Monday, 9 February 2009

New myth busting...

It's nice when others do my work for me. Let's play a game. I'll start a sentence and you finish it ok ?
How many South Africans have emmigrated to the U.K ?
If you just answered "A million"
Gwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!! . Wrong. You fail at life.
This study done alludes at MOST a number of around 550 000, of which two thirds are on 2 year working visas and many more on holiday visas with full intention to return. So let's do the necessarry assumptions and what do we get ? Around 150 000. While we are on about statistics I'm going to to point ou this means I have a 100% record about being right about everything. But don't worry , given the insane irrationalty and absurdity of my enemies "arguments" I won't even bother feeling smug for long.
Johannesburg - The number of "Saffas" living in Britain is far lower than is commonly believed, the first full study on this group of people has showed.

King's College research fellow, Dr Robert Crawford, put the figure at 550 000, about half the amount of one million that is usually quoted.

"The figure is a gross inflation that reveals more about the attitudes of South Africans towards emigration than it does about their actual number," said Crawford, an expert in the areas of diaspora and national identity who has conducted similar studies on New Zealanders and Australians.

First study
He will be presenting his findings at Monash University in Johannesburg on Thursday.
Crawford's study is the first in-depth look at the growing number of South Africans who are calling Britain home. He drew on census data, national insurance registrations, British entry/exit data and SA emigration data amongst other sources in his research.

The report examined questions such as why expats have left South Africa and whether they would return, and found that "while most of them express an interest in returning home to SA, the number who would actually return is significantly smaller".
It seemed that even abroad South Africans struggled with unity. For Crawford the most surprising finding was how segregated South Africans were - far more than any other group living abroad.

"They are spread across [London] and tend to segregate themselves according to race, ethnicity, and religion," he told News24. "Few diasporas display such marked differences."
"Anecdotal evidence" roughly divides South Africans in London as anglophones in the south-west, Afrikaners in the east and south-east, blacks in the east, and Jews in the north.
Deciding factors

Opportunities to travel, career advancement and earning in pounds drew South Africans to the UK, particularly London.

"Push-factors" such as crime and BEE policies also played a major role.

While two-thirds to three-quarters of South Africans entered Britain on two-year working holiday visas, the trend is set to change.

The UK has introduced a number of new naturalisation, UK visa, work permit and UK working visa categories in the last few years. The work period of the two-year working visa has been reduced to one year and a new five-tier points based system is replacing the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP. Crawford also said that the UK has signalled it will make its working holiday visa scheme only accessible to those countries that have a reciprocal working holiday visa arrangement, something South Africa doesn't have and would be reluctant to implement at the risk of losing more skilled professionals.
- News24


Anonymous said...

i would say way more than a milllion have left sa i cant go anywhere in oz with out meeting south africans
amd the number is getting higher when i moved here in 97 there where none now even my church is full of


and its not just whited but there are coloured and indians niw here everywhere and they all tell me they are never going back to sa

oz is way safer crime wise

nz only has 30 murders a year pretty crazy compared to 19 000 sa human life is cheap

Anonymous said...

"while most of them express an interest in returning home to SA, the number who would actually return is significantly smaller".

i guess once u get settled inanother country tis hard to return to where u came from dosnt matter where u r from moving cost money and dragging your kids around is hard to

kiwi land is full of sout hafricas to
most of them use nz as a stepping stone to oz

i heard the last figure for south africans living in western australian alone is 150 thousand all the ones i speak to said they alwaysgo back to sa for holidays but will never return as crime and bee are reasons for leaving

Anonymous said...

For Crawford the most surprising finding was how segregated South Africans were - far more than any other group living abroad.

i dont believe that the south africans living here in oz stick togther big time

they always have massive south africa celebrations as well

most of all during rugby season

Anonymous said...

i live in a tiny "dorp" in the middle of rural suffolk, uk. they have a "market day" every saturday where they sell local produce etc - 30 little makeshift opslaan stalls at most. lo and behold there is a saffer stall selling boerie, biskuit ad all sorts of lekker sa goodies
(flying the Oranje, Blanje, Blou proudly above the hok nogal)
gotta be the busiest stall in town with afrikaans being the only taal spoken.
if thats happening in a small place i wonder what is happening in the bigger towns & cities?
i think your stats come from the same sources that release aids & cholera data fir zimbabwe matey!