Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ways the country is better since apartheid ...

It's often claimed that music reflects the cultural pool it's created in. If there's any truth to that then it's a pretty bad case for those saying South Africa was better before apartheid.

You see apartheid officially ended in very early 1990's. Around the time three boys from seattle named nirvana were about the rip the assholes out of the cock rockers of the 80's. It was the dawning of a new era for music.....and what a festid putrid cultural pool it was coming from.

The 1980's you see.....was crap.

For all you South African's "sentient" during and responsible for the 80's ....hold your head in shame . Came across this Saffer advert for a Toyota corolla from 1983 .....

Moonwalking. In tracksuits. More than once ? Legally ?

Fuck the border war...if I was old enough I would have emmigrated for this advert alone . And thank god my parents manage to have me before this came out...after seeing those tracksuits and dance moves surely all sexual activity screeched to a pre-ABS halt mere nano-seconds after this advert aired .

Come on guys..."go one better !" Not setting the challenge fucking bar up very high now are you Toyota ? I suppose it's only fair to expect this of a nation where one can buy a teenage girls used panties from a vending machine. The japanese.....if not for Reon Kadena and Maria Ozawa there'd be no use for them.

I wrote before about the television of the 1980's in my old site ( )....but it might be worth repeating to help make my point...

I grew up in dark , dark times . It's wasn't quite the “black plague” or anything ....but it was just as traumatic : The 1980's .

The worst thing about being a child in the 1980's was of course the crap children's tv shows .Try as you may , who could forget the little blue minions of hell that were “the Smurfs" ?

"Flipper" (also known as " Stupid smiling fish with a hole in it")

When one considers that Dolphins are nothing more than gay sharks , one is reminded of a certain Dolphin named “flipper” . Except of course even for a dolphin flipper was extremely gay . Imagine that dolphins had TV shows , flipper would be the blonde guy in queer eye for the straight guy . He'd have the technology and he could rebuild you . Dry your tears . Well fuck you flipper ! Fuck you and your opinions on fashion !

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Stupid flipper . Hey guys , I wonder how flipper will solve this weeks sea bound problem ? Maybe , just maybe , it will involve jumping high out the water . Or perhaps , just perhaps , he'll manipulate his environment using his nose . Mind blowingly it could involve a third option , flipper making annoying clicking dolphin noises . Wow , no wonder they made this show for kids . The fragile adult just couldn't handle it without mass over excitement fueled heart attacks

In fairness flipper was a “show” that ran from 1964-1967 , but thanks to S.A.B.C it was forced on my youth anyway . If it wasn't for Margot that slutty , sexy , flirty weather girl , I'd never have forgave them .

My little pony . (Also known as " Horn ass fuckers " )

My little pony wasn't a show so much a series of manipulative adverts used to market and a sell a product (I'm not actually joking) . That's all good and fine , as so was “He-man” . He-man however was awesome . The toys could do cool stuff like shag barbie and parachute . My little pony could only do crap girlie stuff like get it's mane and tail brushed . It's no wonder all you girls are so dumb with only that to stimulate your minds . I suppose My little ponies could do one cool thing , as I often demonstrated to the girls in my class : Melt . But even that they could only do once .

Then , in a cruel blow of fate I was banned from playing with fire .

Anyway , besides the toys being crap . the show was awful and basically about sex . God knows what they did with those horns .

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Stupid 1980's . We should have killed it when we had the chance .

Ah that's a good laugh and all, they make some bad tv shows today too. I've ad my say about 7de laan and pop idols, so the verdict is still out there. But there is an element however that lances deep and sucks out all of the marrow of anything even resebling humour....South African music of the 1980's....

Now firstly music came in two could get it on a vinyl disk, which for the kids is like an ethiopian frisbee...or a tape.

..........and that all we have time for today.......

Continued tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

However while the HIV-AIDS epidemic ‘s effects are echoing through the rages between the Zille and Zuma camps, Sowetan also reported a much more serious issue, namely that the South African nursing profession is aging rapidly, and dying. 43% of all the nursing jobs in South Africa are vacant – and this obviously has serious repercussions in the attempt to combat the high death rate among the country’s young people due to the combined AIDS-TB epidemics ravaging the population.

For every 213 patients, there is only one nurse, reports journalist Zinhle Mapumulo of Sowetan, writing on the eve of International Nurses Day. In fact, the article noted that South Africa’s nursing profession is dying.

Publishing shocking statistics, Mapumulo also writes that ‘those left on the job were being severely overworked.”

they need to fix this

The Rooster said...

Speaking of zille and the latest controversy , I fully spit on the current leadership of the A.N.c youth league.

Regarding there being so may nurses positions available I find those numbers ard to believe in times where there is said to be a high rate of unemployment. But if there is a shortage in government hospital...which nobody who is using the internet in south africa will ever end up in....then of course it needs to be fixed quickly.

I suggest we recruit hot little filippino women in to do the job. I'm serious....the place is loaded with lovly warm friendly caring women living in the type of poverty that makes diepkloof look like the lost city.

Anonymous said...

but in my opion i worry bout the
anc youth league they are a danger

i was on the bus in durbs and there was only one seat left and
a young black gurl was standing up
and i offered her to seat next to me
and she turned it down i could see
its cause i was white and i had
a few times like that i worry sa could face a race war

this is what ifound on the net i didnt write this so its not mine
but yeah sa government hospitals r a mess my gran had to wait over a year for her prescrition glasses cause she is on a pension and gets them free

but here is what i found i didnt wrtie this

I am currently studying at RAU in Joburg, whilst I was chilling between lectures I was standing outside and talking to some Afrikaners who are in my day house. They were talking about going to Potch to study further there because they couldn't take the ********* getting drunk in the Student centre. I was enquiring further about their feelings about the black race and they told me without blinking or looking over their shoulders that they were pissed off at them and that they are not mentally qualified to enroll at a university. Besides that the ********* have no brains the Afrikaners were also talking about a war and that they were ready. Now I did not lead them into a direction about war, this just popped up randomly. When one of them said that were ready and willing to fight sent chills down my spine as the others just agreed.

It moved on to where they could weapons from and a place to hide, etc. I was so shocked to learn that me and my mates weren't the only ones discussing this matter.
After they killed their cigarettes one of them said: Im just so gatvol. I asked him if he was going to leave for overseas but he looked at me as if i was totally out of my mind, he said noways was he going to leave and let the ********* ****** up what we built.

People at this point I was swelling up with pride, the "Boer Sixth sense" does exist, it is a feeling or matter of thought we all share.

We just continued to chat about RAU and the other varsities going down the drain. It's the little things about the blacks that just pisses us off, like example them shouting, swearing and laughing at each other in the hallways when they arnt even 1meter away from each other, I mean C'mon!! I know its their culture but bloody hell cant they think?? (sorry! of course they cant!)

Even during the day the ********* will start to get pissed at around 3 O'clock, the beer bottles littering huge tables. Now you probably think "Just ban the booze..."
Why should we get punished for the ********* abusing it? I like to have a beer after lectures with one or two of my mates. Its just lekka to pop open a can of local lager. Yet we are not allowed anymore to sit outside and drink because some ********* got wankerd and started a fight. Bloody hell!

They are animals, they cannot behave themselves in a Western built society. You can take the ape out of the bush BUT you can not take the bush out of the ape