Thursday, 9 October 2008

A thought inspired by a letter I read..

If you're a South African overseas. The type who combs the net for gritty little details happening in South Africa so as to delight in them. Has it ever occured to you what you're asking for ?

Everytime you roll around in glee at some new failure in South Africa, you're praying that South Africa becomes unliveable so that all your fellow whites in their big houses, with their maids and garden "boys" and luxury sedans are forced from their cozy lifestyle. Forced from their friends and families and careers to resettle overseas. You're asking that they encounter some form of violence or trauma...anything to uproot them from everything they love and know to start again as a nobody in a new land they have no roots in. High fiving yourselves everytime there's a tiny little bit of evidence that life might become worse for your ex countrymen. Wanking off to the idea that your predictions of chaos will come true.

You're secretly wishing the worst upon them under the pretense of concern. And why ? Just so that you can feel a little better about your stupid decision to leave. Just whose side are you on again anyway ?

You selfish f#cking pricks.

Here's some free advice. Drop the pretense of wanting to help your fellow South Africans. Because everything you lot write and type demonstrates a deep wish for the failure of the country they love and live in.

With friends like you they honestly don't need enemies. It's for this reason that I'm glad you all f#cked off. Just do the country a favor and stay the F#ck away.


Anonymous said...

You selfish f#cking pricks

Thats me and the only way I want to help other South Africans is to tell them to get the fuck out of that shit hole.
As for the K4s there, fuck them to a life of hell and aids. They have what they want, a country run but baboons so I hope they are happy.


The Rooster said...

Koos , with an attitude like that all I can say is thank fucking god you left. You're Australia's problem now.

you really seem so happy there....i can tell by the way you spend half your life lurking South African blogs and insisting how much happier you are. I call bullshit. Happy people don't trawl the net all day bothering with their past..they fucking get on with it and enjoy their new lives. You're fucking miserable can't adapt and the people think you're a hairy back hick (which you are) with it fuck face and stop making it out problem.

Anonymous said...

Its DesmonD with a D you cum stain. seems you dad had to masturbate to get you?

Anonymous said...

Koos? WTF the cocks writing afrikaans - you fm.

Anonymous said...

Not all expats trawl SA blogs with schadenfreudian intent.

Some of us have family in SA and we simply want to know what the mood is and whether things I.E. crime, racism, AA, public services, education etc are improving or getting worse.

In my opinion from 1994 until 2006 (when I left) it was my experience that these issues were getting worse. Year on year there may have been a barely discernable difference but when comparing such things as standard of living and quality of life in 2006 compared to 1994, things had deteriorated enough for me to take the decision to leave.

I now live in a country where I am not discriminated against on the basis of my ethnicity, crime levels are a long way beneath that in SA, public / utility services are of a better quality and far more efficient and effectively delivered etc... and the state of government is extremely stable.

The latest issue in SA being the possible split within the ANC. Thank god for Mosiuoa Lekota who has had the courage to stand up and publicly announce his concerns about the state of the government.

These types of issue are reason for concern. Nobody has a crystal ball. Nobody knows with absolute certainty what is going to happen.
Lets face it there are powerful individuals within the state that are capable of taking the country to the brink of disaster.
Some of their irresponsible rhetoric is extremely dangerous talk.

The bottom line is, I am a lot less stressed by everyday living. People don't realise just how stressful life in SA is until they leave. I really mean this. Make fun if you want to, but its true.

I sincerely hope that life in SA does improve and that in time there will be equality and meritocracy. I wish for unemployment to be 3% and crime to decrease to acceptable levels. I pray that the gravy train of unashamed corruption gets stopped in its tracks and that all the people of SA reap the benefits of a wealth creation.

Yes we have left. Some are happy where they are now, and others not, but to paint all expats with the same brush is ridiculous.

Yes I am an ex-pat but instead of alienating me, embrace me as someone who cares and someone who you may one day need.

The Rooster said...

Anon at 4 : 18. I have absolutely no issue with expats of your definition. I aplluad your right to take you and yours wherever you like at your discretion.

Obviously I'm irqued by people that leave and have some sick desire to see the country burn.

If we have issue it's that I think I have demonstrated without doubt that just about every aspects of the country is far better today than 1994. Perceptions have grown more neurotic the more the scaremongering has risen...but in real terms life in South Africa is on the up. We do appreciate your concerns. I wish you the best so long as you reciprocate.

As long as you care and wish for the best of this country you're a South African to me. As soon as you wish the worst upon I rather with you'd just cut your ties and let us get on with what we care about.

sa bullshit detector said...

I agree with you. You should see the way they fight among themselves. It's kick, punch, slap all the way.

Zero sense of humour or the absurd.

Check out this link and have a laugh for a change.

Whites act like total arseholes, same as everybody else.

Anonymous said...

I hope south africa sinks into a big black hole with all the K4s with it. It is a shit hole and worth fuck all. It could then become a dump ground for the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Youre making stuff up. You havent been inspired by a letter to make this post - no one else thinks like you. Where is this letter?

The Rooster said...

Here's the letter fuckface. It's on an actual S.A.S linked website.

Anonymous said...

that chris dude is a fucking retard. he loves blacks and thinks south africa is saved... he says odd racist comments to trick people and to stop us showering him with facts against his ideas. hes liberal scum