Monday, 22 February 2010

Quick myth busting.

People , people , people. Far too often I hear people going on about black people paying no tax. I'm not going ton waste a lot of time here other than to shut you up with the following information.

1)The black middle class is now larger than the white middle class.

2) Ever heard of V.A.T ? That 14% on almost everything that goes to the government ? Yup, every single person pays that.

Blacks pay the gross majority of tax in this country. End of story. Shut up.


Anonymous said...

As a percentage do more blacks pay tax than not pay tax?

Anonymous said...

This one is addrest to you rooster:

Anonymous said...

As anonymous 10:13 - no dispute all pays tax (with the high rate of unemployment, mainly blacks and 12 million or so on asocial welfare who actually pays tax). Dispute is which instances all pay the highest tax. You can have 50 million paying a few odd cents tax abut 2% paying thru their noses.

Links and formal statistics please. Not just opinions.

The Rooster said...

the gross majority of money spent in this country is by black people. V.A.T, liquor and ciggies tax alone attributed to black people I bet far outweights white tax money. Shut up.