compiled by Adriana Stuijt.

I have asked our Communications Director to post your comment on the Genocide Watch facebook page on South Africa just as it is.  If you are right, we should be cautious about trusting the statistics of Ms. Stuijt.

Our major reason for raising the threat level to stage six were speeches of Julius Malema, his advocacy of farm invasions, and his continued leadership of the ANC "Youth League" (even though he is over 50). (Rooster note : You see here that he isn't exactly an authority on S.A right and should not be taken too seriously with his assessment ?)  The farm murders were evidence of a polarized society (level 5).  But Malema's speeches are far more ominous, and he was recently re-elected President of the ANC Youth League.  However it is a hopeful sign that the ANC is taking disciplinary action against Malema for Marxist statements he recently made in Botswana.

For the time being we will stick with our re-classification of South Africa and Zimbabwe at Stage Six.  But we are willing to question whether we are right to do so.



Anonymous said...

Wow. So he got Malema's age wrong. And everything else he mentions in your post here? How wrong was the rest of it - ie. the relevant stuff?

The world can now breathe a sigh of relief. Congratulations. You must be so proud.

The Rooster said...

I think the fact he thinks Malema is over the age of 50 suggests he doesn't know anything about the actual issues at all as someone has been worm tonguing their agenda into his ear.

And what other stuff ? That the A.N.C is taking Malema to task for his comments ? When did Malema ever advocate genocide anyway ? Please don't come with that songs which does whether you like it or not have a historical context and besides he has stopped singing.

I mean Malema can go to hell for all I care. But the extreme right have turned him into a pantomime who supposively represents all black people. Clearly not at all the case if you actually knew any black people other than your maid.

Anonymous said...

When are you posting your original email? can't wait to read t...