Sunday, 6 December 2009

The lulz keep coming...murder down 44% since 1994 in real terms.

From here.

Are South Africans bent on hearing bad news about their country?

Researchers may well think so after a study shows that murder rates in the country have declined by 30% since 1994/95.

But the improvement has not registered in perceptions of crime levels, with 57% of South Africans in 2007 believing that crime levels have increased.

However, new research by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) shows that levels of murder are decreasing -- particularly when the increased population is taken into account. In 1994/95 there were 25 965 people murdered in South Africa, and in 2008/09 there were 18 148, accounting for the 30% decrease in numbers.

Proportionally, however, there has been a decrease of 44%, from 70 per 100 000 South Africans in 1994/95 to 37 per 100 000 in 2008/09

But with an average of 50 people killed per day in the past year, South Africa's murder rates are still a very serious business.

And South Africans aren't too wrong about crime increasing -- with overall crime on the up, particularly aggravated house robberies, which have increased by 43% since 1994/95. (I suggest this has a lot to do with their being that much more middle classed housing...5 million more people have upgraded to the middle classes in this time. 10's of millions more to RDP housing.)

Another explanation for the lack of awareness of decreasing murder rates is small short-term change, according to the SAIRR. For instance, in 2008/09 the number of murders only decreased by 1,8% from 2007/08.

Kerwin Lebone, a researcher at the SAIRR, said the general feeling that the murder rate is getting worse is due to the fact that these crimes have remained so high for an extended time.



Anonymous said...

thats good news for sa very good news

But with an average of 50 people killed per day in the past year, South Africa's murder rates are still a very serious business.

that is still hard to picture that 50 people r murdered aday its insane

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hey rooster

i know you r the soccer fundi
and i love south africa but hate soccer

but this is what za sucks is saying
are u able to explain all this as i cant

Am I missing something here, or is the article ambiguous? How come SA are going to play in the finals? Has this thing been fixed at this early stage, perhaps in order to give Black SA and Mandela in particular a boost in popularity?

I find it highly unlikely that the games can be fixed, as not every team will go along with the scam, but as Mandela is passed the age of no return, it would not surprise me in the least if some scheme was concocted to honour this wily old terrorist. After all, it is a slap in the face for the Black masses to have him photographed with Francois Pienaar winning the rugby World Cup, while the Bafanas languish at no 76 in the world rankings.

BTW: Who is Matthew Booth, and why does he have a golf ball in his hand?

Here’s a quote that will tax the keenest mind from one of the greats, a legend in his own mind:

Said Radebe: “There is no point in bashing Bafana. We must support Bafana in 2010. It is not the players or coaching staff’s fault that we have declined. Source here.


4 December 2009
France, the 1998 champions and 2006 runners-up, were drawn in the same group as hosts South Africa in the draw for the 2010 World Cup finals on Friday.

South Africa will meet Mexico in the opening match at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg on June 11 in the 32-nation tournament which finishes with the final on July 11 in the same stadium.
Former World Cup winners Uruguay are the fourth member of Group A.

The toughest looking section features 5-times winners Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea in Group G.

Holders Italy meet Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia in Group F.

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ok rooster this is for you

this video makes fun of australia and its amazing

Anonymous said...

After a week where their preparations in defence of their IRB Sevens World Series crown and Emirates Airlines George Sevens title were disrupted by a plane crash, disciplinary problems and injury, the latest news will come as a blow to the team who face a tough quarter-final against Fiji on Saturday afternoon.
The robbery - where the laptop of the team's Sport Scientist Ross Tucker was stolen from his room while the Boks were on the field at Outeniqua Park facing their final pool game against Fiji - has been reported to the hotel and the police.

Tucker and team manager Sebastian Primm returned to the King George Protea Hotel, where the teams are staying, to do some analysis on the way the Springboks had played in their earlier pool games. They left the laptop in the room when they returned to the ground - about 1km away - for their final matches of day one of the George Sevens.

When they returned, Tucker's laptop had been stolen, but another laptop in the room was still there. Hotel staff were immediately alerted and did a search for the laptop, but to no avail

to be honest where the hell is goerge ?

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rooster where did you get the stats? Suck it out of your bum?

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Johannesburg - Next year's Fifa World Cup tournament could be a "shocking waste of South Africa's resources" and will not present the economy with the bonanza that government and Fifa would have us believe.

This is the view of one of the world's top sports economists, Professor Stefan Szymanski, who is attached to the Cass Business School in London and co-author of the new book, Soccernomics.

He said South Africa will be hosting a bumper party for the world. As it is the host, everyone will love South Africa and South Africans will feel very good about themselves. But, as with any party, there is a cost attached.

Szymanski said what the tournament generates in revenue will not be enough to cover the costs. The biggest benefit will be the feel-good factor.

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where is the rooster these days

we are missing your posts

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is this more rascim from the government

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more great stuff by the anc

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hey rooster happy christmas

i wanted to start a website called

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getting worried here

where is the rooster

oz crime i say is worse than sa

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But the improvement has not registered in perceptions of crime levels, with 57% of South Africans in 2007 believing that crime levels have increased.

Unfortunately a persons perception is their reality.

So how do you change those perceptions?