Sunday, 19 June 2011

While the whiteys shut up... let's take some time to listen blackies !

Now I know some of my black followers won't like this post, but you know what ? I don't like a lot of what white people do ! That's why this website exists ! I'm a white man !

That's what in the best of western culture makes me an ethical man. I self criticise my culture and it's flaws.

Now this guy is a little far out but he touches on some thing worth thinking about (for some of you). Some of what he says is silly, and if it doesn't apply to you I know who you are and that you exist and what my site fights for never roped you into this terrible (yet valid) stereotype.



Dachshund said...

I would be hard pressed to come up with a bigger cliche than the Reverend James Manning.

The Rooster said...

Yeah , that was really out there. I posted it for its controversial nature. But blacks criticising black culture and practice is something black people need to learn to swallow and master if they are to become fully active healthy members of western society. After all white people criticise white people and [ractice on a daily basis. It's called "critical thinking".