Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quick stat slap down.

Take a look at the map on the right hand side here.

Notice how the area with the most "grey" (IE :" less than 1 murders per 100 000) happens to be mostly Africa ? What's going on here ? Africans are just way unviolent right ?

I'm fine with that conclusion. Only I know my racist enemies will take huge issue with it. Instead they will tell me " They don't report stats or under report them and if they did they would be very high !"

And this I don't have an issue with either. I've been suggesting that as the reason for years as to why South Africa appears as the 9th highest murder rate in the world. And yet they have been accusing me of pulling this out of my bum. Now they employ exactly the same logic to come to a different conclusion and I'm not suppost to laugh at them ?

Either way I win. Guys , I'm smarter and right about everything. I'm pretty damn cool. Give up fighting with my conclusions.

Oh and by the way go through the stats reported and the frequency in the list below and you will come up with some major gaps. Given most of the third world don't even have roads, modern means of communication, working police forces, hospitals, government social services....and even freaking staticians and actuaries etc ! How the hell does anyone expect them to report stats on a nation wide scale anyway ? Point is there is nothing unique or special about South Africa's violent crime rate as a developing country other than the massive 44% decrease in the past 15 years.

Or put another way : Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Well ok, but Singapore's a bit safer.

The Rooster said...

lol. Yeah, but not much if you're a white South African.

me said...

He Rooster, I find your optimistic take on SA refreshing and stimulating . . . however in this case your data is in error: gray on the map denotes "no data". The lowest intentional homicide rate (0-1 per 100k) is (per the key right on the map) the lightest shade of blue. Now there are three African countries shaded in this light blue (Western Sahara, Mali and Sudan, I think) . . . so you could make some kind of point. Could it say something about Islamic African countries? Take care!

The Rooster said...

Nothing "optimistic" here. That sounds like someone with a head up his arse. I'm realistic. I just want to present South Africa as it is right now. Not candy coat it or paint it with a shit stick.

The idea that grey does not have any reliable data as I said suits exactly what I have been saying for years. Beyond that countries like haiti last report data from 1996 as 6 per 100 000 for their murder rate. A honest person pisses in the face of such data. No worries....just saying you know....violent crime in S.A is not as interesting or unique as people make out. Especially for white people (way lower than other races) or tourists (almost non existant).

Anonymous said...

your an expert on thailand while i was there i saw a sign that said

no parking on odd dates. no holidays

then the sign across the road from it would say

no parking on even dates no holidays ? iam so confused

i took photos of them

what do they mean

The Rooster said...

Doesn't sound anything specific to Thailand. Sounds like traffic managment that's all. So that both sides of the road don't have cars parked on them everyday allowing less traffic to cruise through.