Friday, 4 February 2011

The failure of exporting the typical, anti PC, white pride ideals into the South African context....part 1.

It's often a sense of amusement to me the types of things I'm called over the interwebs by the extreme right. The most common one being *insert colourful adjective here* Liberal.

The strange thing about it all is that in the global/western context I agree with the far right on so many issues. Do black people/women/gays etc in Northern America/Western Europe really have a strong case of perceiving themselves to be oppressed victims? Hell no ! Never has a group of people bent so far backwards at their own detriment in the name of human equality that westernised white males.

Certainly I'm well documented on my views regarding how bogus and histrionic the feminist movement has been. A few examples I've never mentioned. When the titanic sank, in a time said to happen during rampant class ism and misogyny these were the survivors allocated to the lifeboats :

% of men saved 20%
% of women saved 74%
% of children saved 55%

So much for the self sacrificing nature of women and the selfish nature of men. In fact a 25% of the highest class men survived while 44% of the lowest class women survived. 1200 men volunteered to go down with the ship. For actions like this to the volunteers who put their lives at risk to defend their countries in the world wars, white modern western males are wonderful examples of humanity.

While white people, especially males carry the stigma of being "slavers" oppressors of women etc it's with huge irony. For the first ever group of modern human beings to abolish these acts in favour of democracy and recognition of equality was white western males while these abuses carried on for decades/centuries in other parts of the world.

I've cast my net too wide here to deal with everything with as much detail as I would like, so a few sweeping statements might appear here or there. Basically to me the greatest crime white people have committed is not that we were more oppressive than anyone else throughout history in our colonialism. Given the chance pretty much every group of people carried the same aspirations to conquer and rule. Rather we were simply the most successful. So at least in a historical context to hate white people is to "hate the player, rather than the game."

So indeed , as you can see at least in the broad relative context I feel there is extremely little for white people to apologise for. Africa for one was hardly sitting around in a circle singing Kumbuya when the white settlers came. But this is not to say I defend the actions of our colonial ancestors either, I merely point out it was the way of the world at one time , and at least to my mind things could and probably would have been a lot more brutal had certain other groups such as the Japanese colonised Africa for one rather than Europeans.

Getting back on track, there's plenty to be proud about as a white male. We have basically invented just about everything throughout history with extremely few exceptions of any importance (is there even one ?). Even in the realms of poetry, literature, music, art, architecture, philosophy etc we have no equal as a group. All major steps towards being emancipated beings were taken first by white people, from the enlightenment to the Renaissance. Democracy, reductionism (the scientific method responsible for modern medicine etc), philanthropy , equality etc again were chiefly spread to the world through white people.

Today however it is strangely made out to a rather disturbing degree that white people, especially men, are the bastion of all the worlds evil. This is carried out on such a large passive aggressive scale in the media that I sometimes even ,like my friends on the far right, looks towards conspiracy to understand what agenda lies behind it. The only group around today who is not able to say "I am proud of being what I am" are white males. "White pride" is said to equal some form of racism. While "black pride" and other self aggrandisement is seen as a positive thing.

Now I would love to get into other things such as how extremely arrogant and condescending this ironically is. To applaud black people who have "black pride"and seek to hush up those with "white pride" is no different that berating a beautiful child for vanity and encouraging an ugly one to have more self esteem. The comparison is absolutely exactly the same. It's entirely transparent that anyone who is white and supports this politically correct stance is effectively,even if they don't know it, thinking that white people are in fact so much better they need to be handicapped to allow others a chance to be equal.

Of course it's argued in the politically correct western world that this is not because of intrinsic differences but rather due to historical differences. While the far right argue that its something intrinsic and genetic.

And here is where me and the far right and the politically correct left differ paths altogether. You're both wrong. There is very little significant intrinsic difference between "races" but at least in the west there is these days very little significant historical differences. Enough time has passed since slavery and the civil rights movement for black people to be on equal footing at least to more an extent than they are now in the west. Certainly women have little to no excuse historically, but with a rather significant difference intrinsically that's another matter.

So what is causing the difference in the relative success of groups in the west in my opinion ?

It's actually quite obvious. Victim mentality. "Mental slavery" as Bob said it. Quite ironically the biggest factor holding black people back in the west in politically correct liberalism. I will speak about this briefly before I get into how this relates, or more accurately doesn't relate to South Africa.

In the West the PC doctrine has taught black people specifically that if they are failing in life, it's because others are causing their failure. It's the white man holding you down brother ! But there in fact are very few tangible examples of this happening in the Western world . White prejudice might exist towards blacks to an extent that whites believe blacks commit more crime than whites . But rather than blacks doing some soul searching and realising that this is because they do commit far more crime per capita than whites, it's far more likely in the west that the whites will do the soul searching to no act on their prejudice and treat them, if anything with more tolerance than other groups. Blacks need to shift that onus in the west if they want to get rid of prejudice. It's not for other groups to ignore perceptions based on very real facts, but rather for you to change that reality so that there's no need for the perceptions.

Another thing that comes with the PC liberal doctrine in the west is the neo socialist view of entitlement. The idea that everyone is entitled to equality ESPECIALLY if you are a so called member of an oppressed group. A lovely idea if we're taking about equal rights. But it's often these days believed to mean equal "content" without equal "context". You see rights are a two way street. To be given rights assumes that you give others the same rights. That's the contract. When we do not allow other people equal rights we lose our rights. This is the entire context of the western system of civilisation, the justice system and western ethics. We have a name for this "personal responsibility" and without it "equality" just can't work.

But PC liberal neo socialists have taken this a step further. They're dropped the personal responsibility bit from it. Able bodies people, whether they do their part for society (work effectively and valuably) or not, whether they give others their freedom or abuse them (criminals) etc are all afforded equal rights. This is Utopian and entirely impractical . But more so it is enabling of bad and self harming behaviour.

A person being told that whether or not they are lazy that it's not only their right, but also a state of being forced on them by another group, are very unlikely to take the necessary personal steps to improve their behaviour. A person told that they're just as good as anyone else pretty much no matter what they do, and that they are not responsible for their own failures, actions or position in life, is likely to become criminal. This is all enabling.

Finally to conclude this introduction. In my mind the failures of blacks to compete in the western world with other groups is chiefly a result of society that now not only creates a culture of victimisation, where people feel their fates are tied to the actions of others rather than themselves. And with that culture of victimisation it also creates a feeling of false entitlement that is likely to make people feel everything is owed to them rather than needed to be earned. Above that it also enables this behaviour through political correctness and pandering to black people in a condescending way. All this factors, a result of overtly political correct liberalism have slowed many black people in western countries in doing what is essential to succeed in such a society : TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE, AND DON'T PUT YOUR FATE IN THE HANDS OF OTHERS.

Now I'll forgive some of you for thinking this blog has been hijacked by some impostor because this is so alien to what I normally write here. But I can only say that indeed this is how I feel in the context of the western world. It shouldn't surprise you. I am against thinking in terms of races. As a black person if any of this is offending you please consider "Am I playing the victim ? And if so why do I feel entitled to do so ? Who is enabling this behaviour ? What does that say about me ? Is this helping me fulfil my potential ? "

I've tried to not be condescending and have treated nobody like an idiot here. I've spoken in broad terms so if you don't fit the description of a black person who has failed to compete in the west this is not about you. What counts as the west even is contextual. I write this post as an introduction to a argument I will be making in part 2. Hopefully when I discuss how this world view fails in the South African context you will be better able to marry with what I am saying here with what I say about South Africa. So yes, same old Rooster. I haven't been lost to any white extremism bollocks. It's always been about libertarianism in the first place this blog. Asking white saffers to stop groaning and take responsibility for their lives and country. I only hope this straw man moniker I've somehow adopted as "a PC liberal" I hope I have dismissed once and for all.


Anonymous said...

I was out sharing a beer with an old friend at the local pub yesterday when this old pom couple opposite us started whinging about bloody everything. The woman, 70 if she was a day and seriously obese,was squeezed into too tight jeans and a short midriff. Huge slabs of puffy blancmange flesh cascading out below her gaping top and quivering stalagmites oozing out upwards from the straining jeans, she banged on about the Indians and the blacks and the way the youth dress these days. The hubby had a greasy grey Elvis coif and said absolutely fuck all, preferring to stare morosely into his Hansa draught.

She then decided to have a go at me. "Women are absolute bitches, the worst," she purred in my direction by way of preamble. Dave misses the point and says hell no, men are the biggest back stabbers. She proceeds relentlessly. "I feel so sorry for single women. They have such a hard time going out on their own. People always think the worst of them. Men, ha! men, they can pick up a different tart every day and nobody says a word about them. But if a woman goes out on her own ..." She leers at me. "You're single aren't you?" I said no, what makes you think that, my husband works in Joburg. Oh, she says, taken aback, I didn't mean it like that you know. You just look too happy to be married. She then started out on the old astrology tack.

People amuse me no end.

The Rooster said...

Yes, I would decribe 90% of my social interactions as "gawking" more than anything. The curse of being highly intelligent.Thank god for alcohol to dumb us down enough to tolerate people. When I do meet someone who can discuss things at my level I nearly wet my pants with excitement.

Dachshund said...

Seems Jeremy Nell has the same problem.

The Rooster said...

Well Jeremy is a great bloke. So no surprises there.

The Rooster said...

By the way mr Nell was once a keen fan of this site (when I still gave a shit.)

Anonymous said...

Wow Rooster.
I don't really have anything to add except that you are a monumental douchebag and a pillock of biblical proportions. I honestly thought you were having laugh but it turns out that you are actually as much of a tosser as everyone says you are.

The Rooster said...

If by everyone you mean the cunts and hacks you associate with ? Then I consider myself highly complimented by your scorn.