Friday, 21 November 2008


Hi folks. Sorry I haven't written as much as normal this week, I have been knocked down a bit by of high blood pressure. Hopefully nothing too serious and I'll update here as soon as I'm feeling better, probably sometime over the weekend/monday.


Anonymous said...

Hi rooster. Take care of that blood pressure. Make sure you don't have high cholesterol either, or if you do make sure you control it.

Stay away from people with flu. Quite prevalent with the changes in weather. Most people are stressed and tired at this time of the year in any case, so don't overdo things.

High blood pressure gets walloped by complications, and the last thing we need is a dead rooster for Christmas.

Eat protein to stabilise your blood sugar, and drink plenty of calorie free liquids to detox. NOT lots of fruit juice - high blood sugar levels attract viruses, and I'm not talking about computer hackers either, although those are bad enough.

Anonymous said...

On another tack, but a thought appropriate to this time of the year when people tend to overspend:

FNB, for one, are revising credit risk profiles on property buyers from the time of application for a home loan to transfer of property, should that client's particular credit risk change during that time frame. They have been doing this since around August.

That means that the consumer can lose the right to have the property transferred if he/she blows their credit rating in the interim.

At the time FNB first brought out this rule I thought it was unfairly prejudicial to consumers who are already cash strapped with all these interest rate hikes.

But now I'm not so sure. Maybe other banks will follow suit.

The moral is: don't mess around getting into unnecessary debt.

We have been on a 30-40 year roll of overspending, and the chickens are shacked up with the rooster for the duration. It's going to be a long squawk before the global economy gets out of this mess.

But here's a golden opportunity to say something positive about South African banks!

I'm not in love with banks, by no means. But SA banks are much better regulated than US banks. Thank goodness for the National Credit Act. Things could have turned out a lot worse.

Let's hope that local interest rates will go down, that we get a savings ethic in this country, and that we develop stronger spiritual values rather than chase materialism which is all too often more of an illusion than a pleasure.

Remember the movie Fight Club? The part where Tyler Moore (played by Brad Pitt) tells his alter ego, "Forget about all this junk around you. The stuff you think you own, owns you."

Those guys then went ahead and blew up the premises of a couple of credit card companies. Would that were true in real life, we'd all be laughing. But we can't do that, nor can we go to liposuction clinics and make fancy soap out of lard sucked from bloated fatcats - tempting proposition that that may be.

Let's keep things cool credit wise this Christmas. Now's the time to get your recipe books out and make something delicious to eat at home with your loved ones.

So I'm off to buy some fillet steak which will be lovingly encased in puff pastry with foie gras, diced ham, mushrooms and spring onions, cooked in our own oven. Served with roast potatoes, fresh garden vegetables, washed down with a really good cabernet.

Followed by a light, fruity, fluffy dessert.

Cooking and eating together at home brings people together in the nicest possible way.

To your health, rooster!

Anonymous said...

Dont die on us, we might miss you. NOT.

Anonymous said...

More fed-up black South Africans want to emigrate to escape the crime and economic pressure on jobs in South Africa.

The number seriously considering emigration has shot up by 20 percent since 2000, a researcher revealed on Thursday.

"We are now seeing a tipping point for an exodus, but this time across the board in terms of race," said Future Fact researcher Debbie Milne at a conference in Johannesburg.


Anonymous said...

hope you die.

Anonymous said...

aha... so the full realisation of the credit crunch has hit you as well!

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Mow some lawns, wash the dishes, clean the house by yourself - do some gardening. Its quite easy to get rid of HBP when you actually work all day. Loose weight. Get rid of sugar & meat - if your ove 40 - you need 60% less food than u used to. Go broke.

Anonymous said...

Here is hoping that you get well soon. I enjoy reading your posts.

Mike in America

Anonymous said...

High Blood Pressure - Consider the following advice:
1. Cut your wrists
2. Shoot yourself
3. Get more lead in your system (know what I mean)
4. Kiss some liberal ass

All 4 guarantee to make you feel “better”

Anonymous said...

i hope you get better soon, it's good a feeling to find people like you. you're my hero for the week