Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Something for the ladies.

There that I've baited your attention away from your mirror , or self absorbed narciccistic plotting for a few moments.

Often I'm accused of being sexist. I'm not sure why, but it probably relates to the fact that I have very little regard for women and the vast wasteland of nothingness they have contributed to the advancement of the species. But that's not to say I'm against giving something to the ladies once in a while. Normally my penis to be fair, but today I'm offering comfort.

A poster pointed out that the murder rate for women in South Africa was in fact not the 4.4 I suggested but in fact 3.8 per 100 000 people. To put that into perspective of the 18000 murders a year in South Africa, only 1800 are women.

Some more facts then.

-You are less than twice as likely to get murdered in South Africa as a woman, than you are to get murdered in the United States of America as a man. To's twice as dangerous living in The United states of America as a man than it is in South Africa as a woman.

In conclusion... If you're a South African man living in the States and have mothers/sisers/daughters living in South Africa....don't worry. You're twice as likely to be murdered than they are.

(Ps Now if your women are white and the murder follows the national trends of there being far lower murder rates for white people, then of course the odds decrease even much more. However it would be unfair to speculate as there is no data to prove it follows this trend. In fact as a worse case scenario we're looking at as few as 200 white female murders a year).

Disclaimer : No murder "rate" is acceptible. And no tragic death can ever be healed with a statistic. I just feel people have the rights to know the real level of risk they are facing, rather than live their lives prone to the agendas of fearmongers.

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