Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What was I thinking ?

What was I thinking ? Stop writing this blog this close to the world cup ? Madness !!

That's right folks. I'm back.

Rooster stops educating the masses for a few days and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly loony attention seeking crazy actresses are going on about bat shit crazy rubbish like "South Africa has kill a tourist day". Woah ! Someone's been at the crack pipe ! That so laughable I'm not even going to respond to it. Instead let's jump right back in and quickly dispell a myth ok ?

I've written a lot about this previously and I might get around to linking to it time willing.

The myth that South Africa is a dangerous place to visit part 4.

Check this out.

This is a study done by Australia regarding it's high rate of tourist murders. From the study.

Between 1994 and 2003, the murder rate of tourists was 0.9 per million short-term visitors to Australia.

Now even though we know Australia's not my favourite place in the world but let's not mislead people. That's not high at all in real terms. In fact the Australians agree as the previous sentence before that reads...

Despite some media headlines labelling Australia as an unsafe place to visit, this paper provides factual information indicating that the risk of homicide victimisation faced by tourists who visit Australia is extremely low.

Ok. So let's compare this to the murder rate of tourists in South Africa.

South Africa gets 10 million tourists a year. At the Australian rate of murder this translates into around 10 tourist murders a year. For the really dim witted of you, for our tourist murder rate to be equal to Australia we would have to have 10 tourists murdered a year. So how are we doing here ? Can it be true that South Africa is only as dangerous as Australia to visit ?

No ! Absolute rubbish. That's not true at all ! It's absurd !

South Africa is FAR SAFER.

There is not one single year we have come close to 10 tourist murders. Most years past without a single one or at most 2 or 3. I trust we are all functioning human beings and understand that every one of these murders is tragic , awful and repugnant and even 1 is too many , but the fact remains : South Africa is much safer than Australia for tourists.

So ...and we come to our point...You people who want the world cup moved to Australia...What have you got against your fellow man that you would put them in the path of peril ? Can you not control your lust for blood ?

Please, stop endangering the lives of innocent tourists who just want to watch some football with such cruel and dangerous suggestions.

Peace and love

For more on why South Africa is not dangerous click here.

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