Monday, 1 March 2010

Perspective from a black person : nice comment

Perspective from a black person:

I often read old guard south africans claim 'even the blacks say it was better under apartheid'- rubbish,the people who say that are simply wishing for the good old days when 90% of government resources were lavished on 10% of the population.

Or they are reacting to rightfully frustrated minorities protesting against bad service delivery and probably only interact with blacks that clean their houses and cut their grass.

Even the poorest of the poorest black south african would never ever,ever,EVER genuinely want apartheid back-as they'd still be in the same situation and also be legally deprived of pretty much every human right to boot.(and probably killed by apartheid police for protesting.)

And working class and middle class black south africans would never say the country hasn't got better,my family members- mother,father,aunts,uncles,who lived under apartheid all now have access to a better way of life that would never have been possible under apartheid.

Their children, my cousins were born into a south africa where the options they have,and level of infastructure invested in their communities was unheard of to our grandparents.

They can file complaints to police stations,disagree with and pressure their government,send their children to universities,own property,travel and work professionally in law,teaching, medicine and business and government,and of course enjoy all of the usual modern material luxuries.

All of the above was not available to the average black south african under apartheid and if you believe that,you and I both know you are A.lying or B. on crack.

Frankly those who say the country hasn't got better are mostly bitter racists pining for the good ol' days(for them!not blacks)and talking utter kak.


Anonymous said...

Frankly those who say the country hasn't got better are mostly bitter racists pining for the good ol' days(for them!not blacks)and talking utter kak.

u see again people playing the race card to keep the people silent

iam not a bitter rascistr but i would sa was better pretty much everyon i know has been a victim of violent crime and this is after 1994 iam talking recent. even myself i was carjacked that never happened to anyone i knew bac in aparthied days the sports club my dad used to belong to has had 20 cars stolen in a month on the berea in durbs the members are to scared to even walk back to there cars

The Rooster said...

Given you might have been hijacked. You're displaying all the signs, neurosis and paranoia assosiated with post traumatic stress disorder. I wasa hijacked too...not in South Africa (That's never happened to me or anyone I know here) and it's not pleasant.

Regarding the rest I'm calling bullshit. Sorry , not every you know has been a victim of violent crime. vNot even 1% I bet unless you are the unluckiest person alive. Given that violent crime (and ;et's talk serious voilent crime , like having a gun held to you or being mugged with a knife etc..not bar brawls) have an extremely low chance of happening to a white person in South Africa. The odds of what you are saying being true are in the trillions to 1. So let's give you some licence of exageratting something to the extent of massively.

The golf club. Firstly did you know South Africa does not have a high rate of vehicle left compared to most countries ? Yup we're quite nominal in most crimes. It's all right there for you to go research if you like. I might even be so polite to write my next articlew on that in your honour. I know a thing or two about human psychology. And let me tell you that no human being is ever going go to any sports club if he thinks there is realistically the slighest chance of anything bad happening to him. So that's rubbish. All in all it's one blow hard post you put up there full of scaremongering , alarmism , exagerattion and quite frankly I think you will admit....lies. Reeks of an agenda to represent South Africa as a place where you have a good chance of being killed or hijacked. Which is simply not true in the slightest. To call South Africa dangerous because of crime requires you to add in clauses such as "compared to" and "relatively speaking". There is nothing "likely" about a 12 in 100 000 chance of something happening to anyone.

And once again may I point out that violent crime is down 44% since 1994. A little inconvenient for you is it ?

Have a nice day.

The Rooster said...

And you fucking loony far right winged idiots are always going on about "the race card"....excuse me????

the hell is more hung up about race than you lot ? When you constantly obsess about it and we point that out , that's not "using the race card" you fucking idiot ! You can only be unfairly be "using the race card" when someone is clearly not being racist. Pointing out someone is racist when ...well ...they're fucking racist.

You know..when you have prejudice ? You pre-judge people based on things like skin color , rather than judging them on their actions as individuals ?

There are far more good black people in this country than bad ones. If you disagree you are clearly out of touch. No one gets affected by crime more and hates criminals more than good god fearing black people. I just wish they would speak out more on place like my site so their voice can be heard on the net instead of just the one sided bullshit of the far right winged nutters. With the internet getting more and more afforable It won't be long.

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's amazing but to be honest i have a hard time seeing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....