Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The terrible ungodly work of Eskom.

How dare they do these awful things !

Taken from this article.

The World Bank said in approving the loan, its board of executive directors had noted South Africa's achievement in increasing energy access from around 30% of citizens to more than 80% since the fall of apartheid in 1994.

Read that again. Slowly. Possibly the fastest ever growth of homes with electricity per capita ever in the history of man ? 30% to 80% Wow ! And for all these what was the terrible burden upon us ? Some power cuts. In 2007.

Oh and some increases in costs that makes us still on of the lowest payers of electricity in the world. Crucify them ! (They are some what jesus like in this aspect after all. Giving a lot and recieving nothing but a fuck over.)

And what's more...

It said it had also noted South Africa's Free Basic Electricity policy that provides 50 kilowatt hours (KWh) of free electricity per month to poor families.

Do you know the social good that can come from this free power ? For one people can run basic ovens so that women no longer slave getting wood. The natural environment clearly benefits too from lack of "deforestation". People mostly have access to a tv set now whereby they can educate themselves into western psychology and ideals. People have working lights so they can study at night ! Use your imagination for one little second and you will feel silly for every taking issue with the few blunders of Eskom.


South Africa's pivotal role as generator of 60% of all electricity consumed on the African continent and the importance of a functioning electricity sector for job creation, economic progress, human welfare, and poverty reduction were also taken into consideration.

Zimbabwe indeed. Lol.

Also discussed at the meeting were South Africa's efforts to diversify its energy sources and address climate change through its Long-Term Mitigation Scenarios and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, through which South Africa "have confirmed ambitious emission reduction targets," the World Bank said.

Savages !

South Africa has committed to pursuing an energy strategy compatible with both its commitments in the Copenhagen Accord to reduce emissions by 34% below the 'business as usual' level by 2020, and 42% by 2025.

Beasts !

As I'm often told by crazy ass conspiracy theorists and the like. Wake up people ! You'll be so deep in your neck in cynicism and misery you'll stink to much to be wanted at the after party.


De la Rey said...

Nice, Rooster.

The Rooster said...

Eskom is just the perfect example of how willingly our white people are ready to see the bad in everything in this country. If they're ever stopped to consider how many people Eskom has helped (Eskom probably has more white execs than blacks by the way)they would easily tolerate the power cuts his attitude of self loathing needs to stop. Apartheid is over and there is nothing shameful about being a south african white anymore .Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and trying to sabotage your own country with cynicism.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that we've got your one dimensional and predictably sarcastic and smug side of the story, here's a bit of the other side...

The Rooster said... you guys want to call some out for exaggeration ?


That's rich mister "South Africa is like a war zone" idiots.