Friday, 3 July 2009

In defence of domestics, car guards and petrol attendants etc...

The nazi wollies at wrote a long incoherant list of so called un-needed South African professions. The muppets even proposed life would be better without the car guards, maids, petrol attendants etc of this wonderful country.

Now maybe it's just me, but I'm a very ambitious person. My ambition is the most noble of them all : To do as little as possible. Why in the name of all that is sacred would I want to give any of this up ?

I can't imagine life without a maid. Actually I can because I lived in some first world countries and if not for a girlfriend would never have coped. Have you guys ever tried to make a bed ? That sh!t is crazy frustrating ! You pull the one side and the other side get's all f#cked up ! The whole thing is absurd and has no place in an ordered universe ! Not to mention washing dishes ! That's like 20 minutes of your time you could be playing xbox ! Like a whole G.T.A 4 mission gone up in smoke ! And then done your own laundry ? Jesus christ man .....I'd rather slice off my hands than have to do it.

But here in South Africa and other third world countries there's no need for such trivial soul crushing work. There's reliable old siessie to do it. Warm lovable overweight Christmas or Nonsipho or Glady's or whatever.

Now how could you be so callous Rooster ! You colonialist pig ! You're parasiting off of other people.

Settle down Che guevera, I have never mistreated anyone and too the contrary always gone out of my way to better their lives. In fact I consider it a responsibility of everyone with the means to hire the help of those in need. My old dad used to hire 2 maids and three "gardeners" not because we were wealthy, but because he could. And he treated them all as friends. As fact I recall often times my dad sitting in the garden with the guys and drinking beer on a warm afternoon, laughing it up. All those men still frequently visit me when they get the chance and we have a few beers/zols to ease the burdun on life.

Now this myth about the maid whose only out to get you is also to me ludicrous. I can only imagine the way you treat your maid has a lot to do with how they treat you. Some civlity and dignity goes a long way. A please and a thank you. Try not to be too messy. Let them go home or whatch tv when there's nothing more to do. The odd tip and bonus for a job well done. An enquiry and concern into their lives as their well being is so related to your own. All these things will endear you to your staff. In my experience every maid I've ever had has been wonderful.

To my black readers. I understand all the baggage that must go with having people of your race work for the white man. The subservient overtones implied in there. To this I just say that's plain economics.....a little money to some is better than nothing and both parties win. It's not a racial thing. I'd hire a french maid in that little black and white outfit with the lace if I could afford it.

Anyway...and then the poor carguards. Why do they get such a bum rap ? Yes, yes I know we don't need them and that they've got about as much chance of stealing your car than stopping anyone else do it. But come on ! They bring color and humour to the world. All for a few rands a day. And not to mention the obvious social benefits. You're basically paying a mandatory charitable tax which keeps thousands of people from starving and resorting to crime. To me it's well worth it.

And the petrol attendands ? Singing and laughing and mocking each other as they fill your car, wash your windscreen and check your oil. You think this is a bad thing ? Wow...really man if you don't enjoy the joyful carefree nature of the african people you're one sour f#cking p#ss. Thank God you left this country you miserable bastard. You must be getting on great with everyone in Gemany with your sulky grumpy demenour....piss off you grinch ! There you can dour faced get through life with the precise amount of effeciency avoiding little inconveniences like "fun", "Joy" and "humour" allong the way.

And that' the point...Africa isn't effecient or rational or ordered or structured or logical or systematic ! Thank god !! I don't want it to be ! It's exciting and chaotic and unpredictable and so fucking beautiful in it's quirky way it makes your soul hurt and sing at the same time. It doesn't have to make sense just has to be Africa ! Free.....because it has nothing left to lose. As an Irish priest said to me the other day...if you're only priority in life is to preserve your will never leave the shore. Get living or get dying you asswhipes.

But what do you ungrateful assholes want ? Germany !!

Fitter happier and more a fucking pig , in a cage on antbiotics...

If you're going to so negative and peccimistic about life , you should ttop worrying about being murdered're dead already.

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Anonymous said...

first rooster

when i do manage to come back
to south africa the best country in the world i always try and tip
the gaurds and black waiter staff
as much as possible to help
those in need

i loved your story on making beds i know how u feel wehn ever i make mine 20 mins into my nap the bed cover pops off bad pain in the ass

but as for gta 4 i love that game
but ps3 is better

go the boks for tonight lets have a 3rd test white wash

the bad news is cause of poor ticket sales sa rugby has lost 25.5 million

Anonymous said...

stuff i found on za sucks
i find it very hard to believe

here it is

Braun reports that many Africans see Western technology and high standards of living as a kind of magic. Many think that a college diploma is not an indication of a certain level of knowledge but a talisman that can make a big house and a Mercedes appear. Even the blacks who run African schools have superstitious beliefs in the forms of education; if white schools have a study period at 2:00 p.m., black schools must have one at the same time even if it is inconvenient. Many blacks think that whites get their money simply by going to banks, the benefits of which they have selfishly denied to Africans.

The Rooster said...

well of course that's rubbish. No point going into details. Desperate stuff by S.A.S.

RoosterSucks said...

Ja Rooster. Just dimiss it at rubbish cos you cant handle the truth. It is a book written by a very learned man based on REAL RESEARCH - unlike your baseless ramblings.

The Rooster said...

yeah yeah...spare me the S.A.S pseudoscience bollocks. The genetic diversity for the entire species is less than 0.3% across the board from bushman to skandanavian. And most of that is phenotypical. The genetic diference between men and women is around 1.3%. So you have more in common with someone of another race of the same gender than a woman of your own gender by 5 times !!


Anonymous said...

Rooster-doos... do yourself a how a PROPER blog is written on racial diversity!
Unless you can bat a teeny bit better I cant see anyone spending too much time reading your ramblings..SERIOUSLY dude...up the ante a bit!

Anonymous said...

Blacks have maids as well, you know. No need to be coy.

RooseterSucks said...

Once again - please provide an independant reference for your statement otherwise people will make the mistake of assuming it is true. doesn't count.

Black Coffee said...

I read that piece by Mike Smith on SAS and it's full of racist garbage. I also posted a comment on one of their latest posts where they allegedly talk about a black woman confessing to an Afrikaner that blacks are less intelligent. I said that blacks would not have said such a thing unless she is one of the self-hating blacks that Steve Biko wrote about. I suggested they look at Great Zimbabwe - that was a successful state built entirely by black inhabitants. It blows their whole theory of white supremacy and the premise of the book they cite out of the water.
Greg B.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have missed the point Rooster. All those "jobs" are there for one reason only, because Whites support these Blacks. Get rid of all the Whites and what will happen to those millions of blacks with their bullshit "jobs"?
Do you think the ANC will care for them?

The Rooster said...

It's just part of the quirky experience of living in South Africa. No one forces anyone to stay here...if you don't like these things you can leave. Certainly the country doesn't need white people if all they are going to do is whinge and piss on everyone parade all the time I'm not a tight-wad so having someone take the annoying jangly money away from in exchange for a smile is something I really can't get worked up about.

And there are twice as many middle class-wealthy black people in South Africa than there are whites. So let's not overstate how crucial we are. But yes...we have achieved a lot.