Thursday, 28 October 2010

Only 40 000 white farmers left in S.A ?

olWell that's according to the world's biggest bullshiter, this crone.

I've previously debunked her claim of the 3000 so called white farmers who have been murdered since 1994 showing that she included victims who were not white, not farmers and her numbers went back to 1987. And that of all people of all races less than half that number of farmers had been murdered since 1994.

When I did so I got a backlash from these chumps. To my amusement was that I debunked her figures working on her assumption that there were 40 000 white farmers. Her claims are so absurd that I didn't need to correct her. Now just today, the same donkeys that took issue with my assertions (providing nothing to back it up) on their site claim there are at least 150 000 BOER (White Afrikaans) farmers in South Africa.

So almost 4 times the amount claimed. Now personally I know entire farming regions made up of English farmers in South Africa. They're not even factored in.

Lol. Eat shit Adriana. Because that's what you always try and feed us.


Oh and information regarding Georgia from wikipedia.

Institute for Economics and Peace [14] Global Peace Index[124] 134 out of 144
United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 89 out of 182
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 66 out of 180
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 90 out of 133

Of all presented figures linked to there , they are all worse than South Africa.


Anonymous said...

She's even put up Anika Smit as a victim of Kill the Boer although it was the girl's white ex boyfriend who was apprehended. When is that case coming to trial? Could be this month, the courts are closed over December.

The Rooster said...

Evil hag.