Friday, 15 May 2009

Forum on world cup...


Anonymous said...

hey rooster

enjoy the sharks bulls game tonight
iam from durbs and a sharks junkie
but for the good of sa
the bulls need to win with a bonus

cheers dude

The Rooster said...

Screw that...I want the sharks to win with a bonus point. They way I see it they can stll sneak in fourth place but I might be wrong in which case I suppose the bulls should then win.The saffer teams will just have to do it overseas.

Anonymous said...

“The emergence and progression of XDR-TB is threatening to destabilize global tuberculosis control,” he said. “The negative impact of XDR-TB is further exacerbated by (… ) a shortage of health workers which has reached crisis levels in most of sub-Saharan Africa.” “XDR-TB is an important risk for healthcare workers globally, particularly for those who work or travel to high-burden areas, regardless of HIV status,” Dr. Dheda added. “Implementation of infection control measures and rapid diagnostic testing for all healthcare workers suspected of TB needs to be undertaken urgently to minimize the risk of drug-resistant TB.”

However it must also be noted that in South Africa, many of the health-care staffing shortages are due to the fact that the South African government has banned and even fired the vast majority of white health care staff, and often are unable to replace them with trained black workers, thus leaving many thousands of health care sector jobs open. They have even been forced to take on ‘suitably-coloured’ doctors from Cuba and Morocco to fill these vacancies.

Anonymous said...

The former ANC-run Western Cape administration approved the transfer of more than 1 000 hectares of prime provincial housing land to national government the day before the April 22 elections.”This land, worth about half-a-billion rand, and large enough to accommodate nearly 100 000 house, was transferred free of charge… without informing the public or the City of Cape Town,” the province’s new premier, Helen Zille, told a media briefing in the city on Friday.

She said most of the land fell within the Cape Town Metro.

Zille handed out copies of an agreement to transfer the land from the province to the national Housing Development Agency, dated April 22, 2009 and signed off by then transport and public works MEC, Kholeka Mqulwana.

According to an attached annexure, among the properties is the 18,8 hectare Oude Molen property, as well as land in other parts of the Cape Town Metro, including erven in Constantia, Parow, Plumstead, Southfield and Philippi.It also lists land in other parts of the province.

Zille said her new provincial administration would seek legal advice to try to stop the transfer.

“It represents a massive loss of assets to the province and appears to have been designed to undermine the new administration’s capacity to deliver on housing and other projects in partnership with the City of Cape Town.

“The new cabinet of this province has resolved on Friday morning to take steps to reverse this move if possible.”

Responding to a question, she said the province still legally owned the land up to the point the deeds office completed the transfer-of-ownership process.

She said the attempted land transfer had been “done secretly, in bad faith and with an ulterior motive”.

The land was one of her administration’s key assets, and it was inappropriate to try to “strip” the province of the properties.

The former administration had acted for political reasons, she said.

Contacted for comment, former premier Lynne Brown acknowledged the transfer had been approved and signed off, but said this had been long planned.

“There was nothing illegal in what was done. It undermines nothing. There is a huge backlog in housing in this province.

“We had to ensure the land was used for housing. This agreement… was first entered into long ago,” she told Sapa. - Sapa

What would you do if you were in the shoes of the ANC and you knew you were going to lose the election in the Western Cape on 22 April 2009? Would you steal as much as you can on the eve of the election? If you could for instance steal 1000 hectares of prime land, would you?

Well that is exactly what the ANC did. The day before the election on the 21st of April 2009, The ANC, knowing it was about to lose the Western Cape, secretely transferred ownership of prime housing land including rich areas like Constantia over to the National Government without the public even hearing a peep about it.

Anonymous said...

Durban photographer Snowy Smith is waging a one-man war with the city, using his growing armoury of by now 7,000 pictures proving that the city is no longer a pristine tourist mecca, but a filthy slum instead.

“In fact all of once so pristine Durban is deteriorating into one big squatter slum, a filthy, disgusting, unhealthy mess, with dangerously polluted water streaming into the ocean. Every river, the Durban Bay and the sea is highly polluted with tons of rubbish - it’s an environmental disaster. Yet you are advertising Durban as the Nr. 1 holiday destination in South Africa, where all tourists are safe and welcome.

“But it’s all a lie: Durban is the mugging capital of South Africa, and has become one vast, disgusting, derelict slum. Your assistance with the above will be greatly appreciated. PO Box 3021 Durban, 4000. Snowy Smith.”

Gallery of images, courtesy of Snowy Smith. See his blog at