Saturday, 13 March 2010

A few of my favourite things...

Yeah , yeah. I have been slacking the past few days on the blog posts. I'm a very busy boy you see. And when not busy the weather has been far too amazingly hot to keep me away from the beach, pool or fishing rod.

I actually have a lot of opinions to educate you lot with. But I'll get to that early next week. Mister Malema's song choice. Zuma's britscapade (God the U.K is a horrible place). Black entitlement. All things I must offer my opinions on so the world will right itself.

Did I mention my local cricket team won the pro 20/20 ? Yup and I was there.

Alright. It's Saturday and while dropping of the Cosbies (my favourite euphamism for "taking a dump") I picked up an old FHM. Inside was all the glory and goodness I have since discovered is Lalla Hirayama. Now seldom are my two favourite things (Asian women and South Africa) combined in such perfection. So without any good reason other than pure philanthropy I share with you the lucious goodness that is miss Hirayama. me.

Right...and now....Golf !

Life is good. Arterial venal malformations and all.


Anonymous said...

Rooster read this and wake-up!:

The Rooster said...

Huh ? Are you serious ? A speach by Robert Mugabe ? What the hell has that got to do with anything ?

How is the poorest and most autocratic country in Africa in anyway relevant to the richest and most democratic ?

The only thing Robert Mugabe has in common with South Africa me again ?

Anonymous said...

mugabe ruined zimbabwe and should be put in prison for the rest of his life