Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cultural relativism and animal cruelty.

This was inspired after reading a horrible story and then having to roll my eyes at the comment section.

As an animal lover I don't want to come across an an apologist to any form of animal cruelty. But it does tend to be an issue the radical right hijacks at times to demonise SPECIFICALLY black people in this country. It is within this context I would quickly to give you a brief guided tour to a short history of animal cruelty carried out by absolutely almost every human culture.

South Korea. Dogs farmed in tiny cages like chickens (so that they could not develop their muscles) and tied up by the legs and beaten to death with sticks so that maximum adrenalin can get into their skin to promote the supposed virility factor of the meat. 6 million eaten a year.

Japan : Watch "the cove" or whale wars.

China : Too numerous to even begin. Cats boiled alive, monkeys brains eaten alive etc.

Spain and others : Bullfighting.

The U.S.A  : Rrecreational hunting of bears/deer etc for trophies.

The U.K : Fox hunting.

South Africa whites: Hunting/killing for pleasure rather than the pot.
Must I really carry on ? It's just so incredibly easy to demonstrate that human beings, hardly isolated to one ethnicity, are horrible, vile creatures. Remember to remember that next time you are about to be a hypcritical bigot.


Anonymous said...

"In relation to China : Too numerous to even begin. Cats boiled alive, monkeys brains eaten alive etc."

How would you define the following in cultural normative terms for SA?

"Two cows were hit in a road accident and their legs were broken. The senior black police officer on the scene instructed his constables to drag the still alive cows behind their vehicles to the police station…so they could have a BBQ."

The Rooster said...

You absolute moron ! That's the exact story I linked to !

The Rooster said...

And no would not define it as a cultural norm. My imagination is rich, but not insane.

Anonymous said...

So is it not a cultural norm to eat monkey brains in some parts of China?

Dachshund said...

Thanks guys, for being such a pair of disappointing tossers!

Anonymous said...

This is another Anonymous. Came here from Timeslive. Will spend some time going through your blog because I like your writing. The ode to afrikaners blog is hillarious, I agree with the whole culture thing, there's a few things you didn't mention which I will add in comment. Keep up the good work.

The Rooster said...

Thanks buddy. You're awesome !

JP said...

You're an absolute fucking retard for comparing deer hunting to the vicious behavior of the nasty Eastern Asians.