Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The myth that black people don't want to work.

Short and sweet.

It's orange picking season in my part of the world. The tempretures have also plummeted. Yet at 5:30 am in the morning hundreds of black people line up everyday to volunteer to get on trucks and busses for a 12 hour days work for R800 a month with at least half of them turned away.

Yet they will be back again to try tomorrow. In the freezing cold. 5 : 30 AM in the morning. For the slim chance of getting a few months working 12 hours a day for R800 a month.

Black people are too lazy to work ? Fuck off.


Boertjie said...

Some black people are lazy. some aren't. Some white people are lazy, some aren't.

Short 'n sweet...some people are lazy and some aren't.

The Rooster said...

Yup. Yet some people still won't see the strip clubs for the neon lights.

Anonymous said...

Non sequitur..Not only are you taking pot shots at strawmen, now you are doing it blindfolded. Dumbass.

The Rooster said...

Non sequitur..Not only are you taking pot shots at strawmen, now you are doing it blindfolded.


You just described the enire modus operandi of a racist.

Exzanian said...
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The Rooster said...

oops ! Deleted the comment linking to some terrible propoganda about Johannesburg entirely by mistake.

Well no, no let's be honest. Fuck off with that bullshit, I won't be posting it here. Give your opinion but don't try point to snowy smiths entire rape of what represent "truth".

The Rooster said...

Nice to get censored huh exanian ?

You miserable, neurotic, homesick cocksucker.

Dachshund said...

Next thing we'll be hearing from the New World Order nutters and how Christianity is a ruse to get the goyim to become slaves to international Jewish wankers.

The Rooster said...

While we musn't give into fanciful neurotic paranoia, it's also no good to dismiss the idea of a zionist agenda due to the David Ike's of the world. There certainly is one that is a global player and goyim are indeed being targetted to acvt against ourselves by manipulating our liberal sensilibilites. How else do you explain feminism ? A fine tuned, wonderfully elaborate and intelligent attack on western culture and strength if you ever saw one.

Dachshund said...

I don't think feminisim is a wonderfully elaborate attack on anything, Rooster. The main reason for the rise in so-called feminism was the invention of the Pill. When women realised they didn't have to pop out lots of babies anymore they wanted better jobs with better pay. Before, they bought the story that they couldn't make the some money for the same job as a man because their days in the job market were numbered. I don't think you're old enough to remember the old days in South Africa when as soon as a female teacher got married she lost her job. Then we had joint taxation, where the husband got lumbered with an extra tax bill at a higher marginal rate tax if his wife worked. This was all designed to make white women push out white babies. I certainly wouldn't want women of any age or colour to have to put up with that again.

The Rooster said...

Dachshund let's agree to disagree, Feminism is pure evil in my book. Nobody in the hisotory of humanity (including royalty) has enjoyed such a priveledged position in society as western women do now without any form of appreciation for how lucky they are. Actually fuck women and their sense of hyper entitlement. Their shit stinks too and they better figure that out before men have a massive backlash and put you all in the kitchen again. Would take us literally 5 minutes.

Dachshund said...

LOL. The internet is the only place where you can can still rant at women and get away with it. Provided that you post anonymously, of course.

The Rooster said...

LOL. The internet is the only place where you can can still rant at women and get away with it. Provided that you post anonymously, of course


Actually I'm happy to rant at certain types of women who need a good tongue tashing to their faces. You'll fine me far less interested in obsessing about the wellfare of the westerb female gender than society suggests I should be. Equality and all that.

Ot to put it blakly I just don't give a fuck.

The Rooster said...

Well let me give that context and say I have absolutely no issues with something like 90% of women. I probably would never date a western girl again though. After you've dated a few gorgeous women from Asia western women seem vile, aofish, masculine and crass.

Dachshund said...

I'm totally pissed off for a different reason. Have you seen this article yet?

An analysis of municipal tariff determination. Municipalities mark up Eskom's cost at an average rate of 60%.

Why the hell should one have to go to a municipal office to hand over a shitload of money in exchange for a series of numbers you then key into your prepaid meter at home? Why can't we pay Eskom directly at a far lower price by EFT, and have our meter numbers e-mailed or sms'ed to us? Why are we buying into this bs?

The Rooster said...

Shrug. An electrician set up the three phase power or something (I'm clueless on these issues) and paying less now than before the rate "hike". Will and way.

Dachshund said...

A correction is called for on my previous post. My apologies. "Municipalities mark up Eskom's cost at an average rate of 60%" should read "The table below shows the total mark-up on the average Eskom purchase costs at a load factor of 60%." The table then shows how a sample of municipalities are applying mark ups from between 20% up to around 70% to large customers, with one municipality within the sample selling electricity at below cost but with the vast majority applying high mark-ups. But the money isn't being spent on maintaining or expanding electricity supply because: "Municipal management do not approve the appointment of electricity staff; expenditure on electricity capital projects are simply stopped; very restrictive measures are applied to electricity departments in running their daily businesses.

"The second big problem is that municipalities are embarking on massive non-electricity capital projects of which the revenue requirements by far exceed that of the municipality. What is happening now is that the capital projects of the electricity department is being cut and the money is used for non-electricity capital.

"Examples of this are the purification of sewerage water for drinking purposes, the building of high speed bus services, etc.

"The next big problem relate to practices to hide nonelectricity expenditure in the electricity budget. An example was identified in one municipality where the cost of public lighting, which up to recently was part of the municipal budget and electricity, was compensated to provide this service."

To be continued.

Dachshund said...

The report goes on to say that the extent of cross subsidisation of poor domestic customers, far exceeds national government intentions and that many of these customers also receive free basic electricity. Despite the massive cross subsidies already provided to poor domestic customers, NERSA (National Energy Regulator SA) ruled that poor domestic customers should be provided with subsidies (apparently totally unaware of the current cross subsidies) by way of an inclining block rate tariff.

The effect of this is that large users - and even small businesses pay much higher rates than residential users - are now bankrolling the "poor". It's like having thousands of people on your payroll who don't come in to work. The effect of this will be even more unemployment as companies grapple with soaring costs, and of course we will have even more poor people.

Thabo Mbeki wanted to privatise Eksom in the late nineties, but was told budget would be denied for building new power stations if Eskom went down that road. It's ironic that Julius Malema, of all people, Julius Malema who wants to nationalise everything in sight, now praises Mbeki.

The Rooster said...

Thabo Mbeki was an ethical, extremely hard working, frugal, highly intelligent and capitalistic leader.

Yet even the media dragged him on the coals of afro pessimism. Taking things he said out of context, presenting him absurdly as an aids denialist etc. What a bunch of cunts.

If he were up for election in south africa again I would vote for him.

Dachshund said...

Thabo Mbeki was (is?) sloshed a lot of the time, but considering who he had to work with, I don't blame him. Even though he regularly appears hung over, I too would give him the thumbs up should he become eligible. I like the way his brother, Moeletsi Mbeki, reasons.

Dachshund said...

President Zuma still hasn't signed the Municipal Systems Amendment Bill dated 19 April 2011.

The Bill deals with the appointment of municipal managers to try and prevent the nepotism and corruption in the appointment of politically connected but completely unqualified municipal managers.

The Bill states that the appointment of municipal managers will be null and void if the person appointed does not have the prescribed skills, expertise, competencies or qualifications or if the appointment was otherwise made in contravention of the Act.

It also prescribes procedures that must be followed during the appointment of municipal managers. A municipality is required to advertise the post nationally to attract a pool of candidates nationwide and must select from the pool of candidates a suitable person who complies with the prescribed requirements for appointment to the post.

More importantly, the Bill states that a municipal manager or manager directly accountable to a municipal manager may not hold political office in a political party, whether in a permanent, temporary or acting capacity. ”Political office” is defined broadly to include an office held in a political party structure at the level of chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary or deputy secretary, or treasurer of the party at the national, provincial, regional level or any other area in which the party operates.

This means that if the Bill becomes operational, it will end the practice of the redeployment of ANC leaders – from branch level upward - as municipal managers or other senior municipal staff. One can imagine that there must be much unhappiness within ANC structures about this Bill. While the Bill is good for South Africa and for long suffering communities who depend on municipalities to deliver basic services, it will be bad for the ANC as it will weaken its ability to dispense patronage to those who remain loyal to it.

Pierre de Vos points out that Zuma cannot just refuse to sign the Bill. He must refer it back to the National Assembly if he thinks it's unconstitutional. But he's had more than enough time to do that.

The Rooster said...

Actually fuck Zuma. I couldn't be more apathetic about one more corrupt politician in the word. Spent my late twenties living under prime minister taksin(google is your friend)and you know what ? Thailand is still and was a wonderful place to live.

Dachshund said...

Oh absolutely, the East is cool. Given the choice between Thailand and Malaysia I'd prefer Singapore but it depends on where you can get in. You'd probably fit into that lifestyle very well. I love Hong Kong. We were there a couple of years ago. You feel so safe and the people are civilised. Taiwan also. The Chinese actually like white people although I noticed they're not all that friendly to TEFL teachers who they tend to regard as bums.

Dachshund said...

Getting back to the subject of black people who want to work: there are at least some blacks in positions of power who want to make work of rooting out corruption. Cooperative Governance Minister Sicelo Shiceka, who was very much involved in drafting the Municipal Systems Bill that Zuma has been sitting on for so long - despite the fact that the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, also strongly endorses it - is doing some arse kicking in the North West. Predictably, the shit is flying in all directions and his team is taking serious flak.

Shiceka’s men under siege

June 12 2011 at 12:53pm

The knives are out for troubled Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Sicelo Shiceka’s anti-corruption envoys, parachuted into the North West, where they are now embroiled in allegations of graft and some have left councils in the lurch.

The Sunday Independent has established that the three remaining officials deployed by Shiceka to root out corruption are fighting for survival as the ANC leadership there and local members of the municipal union Samwu bay for their blood.

Acting municipal managers of Naledi and Greater Taung – George Mthimunye and Mpho Mofokeng – are fingered in dossiers detailing allegations of corruption.

They have already been suspended by their respective councils, accused of mismanaging the bankrupt municipalities instead of rescuing them from rampant corruption and serious service-delivery shortcomings.

A court has overturned Mofokeng’s suspension, while Mthimunye is challenging his suspension as unlawful. Mofokeng is facing fraud and corruption charges.

The future of Sonwabo Ngcobo, acting Tswaing municipal manager, also hangs in the balance.

And so on and so forth ...

The Rooster said...

I just fine the idea , of whites who mostly live in relative absolute luxury in this country, looking down their noses at the minimum waaged blacksfucking repulsive.

Are there lazy black people ? Hell yes. But this countyry won't rest until everyone is a living pantomime.

Dachshund said...

It doesn't look like Thabo Mbeki will be making a comeback anytime soon because Joolias Malema said Zuma's job is safe for the time being. This was because Mbeki told Joolias to vacate his arsehole whereupon Joolias retaliated by saying that some drunkard needn't hope he will be president again.

You're right, it is a circus.

The Rooster said...

Julius Malema, just like Zuma would enjoy zero popularity if the white ruled media learned to shut their fucking traps. You realise anyone who whites so blatantly hate is going to be loved by the blacks we abused for hundreds of years ?

Dachshund said...

That's what Jimmy Manyi says as well. But that elephant in the room, you can't help smelling the amarula on its breath. And went it gets too drunk with power, and smashes up all the furniture, it kind of buggers up the rugby game.