Tuesday, 7 October 2008

To anyone claiming ...

..that S.A.S is about anything to do with South Africa, than rather just a blind racist hatemongering site. Perhaps you could explain to me what O.J. Simpson has to do with issues relating to South Africa ?

I'm thinking long and hard about it and the only correlation I can see is that O.J Simpson is black and that some people in the South African government are black. The fact that OJ Simpson is an American millionaire ex football player and has more in common with a Red neck, monster truck driving, roadkill bbqing, banjo playing Clansman than a black African never occured for a moment ?

The irony.

Anyway , believe it or not (and knowing these total asshats it shouldn't be hard to believe)they've got an article up there about it. Here's the real crazy part...to someone like me I come across their site and see this and immedietly alarms bells go off. "Er ? What's this got to do with South Africa ?"

If you're sane you would do the same. But to these f3ckwads apparently it doesn't even require explaining. So absurb and wacked out is their mindset and so deep rooted and unsophisticated their racist world view, that there isn't even an attempt to make a link. Nope , just an article posted as if its perfectly obvious that something about an american football playing redneck is perfectly filled under "Evidence for bad things about South Africa."

What next ? Will the black Africans be blamed for Billy Ray cyris's next album or when Billy-Bob and Sammie-Joe bash up the texan saloon because they had too much moonshine ? What the F#ck are you people on about ?

And of course allong with it to satiate their usual sick and disgusting lust for blood and skat it's posted up with gory pics of murdered people, so they can all get a good wank in.

If you do somehow believe the behaviour of some cowboy wearing american is relevant to the country of South Africa ...well ,you are excess to human requirement . Your very being alive serves to only significantly lower the collective intelligence of our species .Everyone hates and laughs at you . Please follow the following instructions .

Fill a tub of water with hot and cold water. Add yourself and mix till warm. Take a sharp knife and carve firmly down the fleshy side of your wrists. Stir the mixture till crimson red, add a pinch of Hairdryer and allow to boil.

You dumb f#cks.

I'm just bringing this up to breath some insight into the vacuum like mind of a racist. How they will try pass off the most flawed and frankly not too f#cking bright bollocks in a matter of act way. The idea that race somehow attributes to a persons behaviour is a total intellectual failure. To believe this means that somehow the lights upstairs are so dimly lit that you have not even been able to notice the simple correlation between cause and effect. You've entirely missed that whole thing about how unlike your brains, humans do not live in vacuums. We live in complex environments that through a thing called "causation" sculpure our characters and behaviours.

I'm not going to even bother going on, because if you're dumb enough to bellong to this group I've lost you a few paragraphs back. You see to understand what I'm saying to you, I make the unreasonable request that you splice your brain resources cache into the tasks of both breathing and thinking at the same time. Given you don't have the rudimentary cognitive functioning or resources to possibly manage both, you're either still sitting their, a veritable mouth breathing pillar of daftness.....or you've sufficated. Either way...you're hopeless.....

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