Wednesday, 22 July 2009

S.A.A get gold star

Anyone who reads the portable toilet of lies known as zasucks would know one of the many lies they perpetuate is that South African airways, just like everything else in the country has gone to poop. Of course this is silly to anybody who still lives in the country as the opposite is almost always true.

From here.

Johannesburg - The technical division of South African Airways (SAA) has passed its latest inspection audit with flying colours.

The independent investigation was conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and this entity will accredit SAA Technical to end-June 2010.

The accreditation means that SAA Technical may hereafter perform maintenance work on any American-registered aircraft or their components.

The investigation into SAA Technical's facilities and services was conducted over a period of five days.

'FAA approval is an important vote of confidence in our ability to provide a highly specialised service according to the highest global standards in the airline industry,' said the acting head of SAA Technical, Capt Stefan Poprawa, on Tuesday.

Annual audits of SAA Technical's facilities and services have been performed since 1994, and are important for the company.

To get the necessary accreditation, certain criteria have to be complied with by the specific maintenance entity.

According to SAA, these criteria include factors such as the number of trained personnel with the requisite experience, approved training programmes, knowledge of FAA regulations and accurate record-keeping.



In other news related to my article about the double labotomy like stupidity that is found in the belief in "race" , I came across this comment on a certain site. I'm sure the poster won't mind me reposting. Needless to say I agree.

Scientifically, human “races” do not exist. The differences are superficial. Like culture, genetypic, phenotypic, etc. If you disagree, go argue with the scientific community. Present your argument using lab tests and other biological observations. Once you’ve done that, have your results peer reviewed and published by credible independent journals around the world.

Refrences follow :

The reponse by the website this was posted on ?

"Pseudoscience !!"

Ha ha ha. If you're smart, or at least have some rudimentary form of cognitive functioning, you're swimming neck deep in delicious honey-like irony. There is nothing more akin to soft cock psuedo science than flimsy right winged "arguments" that go against 300 years of hard objective scientific reductionism. Keep drinking the cool aid boys.


Anonymous said...

well on the topic of saa

when i come back to sa i never fly
saa only because they are more expensive than singapore and not as nice

but when i have flown saa i never had any problems was fine

The Rooster said...

Well I've also flown a lot. As far as on flight entertainment (international) S.A.S trumps or is equal to anyone. Where I do find them lacking are the air hostesses though. But that's cause I've been spoilt by the asian airlines who select chiefly for looks. Fucking political correct bullshit. Even the extra booze you get on S.A can't make you drink some of those hostesses pretty. And a long haul light is umbearable without some hot hostess to lecher on an annoy knowing it's her job to smile and take it.

Anonymous said...

Hey are some for you